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Chapter 489 - The big show begins

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! "Misunderstanding?" Li Dong glanced at her and sneered, "As expected of a teacher, the use of words is really profound, a misunderstanding and everything is gone, right?" Li Dong grunted, slowed down his breath and said, "For the sake of your General Manager Xu, I don't want to bother with you, let this Zhang apologize to my daughter, and then say in front of everyone that he was wrong, and this matter will be settled." If passers-by shouted a few little mute, Li Dong will not necessarily be so concerned. But a teacher, in front of the student said another student is mute, and said she has no father, this is the teacher? Even if the student has physical defects, the teacher should be tolerant. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Besides, this is still the Lanshan Manor kindergarten, the teachers' strength is the first-class level in the province, the surnamed Zhang said this is not qualified. If this were in other places, Li Dong would have been a big slap in the face. But this is, after all, Long Hua's territory, Li Dong is not afraid of Long Hua, the key is that he just finished talking with Xu Shengzhe, now he smashed his field some inappropriate. Li Dong felt that the other party to apologize is considered forgiving, but the kindergarten line is frowning and did not say anything. After a while, the previously spoken Liu garden director only whispered: "Mr. Li, there are many people outside, why don't we go in and talk again?" In Liu's opinion, it is not impossible to apologize. But not in front of outsiders, a private apology is enough, we all have a step to get down. After all, she and Mr. Zhang just denied it, and then apologize, that is not a slap in the face? It is not a big problem to hit them in the face, after all, the residents of Lanshan Manor are not to be messed with. But Lanshan Kindergarten is not only a kindergarten, but also the face of Longhua. The manor has so many rich families, and not just because of the good environment, the manor's internal kindergarten and elementary school have added a lot of points to the manor. This time the kindergarten burst out of the teacher's discrimination against students, the impact is not just a teacher, but the reputation of the entire school, and even affect the reputation of the entire Longhua. In this case, a casual apology is certainly inappropriate. Looking at the growing number of onlookers, Director Liu continued: "Mr. Li, if you continue to make trouble now, there will be no result. And the impact on Li Yu's future education is also bad, why don't we go into the school and talk slowly, the school side will definitely give you an explanation." Li Dong said coldly: "What do you mean I'm making a scene? Did I make trouble? Education is not good, is this considered a threat to me?" Director Liu laughed dryly, and the security guard next to him said, "Mr. Li, let's talk inside. Even if you do not want to make trouble, but now has seriously interfered with the internal order of the estate, you continue to do so, I can only call the police." Li Dong's eyebrows jumped a little, forced to suppress the fire said: "You are determined that I want to make trouble? That is to say, this apology you are sure not to say?" The crowd did not say anything, but the meaning was clear. Apology, you can, but we need to talk in private. Now there are so many people watching, whether it is for the reputation of the group or to maintain the majesty of Longhua, definitely will not apologize in public. Several security guards had already secretly notified their superiors, and they would definitely not say anything else before the supervisors came. In the silence between the two sides, a lazy voice suddenly came from the crowd of spectators: "What are they doing here, not going back to dinner at night, watching what good show?" "All give way, watching the show without calling me, you also have the nerve." The crowd gave way to a channel after a few moments of fuss. Immediately after Xu Rulong crammed in with a young woman on his arm, and once he saw Li Dong, Xu Rulong laughed and said, "Feelings are the big boss Li singing, singing what a good show, and then sing." Li Dong frowned and swept him a glance, did not talk. Xu Rulong also did not care, beckoned towards the security guard and said, "Come here, talk to me, what is the situation?" When the security guard saw that it was the group's eldest son who had come, he was somewhat relieved and hurriedly went forward and whispered. Although Xu Rulong was dismissed from the group, but after all is the boss's son, the security guards do not care whether he is hanging in the group. Now on the field on Xu Rulong highest rank, things should naturally be left to him to deal with. Li Dong also did not interrupt, just stand aside and watch. After a while, when the security guards finished, Xu Rulong said in a strange way: "I thought it was a big deal, just a few mute calls, what's the fuss." Xu Rulong said, yawning, "Okay, let's forget about it, everyone is dispersed. Some people are used to finding fault, not a day to find fault is unbearable, why pay attention to him." Li Dong said with a cold face: "Xu Rulong, do you think you have a big face?" Xu Rulong lazily said: "I know if I have a big face, but some people always think they have a big face. What bullshit small things have to make a fuss, mute is mute, shouting a few times is still a crime? Apologize, apologize for what kind? There are so many mute and blind people on the street, I shouted a few times do people still find me trouble? You really think Pingchuan is your family?"