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Chapter 480 - Collective Closure

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong accompanied Yao Hong a few people chatted for a while. When Yao Hong found an excuse to let Su Rui a few people go aside to play ball by themselves, Li Dong knew that the main topic came. Today Yao Hong gathered so many real estate developers, Li Dong do not believe that he just to gather a meeting, a few words of fiction. Once Su Rui and the girls left, Yao Hong coughed lightly and the other people talking on the field quieted down. After a few moments, Yao Hong said, "I think most of you will understand what we are looking for today." Except for Li Dong, everyone else nodded their heads. Yao Hong glanced at Li Dong, smiled and said, "Since Mr. Li is not clear, then I will say a few words?" Li Dong nodded and said, "Please speak, Mr. Yao." "What does Mr. Li think about the current housing market?" "The housing market, do you mean the price or the outlook?" "Oh, the price, after all, we are all businessmen, as for the prospect, let the officials worry about it." Li Dong smiled and said, "The price is naturally rising, in recent months, Jiangbei housing prices have not less rise." "But Mr. Li does not think that the rate of increase in the price of Jiangbei is too low?" "Low?" The corner of Li Dong's mouth twitched: "Compared to three months ago, I'm afraid the house price in Pingchuan has risen by 20%." "That's because the house price in Pingchuan was not high. Pingchuan is the capital of Jiangbei province, look around us, whether it is Jiangsu, Zhejiang or southern Jiangsu, where the house price is not higher than Pingchuan, even the house price of Yu province is not lower than Pingchuan, our Jiangbei, in the country, the house price but ate a small loss." The corner of Li Dong's mouth curled up and said lightly: "Whether it is low or high, Yao and I say this is not much use. Dongyu real estate is a new tender, except for a low-grade community that is under construction, but there is no project, Yao, you say right?" He understood Yao Hong's meaning, since these guys said the price was low, they naturally wanted to raise the price. So many real estate developers gathered together, if they really want to collectively raise prices, it is still very possible to pull up the price of Pingchuan. But Li Dong some do not understand, these guys looking for their own why? He did not say a lie, the Eastwood real estate in addition to a low-grade neighborhood, there is no completed new neighborhood on hand to sell, whether to raise or lower prices, and he is not too related. In the real estate industry, Li Dong is more like a soy sauce. Apart from hoarding two pieces of land, Dongyu Real Estate is not high in the industry. Yao Hong smiled and said, "Mr. Li is being modest, if the two pieces of land in the hands of Dongyu Real Estate were to be built, it would be nearly one million square meters of floor space, and such a large area would be enough to affect the land price of the whole Pingchuan." Nearly one million square meters of construction area, that is close to 10,000 sets of houses. If it is built, it is not difficult to shake the price of the whole Pingchuan. But Li Dong was speechless: "Mr. Yao, not to mention that I haven't built it, even if it is built now, it will take at least a year or two, do you need to be so wary of me?" Yao Hong laughed dryly and said, "Mr. Li, don't misunderstand, we don't mean to be guarded. But we all make a living, it's not easy, just to discuss with Mr. Li in advance." "Then what does Mr. Yao mean?" Yao Hong laughed: "We don't mean anything in particular, it's all for the sake of our colleagues in the real estate industry in Jiangbei. Mr. Li, in fact, we invited you here for the sake of the healthy development of the real estate industry, Mr. Lu and I are going to close the market for half a year. "Seal the market!" Li Dong frowned, these guys are really black-hearted, actually ready to close the market. Once closed, that is to say, these real estate developers, these six months are not prepared to sell a house. And they occupy at least 70% of the property market in Pingchuan, once they close the market, the price must be rising. The reason why looking for Li Dong, I am afraid that Li Dong will be afraid to mess up. Dongyu real estate is not built subdivisions, Li Dong seems to have no intention to start building subdivisions, look at him that way, the possibility of hoarding land is greater. But Yao Hong a few people do not feel comfortable ah, this guy has two pieces of good land on hand control. Once Li Dong in their closed period, suddenly began to pre-sell houses, it will be a big problem. It does not matter if the house is not built, there is land on the line. As long as Li Dong can get through the relationship, pre-sale, nearly 10,000 sets of houses, enough to wipe out the impact of their closure. And six months of closure, but also face competition from other real estate developers, if Li Dong stirred up again, then they will lose a lot. After hearing Yao Hong's words, Li Dong was a bit helpless. Is this a warning? He really wasn't prepared to build a house before, but now by these guys, instead of making it look like he was threatened by them. Li Dong also did not rush to speak, after a while before saying: "Let's not talk about my side, where is Longhua? You seal the plate, Longhua should not be willing to it, Longhua does not seal the plate, I'm afraid the price increase still can not reach your expectations." After Li Dong finished, Yao Hong froze for a moment. Not only Yao Hong, other real estate developers also froze for a moment.