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Chapter 477: Defending Against Foreign Enemies Tog

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Talking with Yang Si about endorsement, Li Dong is not in a hurry now. From the International Convention and Exhibition Center, the only thing Li Dong wants to do is to immediately send away Hu Xiaorui this girl. But this girl does not go, one after the other, followed Li Dong muttering. From the convention center to the parking lot, Li Dong from the original send her away, to the development of the hate to sew her mouth forget, this girl is too nagging! Listening to the chatter coming from his ears, Li Dong glanced at Shen Xi who was snickering next to him and helplessly said, "How about doing her a favor and accompanying her to argue a few words?" Shen Xi gave him a blank look and refused to answer. Behind him, Hu Xiaorui cooed, "I'm not going to argue with her, Li Dong, promise me, okay? We are good buddies." "Buddy that is what you said, I did not promise." "Then we are good sisters." "Sister, you head!" "Li Dong, please, let's go together, it doesn't hurt, why are you more timid than women." Li Dong said, "Is it a matter of pain? I'm not sure what I'm thinking, I'm going to get my ears pierced with you. You play non-mainstream yourself, do not look for me, and then talk to me about this, I turn my face!" This girl really dares to think, let herself go with her to get her ears pierced! Think about Li Dong shudder, or simply to the nose a hole in it, he is a big man, or a large group of bosses, pierced ears to wear earrings, go out must be laughed to death. Lazy to take care of this girl, a car Li Dong will say: "to the Bihu Villa." "No, I don't want to go home." "You can't help it, you have to go back even if you don't, or I'll send you to the entrance of the villa, where you like to go." Hu Xiaorui puffed out a hum, sitting alone in the corner sulking. This girl is a spoiled child, Li Dong also do not care about her, see her not to speak, slightly relieved. At this time, Shen Xi said: "Xu Shengzhe is a good man, ten million pendants said to give away." Li Dong smiled and said, "This guy has money, recently earned a lot, this year alone I did two business with him, this guy has earned four or five hundred million." "Two businesses?" Shen Xi is a little curious. Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe together speculation land she knew, but Li Dong said two, she really did not know. Li Dong explained: "The other day, I gave 30 million to accompany him into the stock market to play, this guy backhandedly earned hundreds of millions." "What about you?" "I just earned some pocket money, you know, I have no capital." Li Dong shrugged his shoulders. Shen Xi naturally knew where he spent his money, frowned slightly and said, "You still haven't taken out that money?" "Not so fast, let's wait, next year." "Be careful of the state began to regulate, once the regulation, you those money is not good enough to be wasted." "Don't worry, regulation and control can not regulate my head." See Li Dong insist, Shen Xi will no longer persuade. She did not speak, next to Hu Xiaorui is interested, curious baby like asked: "Li Dong, what are you talking about ah?" Li Dong glanced at her, saw her no longer entangled in the matter of ear piercing, and did not ignore her, said casually: "Speculation of stocks, you do not understand." "You don't understand!" Hu Xiaorui hummed and said proudly: "It's just stocks, Li Dong, why don't you buy our family stocks? My father said, recently our family stock is definitely going up, you buy it will be able to earn." Li Dong froze for a moment, and Shen Xi also froze for a moment. Then the two said in unison, "Nanrui stocks are going up?" Hu Xiaorui smiled and said, "Yes, my father said it himself, you buy our family stock now, you can definitely make money." Li Dong and Shen Xi looked at each other, then they shook their heads and laughed bitterly. Hu Ming has such a daughter, how much to worry about to be able to. The stock is going up, probably Hu Ming inadvertently said at home, but who knows the turn of his daughter to sell. This is also Li Dong, if put on others, especially competitors heard, may not be out of what mishaps. Nanrui stock to rise, there must be some good news to announce, now there is no movement, probably still in the secrecy stage, which if someone knows, it may be able to Yin Hu Ming a. Li Dong rubbed Hu Xiaorui's head vigorously and admonished, "I know this, don't talk nonsense outside, be careful your father beat you." Hu Xiaorui shook her head and shook off Li Dong's hand before she said happily, "Of course, I'm not stupid, I'll tell you, others I won't let him make money." "Then thanks a lot, but your brother I do not lack of money. I'll look for you when I run out of money later." "Well, I'm so rich." Hu Xiaorui nodded smilingly. A few people chatted all the way, and when the car arrived at Bihu Villa, Li Dong saw Hu Xiaorui enter the door before letting Tan Yong start the vehicle. The car continues to drive to the provincial party committee compound. Hu Xiaorui is not in, Shen Xi loose some, leaning back on the seat, Shen Xi joked: "Not bad, and charmed a." Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "Can you be a little healthier in your thinking?" "I'm healthy-minded, I'm telling the truth. If you're not thinking about Hu Xiaorui, then stay away from her. She is the Sun family's baby, if the little girl really pestered you, their family is not as good as my father, directly snatching marriage you believe it or not?" Li Dong was speechless, helplessly said: "Hu Xiaorui is a little kid, do not understand anything, you think too much." "Because she is not mentally mature I am worried. If she were mentally mature, I wouldn't be saying these things. But think about it, who has Hu Xiaorui been so affectionate with? Not to mention Qin Yuhan, that is only love, I am really a little worried about this girl moved the heart. The simpler the mind, the more complicated the result. You are not taken seriously, think she is a child, but in the eyes of others can not be so. Hu Xiaorui is not younger than you, perhaps even a little older than you, she haunts you all day long, their families do not know? Hu Ming does not care, I know what he means. If I could put Hu Xiaorui …… ""Enough, I know in my heart." Li Dong frowned and interrupted Shen Xi, paused before saying, "I will pay attention next time, you think less about these things all day long." Shen Xi gave him a blank look, and did not continue the topic. A reminder is enough, say too much but make people bored, Shen Xi is a smart person, naturally will not do not smart things. No words along the way. Send Shen Xi home, Li Dong also directly rushed back home to rest. ……9 On the 12th, Yuan Chengdao rushed back to Pingchuan from Sunan. As soon as he came back, Yuan Chengdao directly killed Li Dong's office. In the office, Li Dong greeted Yuan Chengdao and sat down, and asked Chen Ke to pour him a cup of tea.