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Chapter 472 - Jiangbei Merchant Gang

  One second★小△说§网. Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! September 7, the Golden Tripod auction preview began. Although Li Dong did not go, but also know Ji Lanxin this time to do a good job, the preview effect is quite good. Several first-line stars showed up, plus a few Pingchuan business tycoons on the spot to support, the Golden Tripod auction is finally hitting the mark. Not many ordinary people in Pingchuan know about this auction, but the business side received the news is quite a lot. The top jewelry trade is not a business for ordinary people. Ji Lanxin's goal was achieved, as long as the word spreads in the Pingchuan business and entertainment circles, that's enough. The good mood of Ji Lanxin specially called over to thank Li Dong. Although Li Dong did not go, Ji Lanyin still borrowed Li Dong's name, but also attracted a lot of popularity. After chatting with Ji Lanyin for a while and hanging up the phone, Li Dong lamented to Shen Xi beside him, "I've discovered that women are becoming more and more remarkable nowadays. Previously, it was said that Ji Lanyin only borrowed her father's light, but in my opinion, Ji Lanyin has more drive than her father." Shen Xi said: "An auction is just, this is called boldness? If Ji Lanyin succeeds this time, it's okay, if not, you see, there are not many people waiting to see the joke." Li Dong swept her a glance, lost his smile: "This is the same sex to repel each other? You're not waiting to see her joke too, are you?" "I'm not that boring." Shen Xi hummed, and then said with contempt: "And I find that you are almost a friend of women. The ratio of men to women in the Jiangbei business circle is about one hundred to one, but tell me yourself, how many of the people you befriend are men? There are many women, Zhang Lan Yu, Hu Wan Lin, and now there is a Ji Lan Xin. When Hu Xiaorui takes over the Nanrui Group tomorrow, you will have one more female friend in the business circle." Li Dong stroked his chin and nodded in agreement, "I didn't realize it until you said it, but once you said it, I realized it was really true. Do you think I am too handsome and men are rejecting me?" "Less poor mouth." Shen Xi rolled her eyes and said, "With your temper, it's strange that people are willing to deal with you." "Also, the other day the Chamber of Commerce invited you to join, why didn't you go?" Hearing Shen Xi talking about the Jiangbei Chamber of Commerce, Li Dong frowned and said, "I don't care to go, they are all like masters. Let me join, as if and how to lift me up like, I do not join and can not die, why bash to enter." Shen Xi helplessly shook his head and sighed: "Look at yourself, this gas can not stand? Jiangbei Business Association, that is a well-known business association in China, they invited you to join the club is to look up to you. Li Dong, do not think that outsiders flatter you a few words, you are really the richest man in Jiangbei. Jiangbei business gang has a long history, I'll tell you the truth, there are not 30 or 20 richer than you. Since they invited you, it means that they are ready to let you enter the Jiangbei Business Association, and also on behalf of the Jiangbei Business Association has accepted you. You so refused, is not clearly offend people." "It's not a matter of being offended, I know how much money I have in my own heart. The main thing is to get in or not, rather than let them accept me reluctantly, when I turn back to a strong presence, perhaps also mixed with a chamber of commerce president as it." "You're thinking beautiful." Shen Xi rolled her eyes, seeing Li Dong said so also did not continue this topic. As Li Dong said, the current Li Dong is still too young. Even if he is rich, richer than many people, but there is still a small gap in status with those people. Jiangbei Chamber of Commerce has a long history, also tainted with a few government style, the culture of seniority is not small. At this time, Li Dong into the club, but also do not see what the right to speak, rather than this, it is better to wait. The next few years of seniority, the next Li Dong older, more mature, seniority is also deep, then again into the Chamber of Commerce may be more effective. The two were chatting, the office door suddenly clanged open. Hu Xiaorui gasped and complained: "Li Dong, your secretary actually stopped me from entering, are you still my buddy? I Hu Xiaorui to you also need to inform, you are too not righteous enough." Li Dong had a big head when he saw Hu Xiaorui. Seeing Chen Ke look apprehensive, Li Dong waved his hand and said, "You go out first, next time you meet this devil hide away, save yourself from bad luck." Chen Ke face relaxed a bit, also dare not say more, carefully closed the door and retreated out. As soon as she left, Hu Xiaorui grunted, "You're the devil." When the words were finished, Hu Xiaorui saw Shen Xi, and once she saw that Shen Xi was also there, Hu Xiaorui's eyes were full of hostility and said, "Shen Bingshan, what are you doing in the office with Li Dong?" Shen Xi frowned slightly and said lightly: "Hu Xiaorui, don't mess around with me, this is the far side, something to say, nothing to go away, who has time to mess around with you." "Who are you calling a nuisance?" Hu Xiaorui with the outbreak of hedgehog like, fried thorns: "Shen Bingshan, I warn you, Li Dong is my sister Yu Han, others are afraid of you I am not afraid of you! You do not do a good official lady, all day long to pester Li Dong why!" "This is the right thing to say to you." Shen Xi scoffed: "You think I'm like you, idle all day long. I am the vice president of the group, much busier than you, I do not have as much time as you to wander around." Shen Xi got up and said to Li Dong Dong, "I'll go first, this girl send away before it's too late, don't fool around with her all day." Li Dong laughed dryly and didn't say anything back. Shen Xi and Hu Xiaorui do not deal with each other for a day or two, he had heard Xu Shengzhe said before. Now that the two of them are fighting, he can't interfere. Hu Xiaorui was half dead with anger, and looked at her angrily: "Who are you calling blind? This lady has a career, you're just a part-time worker, I'm still the boss, and you dare to look down on me!" "Come on, on your ……" Shen Xi originally wanted to say "broken store", but the East Rain Dessert House is Qin Yuhan, but also hung the name of Li Dong, the words to the mouth was held back. Lazy and Hu Xiaorui continue to fight, Shen Xi a proud face from her side to bypass, directly out of the office. This feeling of being ignored is really unpleasant, especially for Hu Xiaorui. The little girl was furious, clenched her fist and stomped her foot, and she wanted to go after Shen Xi and beat her up. Li Dong saw the situation and hurriedly interrupted: "Rui, aren't you supervising the work? How come you have time to come to me?" Hu Xiaorui temperament is big, forgetfulness is also big, do things are three minutes hot. When Li Dong changed the topic, this girl immediately forgot about Shen Xi and complained with a bitter face: "Don't mention it, next time don't ask me for this kind of thing. What supervisor ah, I have to wash eight times a day, but still can not wash clean, annoy me to death."