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Chapter 493 - The River and Lake to the Rescue

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! After buying the midnight snacks and distributing them to the staff, Li Dong harvested a large amount of gratitude. Whether this gratitude is sincere or perfunctory, Li Dong mood is very good anyway. After accompanying everyone to eat the midnight snack, Li Dong greeted Shen Xi and said, "It's getting late, I'll send you back." Shen Xi waved her hand and said, "You go back by yourself, I'll keep an eye on it for a while." "Do not worry, Liu Hong and the others on the line, let's go, otherwise by midnight, you go back alone I do not feel comfortable." See Li Dong said so, Shen Xi smiled, did not insist, cleaned up and Li Dong went downstairs. …… car soon arrived at the entrance of the provincial party committee compound. Shen Xi did not rush to get off, but asked: "My father should still be awake now, want to go to my house to sit?" Li Dong lost his smile and said, "Is that how you say it? Shouldn't it be that your father is already asleep and then invite me to go sit down?" Shen Xi angrily said, "Fuck you, what are you thinking. I mean seriously, you and my dad haven't seen each other for a while, you don't have any doubts to clear up?" "Yes, there is, but it is not necessary to meet. Now at this juncture, your father will not tell me the truth, I do not necessarily tell him the truth, are not telling the truth, and can not talk together, let's talk later." To Du Anmin, Li Dong is naturally full of doubts. For example, how can Du Anmin be forced into a corner? Although Du Anmin is not too strong in these two years, but also control the entire Jiangbei situation, he is such a big officer, so simple to be forced into a corner? And no signs in advance, in June Du Anmin also strongly adopted the logistics park plan. Even the logistics park involving tens of billions of investment Du Anmin can pass, it can be seen that this old man in the province is not weak, this is only how long, he fell out of the sinking ship? This is still the first point, the second is the legendary Jiangbei native system. Jiangbei native department exists or not? Is it someone else, or is it really a faction, this point Li Dong actually also hold a skeptical attitude. Others say so, it does not necessarily be true. At least one thing Li Dong has always been suspicious, that is, his two seniors, that can be the roots of the native Jiangbei officials. And these two people's political tendencies, Li Dong also have some understanding. The Minister Zhang is Du Anmin's people, and Wu Changguo, although not close to Du Anmin, but also holds a neutral attitude. These two are the representatives of the local department, they did not make a move, and who forced Du Anmin? Said the provincial government side forced, but the provincial government of that Li Dong actually have a certain understanding. This is also an outsider, not long before Du Anmin, has always been very low-key, now in Jiangbei almost nothing presence. Even if he took over the position of Du Anmin in the late stage, is also low-key mainly. At least in Li Dong's memory in his previous life, this one has been low-key to home, when the number one are not as wide as the second recognition. Such a low-profile figure, will be in the knowledge that after the party congress next year, Du Anmin may have to go, he may have to take over the situation will Du Anmin an army? Thinking about Li Dong are not quite reasonable, without these three, then what is the Jiangbei native system? All kinds of doubts entwined in Li Dong's mind, the more you think about it, the more suspicious. But Li Dong finally did not bother to think about it, no matter what in the end there are twists and turns, he has now come to this step, then continue to go on. Even if not for Du Anmin, earn some money to spend is also good. As for whether Du Anmin has any plans, plans will not be disrupted by their own, Li Dong also do not care, who let the old man pretend to be too much, even Shen Xi concealed. If not for Shen Xi looking for Li Dong, Li Dong would not have thought to intervene in this matter before. Now everything is ready, Li Dong does not want to stop, the old Du weighs himself, anyway, Li Dong now is not want to talk to him in depth. See Li Dong refused, Shen Xi also did not persuade. She is concerned, in fact, these days she also have some suspicions, but this is not good to ask Du Anmin directly. Originally she wanted to let Li Dong and Du Anmin talk to see if they could ask something. Now since Li Dong is not happy, Shen Xi also do not want to force him, and Li Dong said goodbye, Shen Xi will get off the car into the compound. ……9 30th. The last day of publicity for the spike, this time the publicity program has changed, the previous geographical restrictions were cancelled! Far Eastern cancelled the geographical restriction and the whole country shouted in favor. Although users in East China felt that Far Eastern's cancellation of the geographical restriction had diluted their probability of success in the spike, this dissatisfaction soon disappeared. Far Far Away increased its activities and increased the number of all the other one-dollar goods except houses, which also moved many people. For example, the original computer, which was only three units per day, was now increased to ten units per day. Although the number of participants has increased, but the probability of successful seconds is also greater, always better than before it seems. The mall's customer service is relieved, but the technicians are on standby. Tonight at 12 am, the number of people flooding into the mall will definitely skyrocket. Although the server or something far side to meet the conditions of a million people logged on at the same time, but the technical department had to be just in case, if the mall really crashed by then, tomorrow I'm afraid is a scolding. This side of the mall is on standby, Li Dong is also the same. Eleven o'clock in the morning, Liu Hong rushed to Li Dong's office ecstatic: "General Li, the total number of registrations reached one million!" Li Dong shook his fist vigorously and said excitedly, "Good! It's only been a few hours, that means we've added 200,000 registered users today?" "Yes!" Liu Hong laughed, "By the evening, the total number of users may reach one and a half million!" "Is the system okay? Can it withstand?" "No problem, the initial design is designed according to the scale of more than one million, theoretically can bear more than five million users online shopping at the same time." "That's good." Li Dong breathed a sigh of relief and said, "In addition, let the logistics side to get ready, the end of the seconds tonight, we have to be the fastest speed to deliver the goods to arrive. This is the time to test us, don't drop the chain in these few days, when the event is over, I will treat everyone well." Liu Hong answered and went downstairs satisfied. Soon after he left, Chen Ke entered the door and said, "Mr. Li, Mr. Xu is here." "Xu Shengzhe?"