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Chapter 487 - One Dollar Seconds

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! This side of Lanshan Manor, Li Dong has not come for some time. Just into the courtyard, Li Dong saw Wu Mei lying in the courtyard sunbathing with her stomach. As soon as he saw Li Dong, Wu Mei hurriedly had to get up. Li Dong hurriedly waved his hand and said, "You sit your, don't move, I'm scared to see." Wu Mei smiled shyly and then said, "Mr. Li, my body is a little heavy, Wang Jie won't let me go upstairs, so I'll sunbathe in the courtyard, so you'll laugh." "It's right not to go upstairs, you're about to give birth, it's not safe to climb up and down." Wu Mei laughed lightly, "It's still early, the due date is at the end of November." "It's only two months away, pay attention at this time." Li Dong said, and asked, "Those two girls didn't give you any trouble, right?" "No, Xiao Yu and Xiao Shi are so well behaved, I just want to have a daughter who knows how to behave like them." Li Dong smiled and said, "No, you'd better have a son, that guy Wang Jie is going crazy for a son." Li Dong was saying, just out of the door Wang Jie interjected: "Bullshit, I like both sons and daughters, you do not talk nonsense, who said I want a son crazy?" Said Wang Jie and said, "What have you been doing this time, not come for days, right?" Li Dong exhaled a foul breath and said, "Do not mention it, recently there are a lot of things, busy dizzy, this side is okay?" "Not bad, you're making a lot of money anyway." Wang Jie said with envy on his face, "In less than two months, your profit is more than 20%." "Two hundred million?" "Almost, the specific did not count, anyway, two hundred million should have, even if almost not much worse." Li Dong smiled with satisfaction, August into the market, now a few days short of October, profit almost two hundred million, indeed quite good. It seems that doubling 900 million should not be difficult, there is still a big wave of climax next year. Two people are chatting, inside the Tang Kuan crowd also heard the sound came out. Li Dong also did not enter the door, so he sat down with everyone outside and chatted a few words together. The second half of the stock market is a little better than the first half of the market, the broad market index recently rose quickly, but Tang Kuan is still a little worried: "Mr. Li, the broad market index rose too fast, recently said the big bear market may come, you see ……" Li Dong waved his hand and said. "Don't listen to those experts nonsense, you are also in this business, the words of experts is what you still do not understand?" To these experts, Li Dong now is a word of disbelief. These days the experts in the real estate sector in Pingchuan are still in a war of words, which side of the money these people take to which side to pour. Really believe in them, that die do not know how to die. Tang Kuan was a little embarrassed: "Experts' words we naturally did not take seriously, but the stock market is now rising too fast, I do have some weakness." "Heart back into the stomach, when to exit, you listen to me on." Tang Kuan several people nodded hastily at the words, and their hearts were slightly relieved. Li Dong himself said this is good, otherwise really suffered a big bear market, they can not afford to take the responsibility. Now the stock market is more than a billion dollars, a casual loss is tens of millions of dollars, who dare not be cautious. Several people chatted for a while, Tang Kuan they still have to keep an eye on the stock market, there is no time to talk to Li Dong more. When they went back to continue to busy, Wang Jie said: "Dongzi, the stock market is really no problem? Earned two hundred million, or see good." "It's okay, I have a number in mind." Seeing Li Dong said so, Wang Jie did not persuade, changed the subject: "By the way, recently nothing to do, on your mall. Immediately eleven, your mall also does not engage in an activity?" "Activity?" "Yes, people do Taobao activities, your mall is not as large as others, no activities who buy things in your mall." Li Dong rubbed his chin and said, "That's true, I forgot about this before." Speaking of activities, Li Dong's first thought is naturally "Double 11". But the "Double Eleven" is so hot, mainly Taobao hype, the preliminary promotion costs are not small. And not too practical for the current Far Eastern Mall, after all, the mall has not yet opened the national channel, even if you do this activity, it may not be able to do as well as Taobao. If Yuanfang did not do success, but let Taobao do it in advance, it is not capital enemy. People Ali's talent than far more, and Taobao scale is much larger than the far side, the same activity, the two do up completely different impact. Li Dong is not ready to grab customers with Taobao, not a quantum, in that case, some of the activities will be held back, save to help people increase their influence. "Double 11" is not urgent, after all, Taobao side has not been launched, late a year, and then do a certain size of the mall instead of better. Thinking about it, Li Dong Dong: "You say I do a 'dollar seconds' how?" Wang Jie full of confusion said: "What second kill?" "Is to spend a dollar, but snatch some high value things, such as computers, cell phones, home appliances ……"