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Chapter 491 - Each has his own mind

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The fleet is still rumbling to work. Surrounded by a lot of people, but it is not a sound, we all quietly watching. Xu Rulong did not move, Li Dong also did not move. I do not know how long it took, Shen Xi appeared beside Li Dong, looking at a chaotic scene in front of him, Shen Xi said softly: "This thing is impulsive." Li Dong coldly snorted: "Impulsive? I'm not impulsive! Even if once, several times like this, give shame!" During the last auction, Xu Rulong cut him off three times in a row. Then Xu Shengzhe sent the pendant over, Li Dong gave Xu Shengzhe face and did not continue to take it seriously. But this time he did not bother, Xu Rulong as if he felt that he was bullying general, more and more excessive. Today's incident originally Li Dong is not prepared to make a big deal, apologize, a simple matter, a teacher, which comes so big face. But Xu Rulong is also sarcastic and mocking, Li Dong if you still so forget, then he next do not mix in Jiangbei. Just as the two spoke, an Audi slowly stopped by the villa. Many people's eyes are narrowed, this one actually came, it seems that there seems to be a big show next. Xu Jianghua stepped down from the Audi, first looked at the ruined villa, and then looked at the blue-faced Xu Rulong. The wrinkles at the corners of Xu Jianghua's eyes seemed to have increased instantly. Without looking at Xu Rulong, Xu Jianghua slowly walked up to Li Dong and said lightly, "Mr. Li, let's stop here, what do you think?" Li Dong narrowed his eyes and said, "Mr. Xu, I definitely have to give this face, but as I said before, let the Grand Duke sleep on the street for one night, what do you think?" Xu Jianghua frowned and said, "Killing is not enough, Mr. Li, why bother." "The Grand Duke has suffered too little, the jade clothed can not appreciate the hardships of the people, I am helping Mr. Xu to teach his son!" Xu Jianghua glanced at him, stared at him for about three or four seconds, did not speak again, waved his hand towards the people behind him. Several people who came with him hurriedly dragged Xu Rulong into the car, and Xu Jianghua stopped talking to Li Dong, got into the car and left. When people are gone, Li Dong also turned around to get into the car. Before reaching the car, a figure suddenly rushed out from the side. In Li Dong dazed, the other party gave himself a mouth, and then to the convenience of a smile: "Mr. Li, I blame my mouth, I have this old problem many people have scolded, but just did not change. This time I have learned a lesson, Mr. Li must not take it personally." Li Dong saw his cheeks were swollen, frowned slightly, then said: "Forget it, next time think more before you open your mouth." The young man hurriedly said, "Yes, yes, next time I'm sure to pay attention, I'm really sorry, I'll go back and teach my son a good lesson ……" "The child forget it, I Li Dong is not the kind of people who are not forgiving. " The young man slandered a few words in his heart, but his face was with a smile: "Yes, yes, Mr. Li said yes, thank you Mr. Li for being magnanimous." Li Dong looked at him, shook his head and went directly to the car. Shen Xi saw the situation also followed, and once the car left, the young man ran out of sight in a flash. …… car. Shen Xi was angry and funny: "This guy is thick-skinned enough, so many people's face, change others really can not do." "This is called knowledgeable! He squeezed me for a while, and scolded me, give yourself a mouth, do not hurt the tendons and bones, will not even be embarrassed. Who cares about him today? This is a smart person, or when I find the time, I will definitely not be finished with him!" Shen Xi laughed a few times, and then said, "Xu Rulong side?" Li Dong frowned, and only after a moment said, "Let's see, the harsh words are out, today Xu Jianghua must be hard with me, I will come to the real thing with him!" "It is not necessary, the far side now ……" "You do not care! I earn so much money, the company opened so big, is to let people look down on, is to let people bully! Otherwise I earn so much money what is the use? Xu Rulong this is not over, if Xu Jianghua really dare to bring people back, turn around Yao Hong side I do not care, the next few years I let Longhua a piece of land can not get!" Shen Xi wanted to say something, but finally did not say anything. If Li Dong is determined to stop Longhua from getting land at all costs, I'm afraid Longhua won't be able to get any land in the next few years. When the time comes to see the two of them fighting, other real estate developers are still happy to watch the show, if they fall into the well and then pound the mess, it is possible that Yuanfang and Longhua are going to end in tragedy. But Li Dong this person can not persuade, he is determined to do so, no one can persuade. Shen Xi sighed in his heart, only hope that Xu Jianghua think twice, or else the next two old and new richest people in Jiangbei I'm afraid there are no good results. …… that night, many people are concerned about Xu Rulong's whereabouts. They want to see, if Xu Rulong does not sleep on the street, Li Dong will not really continue to bulldoze Xu Jianghua's house? If it's true, then the second half of the year will be a war. But these people waiting to see the show was soon disappointed, Xu Rulong left Pingchuan overnight, no one knows where he went.