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Chapter 471 Equity Incentives

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Yang Yun went away, not quietly. When she walked out of the Yuanfang building, many people came to see her off. Sun Tao, who was far away in Sunan, rushed back, Qi Yunna, who was busy taking over personnel, also appeared, and Xie Hong, who was relegated a few days ago, also showed up …… In addition to these people, there was a Liu Qi in the field. She is on behalf of Li Dong to send Yang Yun, Li Dong himself did not appear, and he did not want to appear. Yang Yun's departure has attracted a lot of attention. Until this moment, many newly promoted employees only knew that there was such a great master hidden in the Yuanfang Group. Sun Tao rushed back from thousands of miles away, and General Manager Li personally came to her door to persuade her to stay, how great an honor and face this must be. Many people are a little sorry, especially those in the logistics company is more regretful intestines are blue. In fact, many people previously felt that the reason why Yang Yun can serve as the logistics company's financial manager, relying on the face of Qin Hai. But only now, everyone understands that she relies not on Qin Hai, nor Qin Yuhan, who is unknown to outsiders. Yang Yun can serve as the financial manager, it is because she has the qualifications and seniority. That is one of the pioneers of Yuanfang, that is and Sun Tao, Li Dong struggle together to the friendship, many people do not understand, the reason why Qin Hai can serve as the general manager of the subsidiary, in fact, is also a compensation for Yang Yun by Li Dong. Everyone could not help but sigh, had I known it was like this, I should have been more attentive before. If we could get Yang Yun to say something, we might be able to attract the attention of Mr. Li and Mr. Sun. Unfortunately, it is now too late to say anything. …… sent Yang Yun away, Sun Tao entered Li Dong's office. Seeing Li Dong standing at the window gazing out, he couldn't help but whisper: "How come you didn't go to send?" Li Dong smiled lightly and said: "No, it's not like we can't see each other. She is my mother-in-law, I go to her house every day for dinner." Sun Tao just the sadness suddenly disappeared, lost his smile: "also right, but I am pretentious, next time dinner remember to call me together, think back to the time, the three of us together eating box lunch scene, this day passed too quickly." "Do not think back to the beginning, when we are old and then think back, now look at the future." Li Dong extinguished his cigarette, sat down and said, "How is the situation?" "OK, Sugo do not do, the other two also withdrew, China Resources and Bailian siege on the siege it, the impact is not very big. Really forced me to shut down all the stores in the provinces, just so I also make up my mind." Li Dong heard the meaning of his words, frowned slightly and said, "Shut down all the stores in foreign ports?" "There is this idea." "Why?" "Time's stores are too scattered, and they can't form a cluster effect in the outer provinces, and both expenses and costs have gone up substantially. I calculated that those stores in the provinces, in fact, contribute less than twenty percent to the times, but occupy half of the resources. In the current situation where Fargo is unable to expand, perhaps it would be more cost-effective to shut down." "No way!" Li Dong vetoed: "Can't shut down, even if we lose money, we must continue to do it! Once closed, the reality of the distant will be completely exposed to others, but also let outsiders see our weakness. We are strong, even if the outside is strong, others will not dare to attack us. But if we reveal our weak nature, the hungry wolves will eat us alive!" Sun Tao nodded and said, "I have considered this point, so I just think about it. But really by China Resources they forced, shut down may also be the only way out. Sugo has not moved, if Sugo shot, I am ready to implement, what do you think?" "When the time comes, don't think about this. These out-of-town stores, not useless, at least when we have the funds to expand, these stores are our bridgehead and pioneer. When we first took the times, we also valued these. Now give up, the loss is too big, until the last resort, I will not give up." Hearing Li Dong say so, Sun Tao thought about it and did not refute. Shut down or not, it is too early to discuss. When it comes to that time, Yuanfang can't hold on, want not to shut down can not. In these two years, Yuanfang is expanding too fast, the front is too long, the capital and manpower can't keep up, from Sun Tao's heart is to slow down. But Li Dong does not agree, he can not help. And Sun Tao also has some hidden worries in his heart, the drawbacks of too long a front is now slowly manifested. First of all, the first point is manifested is the management loophole is heavy. Now take the national expansion route of the retail enterprises is not one or two, can go and far so fast few, and the disadvantages of these enterprises are embodied. They and Carrefour, Wal-Mart, these foreign enterprises taking the national expansion route is different, these foreign stores have decades of management experience and accumulation. Their standardized management is enough to support the national deployment, while Yuanfang has just been established for more than two years, and now it seems a bit adventurous to start a wide range of expansion. This is also the reason why Li Dong set up the Ministry of Supervision, management system loopholes, Li Dong had to spend a lot of manpower and material resources to plug these loopholes. Zhou Haidong under the hands of a large number of elite backbone, these people are now in Jiangbei for a wide range of inspections. Because what? It is because of management problems, otherwise these elites, can bring greater value to the far side. This is the first point, the second point is still the problem of management, the problem of management personnel. This issue Sun Tao do not want to say more, but the heart is actually really helpless. Li Dong is still too conservative, and now the power of Yuanfang is completely in the hands of Li Dong alone, and the success or failure of Yuanfang depends entirely on Li Dong. And he enabled the executives, are tied to relatives, whether it is Qin Hai or Shen Xi or his Sun Tao himself, are enough to reflect the weight of Li Dong's selfishness. The group has not been replenished with new blood for a long time, and if this continues, Sun Tao is worried about the impact on the rest of the current management. Once there is a loss of existing management, it will be a bolt from the blue. Although this hidden worry has not yet broken out, but sooner or later there will be such a day, Sun Tao now actually want to talk to Li Dong about the reform. But the words to the mouth, Sun Tao and held back. In addition to the above two points, Sun Tao's third concern is the capital chain problem. Because the speed of Li Dong's expansion is too fast, Yuanfang's capital chain is in the middle of a break at any time. Valued at seven billion Yuanfang Group, the current debt is more than half, if we look at the actual market value and debt, that is a 100 percent debt ratio. This is a very scary thing, if there is a problem with which link of funds, Far Eastern bankruptcy restructuring is just around the corner. Just when Sun Tao was pondering, Li Dong was also pondering. Sun Tao considered the problem, Li Dong naturally also considered.