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Chapter 481 Cash Shareholding Plan

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Out of the clubhouse, Li Dong stopped in front of the clubhouse door. Huang Shanshan also stopped in her tracks. Li Dong hesitated and asked again: "All classmates, if there are really any difficulties you can find me. Other aspects I may not be able to help you much, but the material needs, I can still help some small help." Seeing the original classmates reduced to this situation, Li Dong heart is also a little unbearable. If you don't know each other is just, the relationship is not good first. But the key Huang Shanshan and he is more familiar, especially the other party also said that he likes himself. Like themselves, Li Dong can not accept, but the other party fell to this point, can help, Li Dong also want to give a hand. Huang Shanshan stroked the wind-blown hair, said softly: "Thank you." Li Dong frowned, or this sentence thank you, he some confused Huang Shanshan. Is face so important? It has come to this point, Li Dong has taken the initiative to say help, the other party still refused, which makes Li Dong heart slightly unhappy. But thinking about the other party's eyes, Li Dong's displeasure faded again. He wanted to say something, but Li Dong did not know how to say. Just as he hesitated, Huang Shanshan looked up and smiled: "Li Dong, don't worry about me. I know what I'm doing, and you shouldn't think of me as so lowly ……" "I don't!" Huang Shanshan gently shook her head and interrupted, "With or without, thank you very much indeed. Li Dong, just pretend you've never seen me, okay?" Li Dong mouth opened, finally sighed and said, "Then take care of yourself, if you need anymore, you can call me." "Thanks." Huang Shanshan once again thanked, this time with a lot more sincerity. Seeing Li Dong leave, Huang Shanshan stood for a long time. Until the Maybach disappeared, two lines of tears could not resist dropping to the ground. "Let me keep the last bit of dignity ……" a murmur, drifting in the wind, and finally low and inaudible. …… chance encounter with Huang Shanshan, let Li Dong heart more than a few emotions. The world is unpredictable, until now, he still some can not understand, when one of the two golden flowers in the class, how will fall to this point today. Thinking of Huang Shanshan, Li Dong can't help but think of Xu Chen these people again. To Xu Chen, Li Dong's impression gradually are somewhat blurred. By now, Li Dong in this side of Jiangnan University still have contact, I am afraid that only fat and Cheng Nan. At the beginning of the classmates, roommates, teachers, are gradually disappearing in his life. As Li Dong's career gets bigger and bigger, even Fang Qingfei, who used to harass him, no longer contacts him, and Fatty, it seems, has not contacted him for a long time. Not only these people, those high school classmates, former companions, also seems to have gradually disappeared in his surroundings. Thinking about this, Li Dong was a bit depressed. But soon Li Dong cheered up again, this is the price, inevitable. Want to succeed, there will always lose some, sad wind and sad autumn is not suitable for the current self. …… Yao Hong these people said to close the plate, that is not a joke. These real estate developers move quickly, on the third day after the party, Pingchuan under construction and has built nine properties closed. Just a few hours after Yao Hong sealed their plate, several other real estate developers who did not participate in the closure also heard the wind and moved, the price of housing began to rise. Before the sealing, this side of Yaohai District, land prices are generally around four to five thousand. Just like the house in Jinhu Park that Li Dong bought before, the price was 4,500 yuan per square foot. After that, because of the 70\90 policy, the price was adjusted upward, and the price of Jinhu Park is now about 5,000 yuan. And Jinhu Park in Yaohai District is considered a better location, other locations of the house, the price is a little cheaper. If it is a little more remote, the price is around 3000. But on the first day of Yao Hong crowd sealing, the price of the house soared up. Other places do not say, Jinhu Park is still selling houses, a day time went up 200 yuan \ square meters, up by 4%. This is still the first day, as the closure continues, the price will certainly continue to rise. According to Li Dong's estimate, Jinhu Park will likely rise to 6000 yuan \ square meters by then. This is Yaohai District, Guanhai District, I'm afraid that the rate of increase will be higher, the current average price of 5000 yuan \ square meters in the Guanhai District house prices will probably also rise to 6000 yuan in the end. Some of the top neighborhoods with good locations, over 10,000 are possible. Li Dong does not know if this happened in his previous life, when he was a student in his previous life, he did not pay too much attention to the changes in housing prices in Pingchuan. But in this life, Li Dong but a few more attention. House prices rise, affecting more than one industry, clothing, food, housing and transport is related to thousands of people, in the end, I am afraid there will be many industries will be affected. …… Yuanfang Building. Li Dong's office. The day after the rise in housing prices, Wu Shengnan found Li Dong. Wu Shengnan came today for the purpose of asking Li Dong's opinion, the price of housing rose or not? Although there are not many projects under Dongyu Real Estate, but there is still a community under construction. From the end of June to the beginning of construction, it is now almost three months. Three months, the community progress quickly, Wu Shengnan ready to start pre-sale in October. Golden nine silver ten, these months was the real estate industry's golden period, Wu Shengnan also want to take advantage of the east wind to earn a fortune. But Wu Shengnan price increase proposal just put forward, Li Dong waved his hand and said: "Other people's price increase is someone else's business, we will be according to the original price." Wu Shengnan frowned and said, "Mr. Li, is this necessary? Do not earn for nothing, and we are not the only one to raise prices." Li Dong did not think: "We are such a small community, or low-grade community, even if the price increase, how much more money can be made? The reputation of the far side is important or earn more money important? I don't want people to meet me in the future and point at me and call me a black-hearted businessman." Wu Shengnan considered for a while and thought it seemed a bit reasonable, but still said, "But everyone has increased, we do not increase, is this not a fight?" "It's okay, I've talked to those people before." Hearing Li Dong say so, Wu Shengnan also had to give up the idea of raising the price. As the two were talking, Shen Xi and Yuan Cheng Dao joined hands and came. As soon as Li Dong saw them, he smiled and said, "What's wrong today, they are all looking for me to talk about something?" Shen Xi was not in a very good mood, reluctantly nodded, did not say anything, and sat down directly at the side. Li Dong glanced at her, Shen Xi slightly shook her head and said, "Nothing, you guys talk first, we'll talk later."