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Chapter 473 - The Times Make the Hero

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows to read for free! September 8. Jinding jewelry auction officially began. In the evening, Li Dong cleaned up a bit then ready to go out, before going downstairs, Shen Xi came over and said: "Together, I also go to see." Li Dong was surprised: "You're going too?" Shen Xi hummed: "What's wrong with me going? Hu Xiaorui can go, I go to give you shame?" "Not that, I mean ……" Li Dong wanted to say this kind of auction you do not never go? But after thinking about it Li Dong still did not say, nodded and said, "You can go, but we have to make a deal, no more fighting with Hu Xiaorui, do not be a good auction was tossed by you." Shen Xi said speechlessly: "You really think I am idle and bored? What fight with her, Hu Xiaorui is that temper, if you come soft with her, she can pester you to death. If you do not polite with her, she does not bother to take care of you, I do not have time to coax the child." Li Dong frowned, Shen Xi saw the situation amused: "OK, OK, I will not say her into it. I found that you like children, is it stirring up your deepest fatherly love?" "Fuck you!" Li Dong cursed and walked straight towards the elevator. When the two of them went downstairs, Hu Xiaorui was waiting by the car with a bored look on her face. As soon as she saw Li Dong coming she smiled and said, "Hurry up, or you'll be late, I heard there's a model show tonight ……" Halfway through the sentence, Hu Xiaorui saw Shen Xi. The little girl's face suddenly seized up and asked Li Dongdao: "She also goes?" "Well, no deflated mouth, no quarrel, or you go by yourself, I do not care about you." "Hmph!" "Humming is also useless, I warn you, messing up I will really get angry." Hu Xiaorui hung her head and said, "Okay, I know, this lady will not bother with her." Li Dong shook his head, and did not bother to say anything else. Shen Xi also ignored her, directly into the car, Hu Xiaorui originally drove himself, but saw Shen Xi got into Li Dong's car, the girl's nose wrinkled, also followed together into the car. …… all the way without words. Or all the way is Hu Xiaorui talking, Li Dong two people did not say much, let this girl talk on her own. At the end of the day, Hu Xiaorui saw that no one responded, and lost interest. At half past six, Li Dong's car arrived at the Jiangbei International Convention and Exhibition Center. This time, Ji Lanxin, in order to raise the grade of the auction, is also considered to have made a blood money, the auction venue selected in the Convention Center's multi-function hall. The multi-function hall of the Jiangbei International Convention and Exhibition Center covers an area of more than 1,600 square meters, enough to accommodate nearly 1,000 people. The multi-function hall is not usually used for such auctions. This time, Ji Lanxin did not know what resources she used to get the convention center to rent out the multi-function hall. Before and after the auction, at least three or four days to rent time, just to prepare for an auction, the preliminary cost is afraid of not less than a million. If you pull some stars to support the show, if this auction is smashed, Ji Lanyin will really have no money back. Li Dong got out of the car, Shen Xi and Hu Xiaorui also followed one after the other down. As soon as she got out of the car, Hu Xiaorui was surprised: "Li Dong, look, it's Liu Wen, I like her so much, Li Dong, let's go get an autograph, okay?" Hu Xiaorui shouted, attracting a lot of attention. Li Dong did not care, following Hu Xiaorui's line of sight looked over, a slim actress is walking down the red carpet, surrounded by media reporters to take pictures. Li Dong stared for a while, some depressed said: "Who is Liu Wen?" Shen Xi and Hu Xiaorui despised him at the same time, Shen Xi shook her head and sighed: "Your life is really tragic, are you so busy now that you don't even have time to watch TV?" "Not to mention, I really don't have much time to watch TV." Li Dong skimmed his mouth and continued, "Besides, I don't even know him, which means it's not a big role, is it worth it for you guys?" Hu Xiaorui hummed: "Although Liu Wen is not very hot, but the TV she acted in is very good, I super like it." Shen Xi this time actually did not raise the bar, slightly nodded in agreement: "Liu Wen acting skills can still be, but just no opportunity, I heard that two years ago was also frozen for a period of time, only recently appeared on the screen." "Come on, what's the point of pulling these, you guys care how people's acting skills." Li Dong is not too interested in celebrity gossip, while walking said: "Later less shouting, pay attention to the impact, we need to be toadying to them?" Shen Xi laughed and did not say anything, Hu Xiaoru cooed: "Who is flattered, I just like it. If I meet someone I don't like, I don't care who she is." "Like turn around and let Ji Lanxin get you an autograph, now don't make a scene, listen to me, understand?" "Got it." Hu Xiaorui just finished, and then began to surprise: "Look ah, the little swallow is here!" This time Li Dong also saw, in addition to him, many people at the scene cast their eyes over, and the flashing lights kept flashing up. Zhao Wei, who is famous for playing Little Swallow, is obviously much more famous than Liu Wen who just passed by. It's not too unusual for her to come. The reason is that Zhao Wei is originally from Jiangbei, and is one of the few people whose fame ranks among the top stars from Jiangbei in the past few years. Li Dong's perception of her is neither good nor bad, and there are many debates about this person in later life. Li Dong is a passerby, and do not care much about these, he used to like the role of the little swallow, and then grew older, this feeling also faded. Now see the real person, Li Dong also did not touch much.