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Chapter 478: Swing the ball, swing the club, and g

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Chairman's office. Li Dong did not make a sound for a long time, gently knocking on the table thinking about countermeasures. Yuan Chengdao is not in a hurry, sitting upright, quietly waiting for Li Dong to make a decision. After a while, Li Dong looked up and was about to speak, suddenly glancing at Yuan Chengdao's calm expression, the words that came to his mouth hardened back and asked instead: "So what do you have in mind?" Yuan Chengdao did not hesitate and nodded directly: "Promise him!" "But what about after defeating the foreign supermarket?" "That depends on whether you, Mr. Li, are willing to give up or not." "Hmm?" "If Mr. Li is willing to shut down the foreign stores and Yuanfang makes the attitude of a fish death net, not hesitating to fight, Ma Jia Liang will not dare to make a move against us." Li Dong frowned and said, "Then what can I get?" Shutting down the outbound stores, to Li Dong only loss without benefit. If there is no benefit, why should he do it? It is a big flag to defend the national brand. But even as state-owned enterprises, China Resources and Bailian are ready to stand by, he is a private enterprise, guilty of so to fight? Su Guo to fight, it is because it has to fight. As the leading hegemon in southern Jiangsu, if Su Guo does not fight, the market will be occupied, the interests will also be damaged. And the times? These years of the times, originally by the Su Guo forced to retreat, foreign investment invasion, but to help the times, so that the Su Guo to fear, do not dare to continue to force the times. If Li Dong to really only care about the interests, and those foreign investment cooperation is the best choice. Both sides are unstable, at this time the strength of the two sides are similar, and jointly pinch Su Guo, once successful, then Li Dong is not afraid of foreign supermarkets backstabbing themselves. At that time he can also divide part of the market of Sugo, that is the big win. But Li Dong still retains the last national bottom line, not to help Sugo can, pinch Sugo, that later even if the far side to do big, leaving the infamy. Yuan Chengdao laughed: "The benefits are natural, at least a little, to buy us time." "Time ……" Li Dong froze for a moment, then he nodded slightly and said, "That's true." Surrounding foreign supermarkets is not a matter of one day and one night, at least for more than three years, Su Guo did not manage to crush foreign companies. Even if the two sides join forces, this is also a protracted war. Not to say three years, even if only one year, after a year, the far side is not the current far side. During the period of joining forces with Su Guo, Li Dong is not afraid of others to fight themselves, Su Guo's side will not agree. Standing on the same front with Su Guo and maintaining peace for a year, this period of peace may be the golden period of Yuanfang's development. Li Dong once again fell into deep thought. I don't know how long it took, Li Dong nodded and said, "Yes, I agree, Mr. Sun's side can try to contact with Ma Jiarong, but it's better to fight for some conditions that are favorable to us." At present is Su Guo has to beg the far side, this cheap not to take advantage of white not to take advantage of. People are rich and powerful, just ** something out, but also enough for Li Dong full meal. Seeing that Li Dong agreed, Yuan Chengdao slightly relieved. In fact, cooperation is his original intention. If Li Dong did not agree, then he would be very disappointed in Li Dong, indicating that Li Dong's vision is not long-term enough. Now that Li Dong has agreed, Yuan Chengdao is a little more passionate about the next equity incentive program, and once he passes Li Dong's test, he may be about to take over this big emerging group. …… Li Dong and Yuan Chengdao talked all morning. After eating, Li Dong was about to take a short nap when his phone suddenly rang. Picked up the phone and looked at it, Li Dong found that it was an unfamiliar number, and was about to refuse to answer, but after looking at the number, Li Dong picked up the phone again. The last four digits of the caller's number are four 8s, this kind of number is very tawdry, but I have to say, the average person can not get this number, can get this number is also not the average person. Once the phone was connected, a hearty laugh came from the opposite side. Li Dong secretly grimaced, you think you are Wang Xifeng, but also to a person to hear its voice before you see it. But listening to the sound of laughter he also heard who it was, waiting for the other side of the laughter fell, Li Dong said directly: "Yao, the sun came out of the west today, why do you want to call me?" Yao Hong smiled and said, "Mr. Li, the sun is shining today, so I've arranged to play golf with some friends in the afternoon, how about Mr. Li coming out to play together?" "Mr. Yao is really leisurely, but unfortunately, I'm busy lately, so I can't get away." "Mr. Li, time is all squeezed out. Friends come out together to get together, relax, and also conducive to work." Li Dong smiled, Yao Hong this guy also do not know what to look for himself, but also followed closely. He also knows that Yao Hong has nothing to do, if nothing, how this guy may call himself. As for what gathering, activities, it is all a pretext, this guy in all probability is something to talk to himself. Li Dong looked at the time and thought: "That's fine, time and place." "At two o'clock, Tian Yi International Club." "Okay, I will go there then."