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Chapter 479 No need for pity

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The two women who came over Li Dong knew. One is Li Dong's previous neighbor, also used to live in Wanyuan, later moved Su Rui. Su Rui appeared here, Li Dong although some surprise, but not too surprised. These days the boss with a mistress to attend private occasions, is not news. Some years ago, the coastal areas are popular this kind of thing, the coastal areas in the past few years is to stop, but the central and western part of such a trend again. Yao Hong brought Su Rui over, in the eyes of the businessmen at this time seem to be somewhat accustomed to the feeling. Su Rui came, Li Dong was not surprised. But when he saw the person beside Su Rui, Li Dong was a little surprised. His eyebrows knitted slightly, Li Dong some suspicion, how this woman would appear in Yao Hong their private party? Just when Li Dong was wondering, Yao Hong smilingly greeted the two women, then smiled at Li Dong and said, "Mr. Li, our two big men are a bit bored playing ball, I asked Su Rui to find a friend to come along to play, do you mind?" Li Dong glanced at the person next to Su Rui and said indifferently, "Mr. Yao, feel free." Su Rui saw this then smiled: "Mr. Li, let me introduce you, this is Hui Hui, my friend ……" "Hui Hui …… "Li Dong laughed lightly, lowered his head and swung the club in his hand, saying nothing. Yao Hong and Su Rui see this are frowning, this one is also too difficult to serve it. Yao Hong deliberately took a look at the woman called Hui Hui, feeling quite good, looks and body are first-class, the age is not too old, such Li Dong do not like, this guy's appetite is also too gripping it. At this time the woman known as Hui Hui also tightly biting her lips, her face a little pale. See Yao Hong looked over, "Hui Hui" forced a smile, but also did not make a sound. Yao Hong was helpless and said to Li Dong: "If Mr. Li doesn't like it, let's continue playing?" Li Dong waved his club, the white ball flew far away, Li Dong straightened up and said, "No, let them stay here, it's more lively with more people." Yao Hong was relieved. Looking for women, it is to ease the atmosphere, some times, the presence of women, talk about things are not easy to fall apart. But if you find the woman did not ease the atmosphere, but let the situation cold down, it is a little embarrassing. See Li Dong said casual, Su Rui pushed a "Hui Hui". "Hui Hui" face a little stiff, did not step, Su Rui face suddenly changed, frowned at her. "Hui Hui" clenched her teeth and finally took a step to Li Dong's side. Li Dong also did not look at her, said to Yao Hong smiling lightly: "Mr. Yao, if you have something to say, just say it, I do not like to beat around the bush." Yao Hong laughed dryly and said, "No rush, how about we have a few more games?" Li Dong glanced at him, nodded and did not speak again. Next, with Su Rui and "Hui Hui" present, Yao Hong did not play the same as before. This guy is not an expert at golf, but he doesn't really know anything about it either. After playing for a while, Yao Hong began to teach Su Rui to play again, Li Dong can not play this, even if he can, he is not interested in teaching "Hui Hui". Glancing at the two Yao Hong not far away, Li Dong turned to look at "Hui Hui" and said softly, "Do you know Yao Hong?" "Hui Hui" lowered her head, did not look at Li Dong, half a long time before whispering: "You do not know all? This kind of high-class club, find a woman to accompany food and drink and play strange?" Li Dong's heart blocked, took a deep breath and said, "Why bother?" "Hui Hui" laughed, I do not know whether it is ridicule or bitter laugh, with her head down, Li Dong can not see her expression. After laughing, "Hui Hui" said: "What can I do if I don't do this? High school graduate, shoulders can not pick, hands can not lift, and want to make money, can not suffer, in addition to sleeping with, can only do this." Li Dong frowned and did not answer, this woman and the previous change is too much. "Sleeping with" this word, the previous her death can not say out. But now, from her mouth to say these, the kind of habitual sense, so Li Dong heart especially uncomfortable. A long breath, after a long time, Li Dong continued: "Is there a difficult situation?" "No." The woman shook her head and did not speak for a long time, until Li Dong was about to shift his eyes, the woman suddenly looked up at him and said, "Thank you." "You're welcome." "No, I'm not thanking you for what you just said, that was pity, I don't need it. I am thanking you for not tearing me down in front of others." Li Dong frowned and gave the other party a look. When he looked clearly at the other party's eyes, Li Dong's original three parts pity and seven parts contempt suddenly all disappeared, that kind of stubborn eyes, he could rarely see from other people's eyes. But now, he saw it in the eyes of Huang Shanshan! Yes, the woman known as "Hui Hui" is Huang Shanshan! Li Dong, the classmate of Jiangda University. The girl who was chased by Xu Chen, the girl who said she liked Li Dong, but eventually dropped out of school in disgrace. Li Dong can't remember when he last saw Huang Shanshan, since he moved out of the dormitory, he rarely dealt with his classmates at Jiangda University. After the end of his freshman year, Li Dong hardly ever went to school. The last time he knew about Huang Shanshan, it was when Fatty's fast food restaurant opened. At that time, Fatty told him that both Shanshan Huang and Xu Chen had dropped out of school. Xu Chen is passive to go, Huang Shanshan is unable to stand the strange eyes of others, and finally sadly left. At that time, Li Dong felt a lot of emotions, some feel sorry for Huang Shanshan. But because of a long time did not see each other, Li Dong also gradually faded into oblivion this matter. But who knows, now unexpectedly in this again ran into Huang Shanshan. And still this Huang Shanshan, mature dress, thick makeup, if not the outline is still familiar, Li Dong can not believe that this will be the same person.