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Chapter 485 - The Turbulent Real Estate Industry

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Next, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe discussed a few more things, and finally Li Dong said, "So, I don't have to build that house?" Xu Shengzhe was surprised: "Why not build it?" Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "Nonsense, I need money to do it! Besides, Yao Hong and the others might collapse themselves, so why would I build a house?" Xu Shengzhe said, "You also said it is not certain, that the collapse is not certain. But if you add the stimulation of the eight thousand houses, that will be 100% of the collapse, not to mention the construction of the community is a profitable business, even according to the current price, that is also a big profit, money you do not earn?" "The key I have no money, build a hair ah." "No money!" Xu Shengzhe said, "You have taken the land, what money do you need? Don't tell me you can't even get tens of millions." "Tens of millions? Tens of millions you help me build a building!" Xu Shengzhe was about to collapse and said with a sad face, "I now wonder how you Yuanfang got big! You're not thinking of paying for the building yourself, are you?" Li Dong stared at him without making a sound, but his heart was a little weak. As soon as Xu Shengzhe saw his expression, he knew he was right, and said with a little laughter: "Do you understand the operation of capital or not! If real estate is doing this with you, it would have been finished. Let me tell you this, tens of millions of your two pieces of land can definitely be developed up. Building well, just materials and labor costs. The key is the cost of materials can only pay the first payment understand, labor is also the same, who is not a year on the site, a little conscience to send some living expenses, a little black-hearted living expenses are not sent. Material costs and project payments dragged a little, what money do you want? There are tens of millions of start-up capital, everything is enough. As for the land payment, it is even simpler, but just a little hand, when you get the advance payment will be able to return. If you trust me, I'll take care of it for you and pay a fee of ten million and interest, what do you think?" "That's two billion ……" "Two billion your head! Do you have to pre-sell the two pieces of land together, a ten days or so between, the money will come. Li Dong, I'm convinced of you." Xu Shengzhe sighed, his face was full of sadness, even people like Li Dong can get rich, there is no reason! Li Dong was a little embarrassed by his words, laughed dryly, "I've never done real estate, who knew you guys were so black-hearted." "Fuck you! You have no one under the hand to know, you did not ask? I say you do real estate, even these do not ask, why not do not do it." Li Dong glared at him and said, "What do you care about me, I can make money anyway." "You are lucky, otherwise you would have lost money to your grandmother's house." Xu Shengzhe despised for a while, and then said, "Forget it, I don't care how you run the company. Let's continue what we just talked about ……" "No more, I'll go first." "Don't ah!" Seeing Li Dong get up to leave, Xu Shengzhe hurriedly said, "Things have not yet finished discussing, what is the hurry to leave, you do not mess up." "Don't worry, I know what's in my heart." "It's strange to be at ease!" Xu Shengzhe muttered, pulled Li Dong down, whispered: "Do not rush, pull down that is not in a hurry, Secretary Du will not last a few months. Let's discuss how to make a big profit, this deal if done right, earn a billion is not difficult." Li Dong frowned and said, "One billion, you are sure?" "It depends on how we operate, if it works well, will Yao Hong their closed nine neighborhoods swallowed, that is 20,000 to 30,000 houses! The building area of at least two million square feet, even if a square earns a five hundred, one billion will be in hand. Even if you swallow half of it, earn a 400 or 500 million is just like playing." Li Dong did not expect this guy to be so big-hearted, thought about it and said, "Then how do you say?" Li Dong had to admit that in the mall Xu Shengzhe could mix better than him, this guy was a pro at playing with the bright and the dark. If alone, Li Dong really may not be able to play this guy Xu Shengzhe. But this can't be helped, Xu Shengzhe was born in such a family, and enjoys the top education, even the actual combat ability is richer than Li Dong, Li Dong can't fight him is normal. After listening to Xu Shengzhe's strategy, Li Dong had to say admiration, this guy is really not a good bird. After thinking about the feasibility of the strategy, Li Dong asked again, "Then I will spread the word now?" "No hurry first, wait until your site officially opened. And I have to prepare on my side, first find a few experts to blow the wind on TV and newspapers, and when the brewing is almost done, you will come out and say a few words, and then wait for them to enter the pit." "Then even if they collapse, we don't have that much money to take over ah." Xu Shengzhe pondered for a moment and nodded, "That's true, it seems to be necessary to find a few more people, not only for the money, but mainly to help us share the pressure. Although we are not afraid to join forces, but more than one carry the gun is also good, better than the pressure falls on our heads." Li Dong frowned: "This is not appropriate to find someone, right?" "Hu Ming, what do you think?" "Hu Ming ……" Li Dong's eyes flashed for a moment, Xu Shengzhe really will find someone. Hu Ming this guy but has a big back, and there is money, if he can help to cover the tank, the three join forces, the problem is not really big. And Li Dong want to take down that, also have to borrow Hu Ming brother-in-law's power, bring Hu Ming is not a big problem. After thinking for a while, Li Dong nodded and said, "Yes, but let's say in advance that I'll get the lion's share of the money earned this time." Xu Shengzhe laughed dryly: "Good brothers, talk about money hurt feelings, so, you share 40% ……" "Dream on you! Everything is my money and effort, you are responsible for the back of the yin, but also dare to share so much, unless you Long Hua with me to contribute." "Contribution is certain, expecting you alone, may not be able to succeed. Forty percent is not less, so, what you earn on your side goes to you alone, and what Yao Hong earns on their side, we will share according to the proportion of contribution, how about that?" Li Dong hesitated and nodded his head as a promise. Xu Shengzhe sighed with relief, Li Dong got up and said, "Then I'll go back first, the construction site should start as soon as possible, otherwise we won't be able to catch up." "Go ahead." Xu Shengzhe answered, finished suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said, "Don't rush, what about that money-making channel?" Li Dong said with a snort, "What money-making channels? Just a joke, you still take it seriously." After saying that, regardless of Xu Shengzhe's face, Li Dong hurriedly flashed away. Just kidding, how could he bring people in until the necessary juncture, the stock market is not his family opened. Enter the money more, may be out of what chaos, do not get to the end, Li Dong even their own capital to lose in.