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Chapter 482: Mouth is not what it seems

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! After sending Yuan Chengdao away, the atmosphere in the office eased up a lot. When Wu Shengnan saw Yuan Chengdao leave, he also hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, then I'll leave first." Li Dong nodded and said, "Go ahead, just do as I say." Wu Shengnan answered, greeted Shen Xi and turned around and left. When only Shen Xi and Li Dong were left in the office, Shen Xi whispered, "Angry?" "Not so much." Li Dong got up and stretched, smiled and said, "Don't think I'm so petty, it's just a clash of views, I'm not so public and private." Shen Xi gave him a white look and said, "You're just stingy." "Bullshit, where am I being stingy?" Li Dong grunted: "Yuan Chengdao wanted to make me a great man like Wang Shi and Ren Zhengfei, I didn't even tell him to get lost, and you call me stingy?" Shen Xi said with amusement, "What did Wang Shi and Ren Zhengfei do to piss you off?" "I didn't, I just lamented their greatness. If my own business is not named Li in the end, what's the point? Employees, I do not seem to have treated them poorly. High wages, high treatment, even equity dividends I have prepared, these people are not satisfied? People's hearts are not enough to swallow an elephant, why do they have to focus on my shares? The far side is bigger, if it is not Li Dong's far side, then I want so big far side why. Yuan Chengdao dares to ask for 5% this time, and 10% next time. A few times down the line, do I have to quit Yuanfang?" "And you say you're not stingy, it's just a program, didn't senior brother Yuan say he changed it? You are still staring at it, is it interesting? I found you particularly insecure, did senior brother Yuan sting you this time?" Li Dong frowned, "Who is insecure, do you think I am your woman?" Shen Xi gave a laugh and didn't snatch at him. After reassuring Li Dong a few words, Shen Xi continued, "Okay, don't be angry. In fact, senior brother Yuan's starting point is also for the good of the far side, after all, now large groups are doing so, can be used by others good program, that there must be his merits, you yourself go back and think about it." Li Dong rubbed his temples and said somewhat tiredly: "There are benefits for sure, but I can't get past this hurdle in my heart. You say I am conservative, selfish, I do not deny these. I just don't want to be an outsider to the company I worked so hard to create, but in the end, I, the founder, became an outsider. If I can't even make decisions in this mu and three parts of the company, then why do I need so much money?" Shen Xi nodded and didn't say anything more, walked behind Li Dong and gently helped him massage his head. Li Dong also did not refuse, closed his eyes to enjoy a moment before saying: "Before there is something to tell me? What is it?" "Nothing." "Hmm?" "There were some small things in front, but now it's fine." Li Dong suddenly opened his eyes, turned and looked up to stare at her and said, "When did you learn to lie?" Shen Xi laughed and said, "You're turning into a detective again, aren't you?" "Tell me, I know what's going on in my heart, is it the matter with Secretary Du?" "You know?" Li Dong smiled and did not answer, said: "Continue to give me press." Shen Xi gave him a blank look, but continued to press up. After a few moments, Li Dong said, "Secretary Du asked you to come to me?" "No, my father never talks to me about work matters." "Then what do you mean?" "Me? I don't mean anything, I know more about the situation in Yuanfang than you do, I'm just a little upset and want to talk to someone. Also, if my father is transferred, I'm thinking, should I follow along." Li Dong's head stiffened for a moment and slowly said, "Secretary Du is leaving?" Shen Xi lightly sighed: "Maybe. Jiangbei native department is too powerful to crowd my father, my father recently have a lot less talk, and if this continues, the possibility of his transfer away. My dad is not the kind of person who will die by fish, in the end, he will probably choose to take a step back." Li Dong frowned, Du Anmin to leave, this is not right ah. No one knows Du Anmin's development history better than he does, the old Du is clearly leaving at the end of next year, and still all the way up. But now listen to Shen Xi's meaning, Du Anmin is likely to lose Jiangbei. The officialdom is like a battlefield, if Du Anmin lost in Jiangbei, it is likely that there is no chance to turn around again. Has history changed? Or is it just a false alarm this time? Whether it is a false alarm or not, old Du is not thin to him, Li Dong thought about it and said, "Secretary Du's situation is really so difficult?" "More difficult than you think, you know, my father came to Jiangbei only in '04. At that time, he was appointed in danger, my father came when Jiangbei was in turmoil. To put it nicely, my father calmed the turmoil in Jiangbei, but in all conscience, my father is actually doing the job of offending people. In particular, the suppression of the native system of Jiangbei, so that my father was rejected by the Jiangbei officialdom. In the past two years, my father's situation has been better, there are also some like-minded friends and comrades, but that is based on the contraction of the power of the local system. Now almost three years have passed, the local system to build up their strength, and now they want the right to speak, will inevitably fight with my father them. This time, it is obvious that my father lost." Li Dong silent, in fact, Du Anmin defeated, he knows. Not now, but from the moment the housing market was closed, he knew that Du Anmin couldn't hold out. The entire Pingchuan housing market closed, this is not Yao Hong a few people can do! Without the support of government power, Yao Hong and they dare to do so? Can do so?