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Chapter 492 - Opening the National Channel

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Yao Hong and how they think, Li Dong now also have no time to care. He is indeed now focused on the mall above, this is from May since the launch, the mall's first large-scale activities. The night of the 29th, Li Dong opened a team meeting in the mall overnight. The meeting just started, as the main person in charge of the technical department Liu Hong said: "Li, Shen, now the main problem on one, the geographical restrictions should be canceled!" Liu Hong coughed lightly and continued, "These two days, once the campaign came out, the effect was better than we expected. But as soon as our geographical restrictions appeared, the Internet cursed a lot. Customer forums and customer service phone number were almost paralyzed, many people also threatened to sue us for geographical discrimination. The mainstream of e-commerce happens to be Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the first-tier cities, and now we exclude them, the impact is very bad. Many people have left messages saying that if this campaign does not cover them, later even if the mall enters these cities, they will also boycott the Yuanfang Mall." As soon as Liu Hong finished, someone else immediately took over and said, "The situation is similar to what Manager Liu said, and even a little more serious. Not only these uncovered users are dissatisfied, even the customers in the East China region within our coverage area are also dissatisfied." Li Dong frowned and said, "I can understand the dissatisfaction in other places, why are the customers in East China dissatisfied?" "The main problem is the house, many people say that it's unfair that we only limit the house to Pingchuan. They suggested that whoever grabbed a house, Far East could provide them with a property in the area." Li Dong was not good-natured: "One really salty eat carrot light worry! It's a question of whether you can get the house or not, and now you're thinking about it. Three hundred thousand in cash, this is not less, you want to buy a house to buy it yourself!" After saying this, Li Dong continued to ask Liu Hong: "Continue with the question just now, about the geographical restrictions, how do you consider?" Liu Hong was a bit embarrassed: "We naturally want to open the national channel, but there are many problems. If these problems are not solved, the opening of the national channel is not very useful at all, and may also undermine our overall goal, the loss is not worth the gain." "You tell us first, what are the difficulties, let's discuss and see if we can overcome them." If we can take advantage of this opportunity to open a nationwide mall channel, Li Dong is naturally happy to see. But the problem is that things are not so simple, if a simple sentence on the line, Li Dong also do not need to worry. Liu Hong organized the language before saying, "Opening a national channel, there are four main problems, these four problems are not solved, we can not achieve this goal in the short term." "Tell us briefly." "Good." Liu Hong nodded and then said, "First, the problem of the management team and the technical team. If the national channel is opened, with this point of our current technical staff and management personnel, they are simply too busy. The mall needs to be fully expanded, and personnel are in short supply. According to my estimation, we need to expand at least three times the size to be barely enough." Li Dong nodded slightly and asked Shen Xi, "If we recruit people now, how long will the break-in period take? How long will it take for the team to get on track?" Shen Xi replied, "At least a month, and that's if everything goes well. In fact trying to recruit so many professionals, a month is simply not enough, even if we spare no expense, according to my budget, within three months can grind successfully even if it is good." "Three months ……" Li Dong frowned, and did not say anything else, gesturing Liu Hong to continue. Liu Hong saw the situation and said: "Second, the transport problem. Not only is the express delivery, but also includes the storage problem, this aspect is not difficult, but the main thing is to invest a large amount of money. Third, the problem of after-sales. The mall sold out not only FMCG products, including home appliances and furniture, these things are normal, which requires us to have a nationwide after-sales service network. After-sales service is not good, the mall's reputation is notorious, that expansion may as well not expand. Fourth, and the most important point, the profit and loss problem. If you want to open a nationwide mall system, the initial investment is certainly less. And how the mall in other geographic acceptance, this no one can guarantee, once the performance is not good, we lose a lot of money. Maintain the express and after-sales, which are long-term investment, poor performance, I'm afraid that these investment costs are not recovered. The current reputation of the distant mall in the domestic range is not very big, in my opinion, the possibility of losing money in the early stage up to 90%." Li Dong gently knocked on the table and said: "courier, we can cooperate with other courier companies in the early stage, not necessarily Yuanfang's own courier. As for the storage, this I am not too anxious, no storage, in fact, is also a higher cost of transportation, this short-term I can still afford. The key is still after-sales ……" Speaking of after-sales, Li Dong frowned and thought for a while, and finally asked: "What do you say after-sales outsourcing? Outsourcing to a local company?" Shen Xi some disapproval said: "After-sales in my opinion is more important than the front-end service, outsiders can be trusted? Once there is a mistake, the whole far side is involved, Liu manager also said, the reputation is notorious, then spend as much money can not be repaired." "A short time out of the question is unlikely, right? As long as we do a good job of supervision, I think the probability of trouble is not high. And we are also laying out their own after-sales network, but this always takes time, before the completion of our after-sales network layout, outsourcing out low cost, but also saves us a lot of time, you think?" Shen Xi did not make a sound, Liu Hong is quite agreeable: "I have no opinion on this point, in fact, after-sales outsourcing is also the common choice of most e-commerce. Not only the e-commerce, many physical merchants also choose to outsource after-sales, supervision in place, the possibility of accidents is unlikely." Li Dong smiled and said, "As for the last point you said profit and loss problem, in my opinion is not a problem. The mall is not enough to make ends meet, which I have long anticipated, within three years, I did not even think about the mall profit. The front investment is for the future layout, now spend money, we can earn back sooner or later, so this will not have to consider." Shen Xi asked, "Then you mean to open a national channel?" Li Dong asked rhetorically, "What do you say?" "Me?" Shen Xi pondered for a moment and said, "I'm not opposed to it, but you have to be prepared for failure. Many things we can not keep up with, are given to outsiders, the probability of trouble is very high. Courier, storage, after-sales, these are given to outsiders, the mall supervision once the problem, the consequences will only be borne by us.