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Chapter 490: Don't provoke me!

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Xu Shengzhe phone calls all over the place, but also do not know where this guy Li Dong went in the end. The more Li Dong avoided him, Xu Shengzhe felt that the more big things would happen. At the same time, kindergarten Li Dong and Xu Rulong's conversation also spread inside Lanshan Manor. Many people are shaking their heads, this matter is certainly not over. Xu Rulong's little nine points many people can see, but people still think this guy thought too simple some. Li Dong if so according to the rules of the people, in Jiangbei's reputation will not have this stink. Yes, in the eyes of the business community, Li Dong's reputation is notorious. This guy is known for his vengeance, now in front of so many people was Xu Rulong hit his face, Li Dong will just put up with it? The more he did not explode on the spot, the more vicious this guy retaliated. It could be another chaos in the Jiangbei business community, many people are shaking their heads and sighing, hoping not to implicate them. In the time of speculation how Li Dong will retaliate, Lanshan Manor main gate, security guards looked at the rumble of more than a dozen bulldozers and shovels some dumbfounded. The security guards were about to ask if there was a project to be built inside the manor, when they saw that the front bulldozers did not even stop and rushed in directly through the gate. A few security guards froze, then yelled: "Something's wrong, stop them!" That's what they said, but it was a forklift and a bulldozer! Look at their unbridled attitude, who dares to stop them, this time work is not as important as life. What if they really pressed over, no one wants to die. Security guards a big mess, each one does not know what to do, as if headless flies like a scurry. And it so happens that this point back to the manor of some residents also look surprised, this is what happened? More than a dozen shovels and bulldozers, is the estate also ready to develop the second phase of the project? But look at the security guards that anxious look, can be some unlike, some curious, can not help but drive a small car to follow up. The roar of bulldozers and shovels is not small, and along the way attracted the attention of many residents. Some people look bewildered, some people look clearly behind the convoy followed by the Maybach but immediately reacted, then a face confused: "Shit, this is to play a real ah!" Xu Rulong that "flattened the kindergarten or flattened the villa" at that time many people have heard. But to be honest, no one took this statement seriously. I'm afraid that even Xu Rulong himself did not take it seriously, just deliberately flirting with Li Dong, but look at the direction of the current convoy, that is not exactly the direction of Xu Rulong's villa! Many people saw this situation, and hurriedly out of the house, hurried to Xu Rulong side. This is the big show of the year 06, Li Dong to really level Xu Rulong's villa, then this year really have a good show. …… convoy is still slowly moving forward. The vehicles and pedestrians following behind the caravan are getting more and more. Not long, the crowd saw Xu Shengzhe panting and ran over, Xu Shengzhe did not dare to directly stop the convoy, directly in front of Li Dong's Maybach. Once Li Dong's car stopped, Xu Shengzhe yelled: "Holy shit, you're crazy, playing for real! What's the benefit of pushing his villa? It's not Long Hua's bill, Li Dong, don't mess around, I'll apologize for him, okay? It's not good for anyone if you make a big deal out of it." The door of the Maybach was pushed open, Li Dong straightened his shirt and stepped out of the car, frowning: "This has nothing to do with you, so you should not get involved. If I don't convince Xu Rulong today, I'll take your name! Pushed his villa is nothing, don't worry, all his houses in Pingchuan I have people to smash, hotels and guesthouses I have also greeted. If he does not sleep on the street today, this matter is not over!" Xu Shengzhe said with a bitter smile on his face, "Old Li, take it easy, it's useless for you to do so brutally. My father's side can still live, and I have this ……" "If you dare to take him in, I even flattened your house! Your father's side, he can go! When the time comes, don't blame me for not giving your father face, hit my face, your father if he let him go back, I even your father there to flatten!" Xu Shengzhe wanted to say more, Li Dong glared: "If you do not let me out of this anger, next you do not blame me and your Long Hua bar! I'm young anyway, believe it or not, I'll gamble with the whole Yuanfang and you guys to see who will collapse first!" Li Dong's harsh words were released, what else could Xu Shengzhe say. After his face changed for a while, Xu Shengzhe said in anger: "You can make your own trouble! I don't care! I don't care! A group of reckless men, I know you all, I'm out of luck!" The onlookers saw Xu Shengzhe's furious appearance and held back their laughter. Xu Shengzhe is really right, Xu Rulong is known as the first playboy in Jiangbei, Li Dong is also notorious in Jiangbei. These two guys fought, Xu Shengzhe caught in the middle of not dying of anger is considered a great life. In the crowd discussion, the convoy stopped at the entrance of Xu Rulong villa. The head of the fleet hurriedly went to Li Dong and said: "Mr. Li ……" "Stop what, shovel!" The head of the fleet laughed dryly: "Inside people have not come out, or ……" "Do not care about these, that guy is not afraid of death to stay inside, afraid of death he will naturally come out by himself."