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Chapter 475 - Shyness in the Bag

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! In order to break into the top jewelry circle, Ji Lanxin also considered this time to put down blood money. As soon as the auction started, the first piece of jewelry made people's eyes light up. This is a pink diamond ring from the Argyle mine, clarity and cut are first-class. The only regret is probably the color, it is a light pink pink diamond, but even so, the three carat pink diamond also attracted the attention of the crowd. When Li Dong saw Shen Xi and Hu Xiaorui next to him staring at the ring on the stage, he smiled dryly and said, "Do you like it too?" In fact, he is now very vain, afraid that these two women want to buy. It's not that Li Dong can't afford to give up, since he brought two people here, he's not prepared to let them pay. But the key is shyness in the bag ah! By the outside world as the richest man in Jiangbei Dong, now poor are almost unable to uncover the pot. The other day Xu Shengzhe did give him 40 million, but 40 million for Li Dong, that is really a drop in the bucket. When he first bought the land he found someone to borrow 30 million, and now the principal plus interest, almost spent 32 million. Then the police side he bled again, spent five million, and bought a store for Qin Yuhan, almost three million. Forty million, the work of changing hands is gone. Plus the recent profits of the far side are invested in the construction, Li Dong is now really poor. Of course, hundreds of thousands of millions he can still get out, but this money, to really get involved in the fight for top jewelry, is really not enough. Unless he is willing to cash out from the stock market, otherwise Li Dong can only buy one or two pieces of medium-level jewelry. This time he came to participate in the auction, mainly to give Ji Lanxin hit popularity, otherwise Li Dong really do not want to come, no money in hand, to where the heart is weak. As if she could see Li Dong's weakness, Shen Xi said amusingly: "Just look, women, whether they buy or not, they like to look. Don't worry, a light pink diamond ring only, I still can't see." Li Dong's face is speechless, the girl's mouth is not small. But think about Shen Xi's family background, as well as the woman's private coffers of up to five hundred million, Li Dong also had to hold his nose and admit that this woman really is not talking big. Next to Hu Xiaorui at this moment also shifted the line of sight, heard the two conversations, the little girl hummed: "I do not like, only three carats, to buy I will buy a 300-carat almost!" Li Dong face black line, no good: "Next time learn more common sense before bragging, there are three hundred carats of pink diamonds?" Hu Xiaorui's face turned red and she retorted, "Did I say it was a pink diamond?" Seeing the two people fighting, Shen Xi speechlessly said, "And said I should not argue, you can not stop, is the auction!" Only then did Li Dong and Hu Xiaorui stop talking and listened to the offers. Although Shen Xi can't see it, it doesn't mean that this pink diamond ring is really worthless. The three carat pink diamond is rare, plus it is designed by a well-known designer, the style is also beautiful, in a short time, the price rose from the starting price of 160,000 to 360,000. Thirty-six million, this price is not cheap. If not in the auction, this price almost reached the market price. Of course, pink diamonds appear, usually at auctions, so that the market price can only be used as a reference. Seeing that the crowd has offered, there is no truce, Li Dong lamented: "Pingchuan rich people are really a lot, more than 300,000, to buy a house is enough." "Normal, Jiangbei is so big, ninety percent of the rich people are gathered in Pingchuan. Only 300,000, can take out this money not too much, since the Golden Tripod is ready to hit the ground running, the value of the finale jewelry is afraid to be close to ten million, otherwise it is not easy to rely on an auction to make a name for yourself." Shen Xi's analysis was objective, and Li Dong nodded at his words. Indeed, Ji Lanyin to completely change the impression of the low-grade jewelry store Jinding jewelry, this time must come up with some real things to do. Although tens of millions of jewelry is precious, but at most can only let others remember a few days, want to make people forget this auction, the bottom of the treasure no ten million level is certainly not possible. Although Li Dong in the auction manual did not see the kind of ten million worth of jewelry, the model did not see when the show, does not mean that there is no. The grand finale has not been revealed yet, Ji Lanxin is not small in ambition, certainly not just simply fooled over. In the midst of several conversations, the first battle came to an end. The three-carat pink diamond ring finally fell into the hands of a second-tier star at a price of $480,000. Hu Xiaorui saw the situation and said: "These guys are really rich, half a million to spend without blinking an eye." Li Dong laughed and did not answer. Hu Xiaorui saw it and said with a beak: "What's wrong, I said wrong?" "No, but it does not have to be someone else to spend money." Li Dong said casually, and did not explain much. This piece of jewelry, it is likely that Ji Lanxin arranged for someone to take, after all, a little-known star, which has so much courage, spend 500,000 to buy a ring. Even if people have this money, it is not necessarily here to buy. So it's very likely that Ji Lanxin arranged it, after all, it's the first lot, it's about the atmosphere of the whole auction, the organizer will certainly not let the price too low, or let the atmosphere down. The auction of the first piece of jewelry ended, and the second round of auction soon began. The next few pieces of jewelry prices are not as high as the first, after all, the opening always come to something good, to be really so expensive, then 90 percent of the people on the field today have come for nothing. Top jewelry, it does not have to say that it must be tens of millions of millions of dollars to do. The next few pieces of jewelry auctioned, tens of thousands, more than 100,000 are also available, there are many people who bid. Even Li Dong also saw a few Jiangbei business mogul-level people mixed well also bid, rich does not mean that you must buy millions of millions of things, meet like, tens of thousands of people to buy a piece of things is normal. Auctioned off five or six pieces of high-end jewelry, the next display is another piece of top jewelry. This is an emerald pendant, carved not the conventional Goddess of Mercy and Buddha, but a leaf. On the large display, the emerald green leaf was vivid, showing the master carver's superior skills. Li Dong swept a glance and said with some interest, "It's quite nice, do you want it?" This pendant is still within his affordability, although the water type and color is good, but the pendant is not big, the price should not be expensive to where. And 06 years, jade prices are not so hot, Li Dong estimated that at most 300,000 to 400,000 can be taken. Since I came to support Ji Lanyin, I can't just leave a dime. While the back of those expensive jewelry did not come out, Li Dong took one, also considered to give full face, as for the back, no money, Li Dong is also too lazy to act as a big money. Seeing Li Dong staring at the big screen, Shen Xi laughed: "You like it yourself, I and Hu Xiaorui have, you buy one for yourself."