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Chapter 486 - The Resounding Three

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Faraway Mansion. Li Dong, who was talking with Wu Shengnan, heard Wang Ming coming and said with some amusement: "This can't sit still?" Wu Shengnan also laughed: "Definitely anxious, after all, we have a lot of houses here. If we reduce the price, they must be anxious to die." "Just let them rush, now is not enough to rush." Li Dong laughed, rubbed his chin and said, "It seems that we have to let the wind out and rush them a bit." "The sound of the wind?" "Yes, do not see the market is talking about price reductions? You say, if I let the word out, the houses under construction in Dongyu Real Estate will be sold at a reduced price, the pre-sale period will be in three months, you say the housing market is not cold down?" Wu Shengnan froze for a moment and said, "Mr. Li, what do you mean?" "Didn't I say it all, lower the price." "Mr. Li, you can't spread this rumor, otherwise we will be scolded when our price is high later. Reputation is notorious, and then to redeem it will be a problem." "What do you mean by rumors, was ready to reduce the price, just ready to talk to you about it. Forget it, I'll see Wang Ming first and talk about this later." When Li Dong left the door, Wu Shengnan was shocked and said, "Really lower the price!" She previously thought that Li Dong was just joking, deliberately scaring Yao Hong and the others, but who knew that Li Dong was actually playing for real! Thinking of this Wu Shengnan brow immediately wrinkled up, Li Dong do so but the effort is not pleasing, not good enough to suffer a big loss. Then think of Shen Xi side, Wu Shengnan murmured: "This is not considered love of beauty not love rivers and mountains?" …… Li Dong did not bother to care what Wu Shengnan thought. Accompanying Wang Ming who has not seen for many days Kan half a day, Li Dong also did not say whether they are lowering or raising prices. But Li Dong did say a sentence, want to earn some pocket money to play. Wang Ming listened to this word and was relieved, and Li Dong chatted for a moment and left first. As soon as he left, Shen Xi went straight into the waiting room and said, "You want to lower the price?" Li Dong laughed: "What? Only now reacted?" Shen Xi frowned: "I know you are for me, but there is no need to do so, although I am very happy that you lowered the price, but you are now the helmsman of the company, more should be considered for the company. It's enough that you have this heart, don't mention the price cut anymore, it's not bad for us to earn a fortune by the wind." Li Dong cheerfully said: "Who said it is for you, I for making money understand." Shen Xi gave him a white look and snapped, "I mean it, there's really no need for this, businessmen should do what businessmen should do, some things are not something we can resist." "Don't worry, your face is not that big, I really do it to make money, said how you do not believe it." Shen Xi glared at him, no good: "Do not die duck mouth hard, I ……" Li Dong helplessly: "Well, well, I am for you okay, I am ready to single out the Pingchuan real estate sector for you, touched? " Shen Xi's face helpless, but a touch of touch in his eyes. Li Dong saw her look a little funny, for a long time before saying: "Really, you do not worry about me, I do so naturally have my reasons. You will know when it comes to the end, anyway, I will definitely not lose money, and the price of property in Pingchuan will not rise to that high." Seeing Li Dong say this several times, Shen Xi finally sobered up and said, "What do you want to do?" "Just wait and watch the show, don't ask first, ask and it won't work." Shen Xi's eyebrows gently knitted, whispered: "You do not mess around, my father is not as miserable as you think, he is at most just a transfer, and the level will not go down, you do not hitch yourself." "Got it." Li Dong waved his hand, looked at the time and said, "Okay, I still have things to do, let's talk later." "Li Dong ……" Before Shen Xi could finish, Li Dong happily flashed away. Seeing him running fast, Shen Xi had a sad face, this guy will not really be ready to lower the price. Before Li Dong did not move, she was eager to Li Dong to make some action out, at least to let her see Li Dong's importance to her. But really when Li Dong is ready to move, Shen Xi began to worry again. From the company's point of view, in fact, the best choice for Li Dong is to go with the trend, riding on the east wind of rising prices, Yuanfang can make at least several hundred million more than before. But Li Dong if you lower the price, not to mention offending people, the money is also a lot less to earn. Thinking of this Shen Xi some regret, they should not be so capricious, should have known that Li Dong this guy is more emotional than rational, but they also find him to say things. …… Lanshan Manor. Villa 8. This is Xu Shengzhe's villa in the manor, Li Dong is the first time to come over. When he arrived, Hu Ming had already arrived. After a few people greeted each other, Li Dong said, "Yao Hong had someone look for me, it seems that these guys guessed that I did it." Xu Shengzhe laughed: "There is no hurry, delay them for a few more days, wait for October 1, you will announce to the public that there will be no price increase on the far side, and 10,000 sets of houses will be pre-sold in accordance with the August price." "Ten thousand sets?" "Don't worry, you don't have enough I still have here, besides even if there are not 10,000 sets, people don't care, the main thing is to let the buyers in Pingchuan calm down."