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Chapter 488: Little mute, no father

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The Lanshan kindergarten and elementary school are actually right together, one right after the other. Both in the central location of the community, the geographical environment is very good. In addition to a good environment, the school's facilities and teachers are also top-notch. Mission Hill Manor, as the province's premier wealthy district, attaches far more importance to education than others. In the opinion of outsiders, the second generation of rich people are synonymous with playboy, in fact, this is a fallacy, the real situation is that the probability of the rich people's descendants out of the elite is much higher than those grassroots class. The real situation is that the rich offspring are far more likely to be elite than the grassroots. While the children of the poor are still helping their families with farm work, the children of the rich are already learning foreign languages, learning skills, socializing, and some are even getting into business. This non-contrasting distribution of educational resources has naturally caused polarization. Of course, what Li Dong wants to say is not this, he just lamented that the rich people are willing to invest in education. For example, the Lanshan Primary School and kindergarten in front of us, that really cost a lot of money. Other than that, the land area alone is scary enough, if the school is not built, Longhua can at least build ten more villas. Ten villas, according to the current price, almost worth hundreds of millions of dollars. But Longhua is not a loss, businessmen are not stupid, here built a school, in fact, Longhua earn more money instead. The villa is a one-time deal, the school is a long-term deal. And Lanshan Manor this side of the school fees are not expensive, several hundred students, a year income at least a few million. If this deal is done for a few decades, it is much more cost-effective than buying a house, at least in the end, the place is still Longhua's. Li Dong while walking, while thinking, he is not also built a school to play in the future? But he only thought about it, now Li Dong did not have this idea, school money is money, but sometimes also trouble, a security issue can be tossed Li Dong head. When Li Dong arrived at the entrance of the kindergarten, the school had not yet finished classes. Outside the door has come a lot of parents, of course, mainly nannies, business people do not always have time to pick up their children every day. Li Dong swept around and saw no acquaintances, so naturally there was no need to say hello to anyone. After waiting at the door for a few minutes, the bell rang. It didn't take long for the teachers to lead the children in a line toward the door. Li Dong saw the little stone from afar, the little girl walked with two short legs at the front of the line, looking at Li Dong straight happy. Little girl these days a good standard of living, growing more and more rounded, far from looking, fat girl looks particularly cute. Once the school gate opened, Li Dong waved at the little stone. The little girl also saw Li Dong, chubby face full of joy, waving his hands towards Li Dong, if not the teacher stopped, this girl would have run over. Li Dong waited for them to line up and the teacher to finish naming them before he went forward to pick up the fat girl. Just as he was about to walk away with the girl in his arms, the young female teacher said with an eager face, "Sir, are you the parent of Li Yu's child?" Li Dong nodded, the female teacher hurriedly said: "Do you think this is okay, before it has been Mr. Wang to pick up the child, you see if you are convenient, give Mr. Wang a phone call can?" Li Dong froze for a moment, and then apologized: "Sorry, it's my first time to pick up the children, I forgot about it. Thank you teacher, you are very responsible." The security of Lanshan Manor is actually doing well, but this part of the school seems to be a bit more strict. Li Dong did not pick up the children before, did not remember this, when the teacher mentioned, Li Dong knew that he was careless. But he is quite satisfied, the stricter the security the better, so he can also rest assured. After calling Wang Jie and having the female teacher talk to Wang Jie, the female teacher sighed in relief and said, "Sorry, Mr. Li, please understand." Li Dong smiled and said, "It's okay, I've been too busy before, and I didn't have time to pick up the children, so I've caused trouble for the teachers." "No trouble, no trouble." The female teacher laughed, "Little Li Yu is very well behaved, she is the most obedient in the class." The little stone in Li Dong's arms seemed to understand the teacher's meaning and grinned happily. Li Dong pinched her cheeks and said with a smile, "The little girl is still proud of herself, but the teacher is right, our stone has always been obedient." After boasting a few words, Li Dong and the female teacher chatted a few more words and was ready to leave, when he suddenly heard someone next to him shout, "Little mute, little mute, just crying, not talking, ugly, no father!" Just after the sound of this child's voice, around suddenly a few more people followed the recitation: "Little mute, little mute, light will cry, do not speak ……" Li Dong face brushed down, swept around a glance, Li Dong chided: "What nonsense, go home, go home, go home, go home. "What are you talking about, go home, what do children know!" The first to read the jingle of the little fat boy cheerfully said: "not go home, originally is a little dumb!" Li Dong frowned and said, "Who did you listen to, sister is just young, do not like to talk. Next time no more shouting, or I beat you believe it or not!" "Do not believe it, is the little mute, the teacher said she is a little mute!" "Teacher?" Li Dong's face was cold and frightening, and he turned his head to look at the female teacher who spoke to him before. The female teacher's face was white and she explained with a crying voice: "Mr. Li don't misunderstand, I never said such things." There are a few good people who can stay at Lanshan Manor, and this is not one of those migrant children's elementary school outside. She is an ordinary teacher, which dare to be misunderstood by Li Dong, no matter what Li Dong is doing, want to clean up her a kindergarten teacher or a simple matter. The little fatty also smiled and said: "Not Wang teacher said, it was Zhang teacher said, Zhang teacher also said, the little mute no father." Li Dong took a deep breath and glanced at the little stone, the little girl's face with a touch of aggravation. Li Dong touched her head without saying anything, after a while, Li Dong laughed: "Little stone do not listen to nonsense, who said you are mute, who said you do not have a father?" "Am I not your father? Also, you are just young and haven't learned to speak yet, when Little Stone is older he will be able to speak." "Liar, the teacher said the little mute has no father!" Li Dong's face suddenly became ugly, staring at the little fatty coldly said: "Go away, talk nonsense again believe me to get you killed!" Little fatty was scared by Li Dong, and then cried out. Li Dong frowned slightly, did not say anything else, at this time, a young man who had been holding his arm watching the show suddenly came over and pointed at Li Dong and cursed: "This is how you are a fucking parent? Bullying children is a sense of accomplishment, right, why don't we both practice?" "Daddy, he's scaring me! Dad, hit him, hit him!" The little fat boy next to him also yelled after him.