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Chapter 494 old horse used to say good!

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! 11:30 pm. Although it is long after closing time, but this floor of the Yuanfang Building Mall is still brightly lit. The building is full of people, can not see that it is late at night. Tonight Li Dong also did not leave early. The first day of the second will begin in half an hour, at this time Li Dong does not personally watch, the heart is also a little uneasy. When Liu Hong entered the door, he smiled and said, "Mr. Li, Mr. Shen, the number of registered users has soared to 1.6 million!" "So fast!" Li Dong was a bit surprised, this increase was really enough. Before hitting the second campaign, the mall's registered users were only a half million, now it's almost tripled! One event, the growth of a million users, just three days, the rate of increase is really quite frightening. Shen Xi also smiled and said: "Very good, our next target is two million! When the results come out tomorrow, we will publicize it again, maybe we can reach this goal tomorrow!" Li Dong also laughed and said, "I hope so, it's best that we can break three million registered users after one golden week." Although Li Dong knows that this is unlikely, but still have a ray of hope. The current rate of increase so fast, mainly before the mall's user base is small, coupled with the opening of the national channel, up a million people Li Dong although unexpected, but not too much of a surprise. But the next also want to rise so fast, the hope is not much. Of course, it is not hopeless, after all, the campaign will last a week, and so there are actual results, publicity, registered users and then double is also possible. Seeing the two said happy, Liu Hong also laughed: "Then I also set a goal, before the end of this year we registered users break the 10 million mark!" Li Dong and Shen Xi looked at each other, this guy's appetite is broken the sky! Ten million registered users! He also really dare to think, Li Dong did not dare to think about this. Today, in addition to Taobao and eBay, there is no third domestic e-commerce platform with more than ten million registered users. And eBay is not considered a domestic e-commerce platform, plus the recent decline in eBay's performance, a large number of users lost, active users are fewer and fewer. If Yuanfang can really reach ten million registered users, active users may also exceed eBay, in one fell swoop to become the second largest online shopping mall in addition to Taobao. Li Dong smiled and said: "The wish is good, but we do not have to be overly ambitious. The development of the mall this year, to be honest, has greatly exceeded my expectations. When the mall was launched, I set the goal of reaching one million users by the end of the year, and now this goal has been achieved. Let's do this, I set a goal for everyone again, to reach five million users by the end of the year, we work towards this goal!" Five million users, that is, on the basis of the current increase of more than three million people, this goal is not difficult to say that it is not difficult to say that it is easy. If the mall can operate well in the later stages, maintaining the current trend, five million should be able to reach. But if the mall is in a bottleneck, late mistakes, five million is a luxury hope. Shen Xi and Liu Hong looked at each other, then both of them nodded and said, "Five million is still not difficult, don't worry, we will definitely complete this task." Li Dong laughed, looked at the time, got up and said, "Go, go to the backstage to take a look, the seconds will start soon, I'd like to see who the first house will be." Shen Xi two also followed and went out. …… eleven fifty-nine minutes, a red countdown section appeared on the mall page. Li Dong saw some itchy hands and said, "Give me also a computer to try, maybe grab the house is my own." The staff next to him burst into laughter, but immediately prepared a computer for Li Dong. Li Dong sat down, Shen Xi lying on the side watching, waiting for the countdown to enter the last ten seconds, Li Dong will be wildly clicked the mouse. Shen Xi saw the situation and laughed: "You can't, your hand speed is too slow." Li Dong did not have time to pay attention to her, continue to click the mouse. Waiting for the time to enter the last second, Li Dong just want to continue to click the mouse, the body of the phone suddenly vibrated. When he came back to his senses, the house's seconds had ended. Li Dong was speechless for a while, and seeing everyone holding their laughter, he said, "I'm giving others a chance to understand, or else I'll grab it, what will others grab." That said, Li Dong did not lose too much, picked up the phone to look at. As soon as he saw the caller number, Li Dong picked up and grunted: "Not sleeping in the middle of the night, why are you calling my phone?" "Brother Dong, is not your mall seconds? Is there a bug? I'm in a hurry, you tell me the bug, when I grab the house, I and you share?" "Damn you!" Li Dong cursed, angry and laughed: "Bug, you big head! The house has already been robbed, you know damn well to take shortcuts, but also to share half of me, where the brain long! Less bullshit, nothing to hang up, I'm busy." "In the middle of the night you are still busy? It won't be …… hey hey hey ……" Hearing Meng Qiping's lewd laughter, Li Dong was somewhat speechless: "Dirty-minded guy! I am now in the company, seconds just ended, I look at who grabbed the house, you do not harass me, later seconds computer, there are ten it, you grab yourself, no tug."