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Chapter 476 - Brother and Brother

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The price of five million made everyone shift their eyes over. When the crowd saw the person who called the price, they all froze for a moment. Xu Shengzhe! The second son of the Longhua Group! Long Hua Group infighting, Xu Jianghua two sons vying for the position of heir, many people who know the inside story. The two brothers do not get along, the Jiangbei business community also knows. But private to private, even if the two brothers do not get along, in front of outsiders are also brother and brother respect. And now, this is an auction! Many people on the field are the business circle of bigwigs, this time the two brothers bargaining, this can be the conflict to the public out, the impact is not too good. Especially those of the Jiangbei Chamber of Commerce are slightly frowned upon, Xu Jianghua is the president of the Jiangbei Chamber of Commerce. Now the president of the two grandsons, in front of so many people started a dispute, this is not let people look at the joke? Others frowned, Li Dong naturally also frowned slightly. He was originally prepared to fight with Xu Rulong to the end, although he is now no money, does not mean that he really can not get money. The first thing you need to do is to get a little bit of cash in the stock market, and that's enough. But now Xu Shengzhe suddenly intervened, Li Dong is a little hesitant. He understands Xu Shengzhe's meaning, this is afraid that he does not want to see himself and Xu Rulong fight out of the fire, so cross a bar ready to let the two quench the fire. But understanding is understanding, Li Dong was eventually lost face. Thinking about it, Li Dong finally did not say another word. The company's main business is to promote the development of the company's products and services. Li Dong did not say a word, does not mean that Xu Rulong did not say a word. As soon as Xu Shengzhe made his bid, Xu Rulong turned blue and looked at Xu Shengzhe and said, "Older brother, you don't even give this face to older brother?" Xu Shengzhe reluctantly smiled and said, "Big brother, I also like this pendant, why don't you let me have it?" "Oh, second brother, big brother also likes it very much, what do you think?" "If big brother likes it, how about I buy the same one for big brother when I meet the right one next time?" "That's not necessary, I'm not short of this money." Xu Rulong laughed and turned to his companion and asked, "Do you like the pendant?" His female companion froze for a moment, then stammered, "Like …… like it, right?" "Like it is good, since my Xu Rulong's woman likes it, what the hell is money!" Xu Rulong let out a laugh and raised his hand, "Eight million!" Xu Shengzhe's face was blue, he didn't believe Xu Rulong didn't understand what he meant. He offered five million high price, just to let Li Dong and Xu Rulong extinguish the fire, there is no need to continue to fight, let be seen as a joke. Although his own bid was also seen as a joke, but after all, it is between brothers, even if outsiders see the joke is fine. But what about Li Dong? Is his big brother really in his head? He thinks Li Dong is easy to mess with, he thinks Li Dong is a good fight? Two times fell Li Dong's face is not enough, but also to a third time, really pissed off Li Dong, does this guy think Li Dong just let it go? After dealing with Li Dong for so long, Li Dong's character is clearer than Xu Shengzhe. Really pissed off Li Dong, he does not care if you are his big brother, is not the son of Longhua. At that time, does Xu Rulong think that Long Hua will fight for him and Li Dong blood? Forced to suppress the fire in his heart, Xu Shengzhe said in a deep voice: "10 million! Big brother, save your money, a few hundred million is only a few dozen ten million, spend it and it's gone!" Xu Shengzhe said some heavy words, Xu Rulong has how much money he knows in his heart. But 10 million, even if they are rich, it is not straw. If Xu Rulong bid again, Xu Shengzhe did not want it, let him play by himself. Spent 10 million, offended Li Dong, also offended himself, Xu Shengzhe also do not care about him. Xu Rulong face some gloomy, but 10 million is indeed not a small amount, think of this Xu Rulong cold hum, did not speak again. Many people on the field were relieved, including Ji Lanxin. Ten million, far beyond the price of the pendant. Selling things naturally want to sell a high price, but just Ji Lanxin heart is constantly praying, do not bid again. Then bid, that today's auction will be played out of the fire. Whether the winner or loser, I'm afraid there will not be any good feelings about the Golden Tripod Jewelry. In addition to the previous and fallen Li Dong face, so that the two major industry leaders in Jiangbei did not have a good feeling, even if the Golden Tripod Jewelry this auction made a lot of money, the future is more harm than good. Now to 10 million to stop, Ji Lanxin finally settled down. Although 10 million is quite a lot, but Xu Shengzhe is not so hurt, the other party can also accept this price, so the impact is much smaller. As for the price reduction, Ji Lanxin did not think about it. Xu Shengzhe this kind of person, face is bigger than the son, you give him a price reduction, he may think you look down on him, don't end up doing a bad thing with good intentions. The pendant fight is over, the next three Li Dong did not make another bid. But Hu Xiaorui, spent three hundred thousand to take a pair of earrings. Three hundred thousand earrings, Li Dong saw also could not help but shake his head, these rich family children really do not take money as money. Three hundred thousand, in exchange for such a thing, set aside in the past Li Dong would not dare to think. Hu Xiaorui does not care how much the price, took the earrings, this girl feels that the completion of today's task, happy with what. When the last piece of finale jewelry on stage, the auction also came to an end. The final finale jewelry is not a piece, but a whole set. This set of diamond jewelry on stage, many people have estimated the price, at least tens of millions. The final result was not unexpected, the auction price finally reached twelve million. Take this set of jewelry is not the Jiangbei businessmen, nor those second generation, but tonight Ji Lanxin invited one of the most popular first-line stars.