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Chapter 483: Two and a half billion dollars invest

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong wants to help Du Anmin a hand, but this matter is not a matter of whether he wants to, but whether Du Anmin needs. If Du Anmin does not need it, then Li Dong to make money and efforts instead of pleasing. This matter and can not directly ask Du Anmin, Shen Xi a layman can not see what things. Li Dong hesitated for a moment, and finally had to ask Wu Changguo for help. When Li Dong cornered the phone to tell the matter, Wu Changguo froze for a while before saying, "You do not do your business properly, this kind of thing you blindly stir up what?" Li Dong helplessly said, "Elder, I'm not blindly stirring, I have no choice, you know my situation." In the Jiangbei government and business circles, Li Dong and Du Anmin are tied together. If Du Anmin is unlucky, Li Dong will not fall well. Although Li Dong has long wanted to clear relations with the government, but this kind of thing can not be cleared overnight, at least so far, Li Dong can not be separated from the official support. Wu Changguo pondered for a moment, and only after a long time said, "If you really encounter trouble, you can talk to me about it." Li Dong look slightly stagnant, Wu Changguo this is a solicitation or really want to help themselves? Inhaling deeply, Li Dong's thoughts turned rapidly, and only after a while did he say, "Old master, thank you. But even if not for the sake of Secretary Du, I have to give her an explanation on Shen's side." Wu Changguo now understood Li Dong's meaning. Without continuing that topic, Wu Changguo thought about it and said, "If you really decide, then go ahead and do it, but let me remind you that all the consequences need to be borne by you." "I understand." Li Dong nodded his head, he understood the meaning of Wu Changguo's words. Likewise, since Wu Changguo said so, it means that Du Anmin is really in trouble, and suppressing the rise in housing prices can indeed give Du Anmin a boost. Hang up the phone, Li Dong rubbed his face hard. Suppressing the price of housing is not a simple matter of a single sentence, which involves too many things. After wandering around the office a few times, Li Dong shouted to the door, "Have Director Zhang Qing Zhang come over!" "Okay!" …… Five minutes later, Zhang Qing, director of the strategy department of Dongyu Real Estate, entered the office. Calling Zhang Qing to sit down, Li Dong opened the door and said, "Director Zhang, I have a few questions to consult you." Zhang Qing hurriedly said, "Please speak, Mr. Li." "Now the housing market in Pingchuan you also know well, Mengshen these few real estate companies closed, the price of housing up is inevitable. If, I said if, I want to restore the original house price, what is your good solution?" Zhang Qing was full of fog, subconsciously said, "Mr. Li, is it bad to have rising house prices?" For Dongyu Real Estate, they couldn't wait for the price to rise. Once the house price rises, they will have greater profits, so Li Dong's assumption seems a bit inexplicable to Zhang Qing. Li Dong frowned and said, "Forget about that for now, you answer me first." Zhang Qing saw Li Dong frowning, also do not care why Li Dong asked this, quickly said: "want to regulate the price of housing, the best way is naturally for the government to introduce policies to regulate ……" "Government side first, I say my private side, myself alone." "You yourself?" Zhang Qing was a little surprised, then said, "Mr. Li, if you want to suppress the price of housing, there are not many ways, the only feasible is probably to provide sufficient housing. Meet the buyer's market, let the buyer's market saturate, so that the price of housing will naturally come down." "Buyer's market saturation?" Li Dong murmured, then added, "What state can be considered saturated?" "Let me give you an example, last year the volume of property transactions in Pingchuan reached 60,000 units. Half of the time has passed this year, and now that Mr. Yao and the others are doing the closing, if we can provide 30,000 sets of properties, the market will naturally be saturated ……" "Thirty thousand sets!" Li Dong was a little surprised and said, "So many?" Zhang Qing laughed dryly, "Mr. Li, don't be anxious, I'm talking about the most extreme case. If we sell off a large number of properties now, Mr. Yao's closed market will not last long. Without a buyer's market, won't all their houses be smashed in their hands? So when we sell off nearly 10,000 sets of houses, Yao can't sit still and the collapse is a matter of time. Once the collapse effect is produced, there is no way to talk about sealing the market naturally, and after the reopening, because of the accumulation of a large number of properties, I am afraid that the house price will fall through our imagination." Only then did Li Dong breathe a sigh of relief and asked, "That means about 10,000 sets will be enough?" "Almost, the specific situation still depends on the situation, may not use so much may have a collapse effect. This time to participate in the closure is not all big real estate developers, some small and medium-sized real estate developers may not be willing to close the market. A large amount of money backlog, for them is to walk a tightrope. The good market is just, once the market is bad, these people are afraid that they will immediately retreat. Small and medium-sized real estate developers began to sell, the closure of the market will naturally end." Li Dong pondered, then asked, "That means if we have 10,000 sets of houses for sale, the collapse of housing prices is a sure thing?" "You could say that." "Then how many houses can we build with the two pieces of land in our hands, do you think?" "This is not very good to say, it depends on the planning of the community, the size of the housing area, and other parameters affecting ……" Li Dong interrupted: "You give me a rough figure on the line, the house on the average data of the current Pingchuan. " Zhang Qing nodded and said, "That's almost around eight thousand sets." "Eight thousand sets? Isn't our building area around 900,000 square meters?" "Mr. Li, this is the data on paper, the actual building area is not that big, around eight hundred thousand would be the top. So eight thousand sets, should be almost the limit." Zhang Qing said and whispered, "Of course, if we are like other real estate developers, then even building 10,000 sets is not too much of a problem." Li Dong glanced at him and understood what this guy meant. Now the real estate industry rules are not so big, the review is not so strict, beyond the scope of planning that is normal. For example, Li Dong's two pieces of land, the official data given is 900,000 square meters of floor space, but in the end exceeded a part, as long as the relationship is in place, it is not a big problem. Some places stipulate that only low-rise buildings can be built, but finally built small high-rise, as long as there is not much impact, acceptance is not too difficult. Of course, these are actually natural violations. But the domestic well, as long as you play a good game, the violation is not a violation, it is a matter of words. Li Dong shook his head and said, "Let's not talk about this, if we strictly follow the rules, then we can only build 8,000 houses on our side?" Zhang Qing nodded his head. Li Dong rubbed his head and thought: "Eight thousand sets of houses, do you think you can bring down the house price in Pingchuan?" Zhang Qing laughed: "If there are really eight thousand sets of houses, then the problem is not really big. But we can only think about it, where to get eight thousand sets of houses."