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Chapter 470 - The Price of Maturity

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Yang Yun said that Li Dong did not want her to go, this really wronged Li Dong. When the next day personnel director Song Jie told him that Yang Yun submitted a separation report, Li Dong are a little confused. Separation? This time how Yang Yun will think of leaving, Far Eastern Logistics was established soon, it is the time to use people, this time should not leave ah. Then Li Dong thought of yesterday's incident, could it be because of his phone call, so Yang Yun decided to leave the job? Thinking of this Li Dong hurriedly said: "Where is Manager Yang?" "Gone." "Gone?" "Well, after submitting the report, she left." Li Dong frowned, picked up his jacket and prepared to go out, Song Jie saw this and said, "Mr. Li, will you approve it?" "Approve my ass!" Li Dong finished seeing Song Jie staring at himself, realized that he had overreacted and explained, "She is the company's patriarch, I want to see her once before, I will tell you later whether to approve or not." Song Jie hurriedly nodded his head. He just asked a question in accordance with the usual, did not expect Li Dong reaction so big. Song Jie secretly guessed, is this manager Yang really so important? But in Song Jie's opinion, in addition to being a veteran and a bit proficient in business, Yang manager doesn't seem to be too important, right? To say that Liu Hongmei left, that Li Dong reaction so big is still justifiable, but a subsidiary of the financial manager, really want to go, I'm afraid that immediately can recruit people to top. In the end, Song Jie can only be attributed to Li Dong read the old feelings. After all, it is the old man who started the business together, Li Dong more attention to some of the normal, Song Jie heart vaguely some envy, this is seniority ah. Their group director seems to be high and powerful, in fact, really want to leave, Li Dong reaction is certainly not so big, maybe turn around and approved. Which is similar to these old people, just go one, as the group boss Li Dong to personally go to talk, which has to pay more attention to have this treatment. …… Li Dong does attach great importance to Yang Yun. In Yang Yun's front foot back to the office, Li Dong chased after him. The office Yang Yun is talking to someone, see Li Dong enter, froze for a moment and then smiled: "Mr. Li, why are you here?" "Something to talk to you, you go out first." Li Dong waved his hand, and the young accountant who was reporting to Yang Yun hurriedly left the office, and helped close the office door before leaving. Once the people left, Li Dong said, "Aunt Yang, what's the matter with the resignation?" Yang Yun gestured for him to sit down, and then smiled: "Isn't it normal to resign? I'm a little tired, and I haven't had a break for two years, so I want to give myself a long vacation." "That's all?" "Yes." "Nothing to do with the phone call yesterday?" "No, you do not think too much, in fact, I have long thought about resigning, but only now to make up their minds." Li Dong frowned: "You perfume me? Or are you blaming me in your heart?" Yang Yun blamed him, he was not surprised. Yang Yun has resentment, resentment, anger, Li Dong can actually understand. Since the day Li Dong sent her to Qing Hua Logistics, this former one of the distant troika was excluded from the distant management system. And all this, not because of ability, nor because of merit. Simply because of her identity. As Yang Yun herself thought, if she was not Qin Yuhan's mother, with her initial comradeship with Li Dong and Sun Tao, she would at least be a group director now. If not for her identity, Liu Hongmei's position is almost 100% hers. And this is all just if, because she is Qin Yuhan's mother, so the original Li Dong scorned her. Dispatched Yang Yun, almost completely isolated Yang Yun out of the system of the far side. Nowadays, few of the new employees and senior executives know that this inconspicuous financial manager of the subsidiary made the development strategy of Yuanfang together with Li Dong, Sun Tao and the others at the beginning. Yang Yun deserves a lot of credit for the reason why Far Eastern has become so big. When the Dongping store was profitable, Sun Tao wanted to do a big job, but Li Dong was a bit conservative, and the two could not unite their opinions. In the end, it was Yang Yun who favored Sun Tao, and the two of them convinced Li Dong, which led to the great expansion of Qingyang. And from here on, Yuanfang is also unstoppable, bigger and bigger. In addition to this, when Li Dong to the development of Pingchuan, Yang Yun also took a lot of credit. At that time, Sun Tao and Li Dong came to Pingchuan, Yang Yun supported the Far Eastern Dongping store, maintaining astonishing profits every month, which allowed the Longhua store to have sufficient funds to develop. And it was because of the stability of Longhua store that there was a constant stream of new stores developed afterwards. So in the early stage of the rise of the far side, Yang Yun is a credit. Even if lying in this book of merit later no action, as long as Yang Yun does not make a big mistake, even if she is not Qin Yuhan's mother, Li Dong with a subsidiary of the financial manager position to support her for life is no problem. But now Yang Yun suddenly said to leave, Li Dong had to think more. Li Dong asked, Yang Yun did not rush to reply. Poured himself a cup of tea, and poured a cup for Li Dong, Yang Yun just smiled lightly and said: "talk about strange or not, in fact, I have long thought about these countless times in my heart. You do not need to feel indebted to me, in fact, you do not owe me.