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Chapter 495: How about some face!

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows to read for free! October 1st, National Day. When Li Dong arrived at the company in the morning, he couldn't help but walk while having fun. If you know the inside story, even if you don't know the inside story, you are confused, Li is going out to pick up money? Because it is the National Day, some employees are on vacation, not many people stay, so Li Dong is happy, there is nothing to discuss. When Li Dong entered the office, just sat for a while, Liu Qi entered and said, "Mr. Li, the press conference is scheduled for 10 o'clock, do you want to prepare in advance?" "Don't forget to prepare red packets for the reporters who come, it's not easy to do this holiday season." "I'm ready." "That's good, by the way, the morning mall seconds anyone said?" Liu Qi nodded and said, "The Internet is talking about it, everyone is very curious about the house in the end by who won the second. There are also people who say it must be our internal staff won, Mr. Li, do you think you should dispel the rumors?" "No need, I'll talk about it later." "Mr. Li, who won the house, what luck." Liu Qi was a little envious. Although her salary and treatment were not low, but a house in Pingchuan was worth more than a year of her work. This is still the current salary, if it were before, three years would not be able to earn so much. Li Dong smiled and said: "You don't know?" Liu Qi some depressed said: "do not know ah, this morning I met with the people over the mall, asked a few questions, the results are not told me, and said confidential, I am speechless." "Hahaha, then I also confidential. Later on the launch you will know!" Liu Qi had a black face, handed over a document and said, "Mr. Li, this is the equity incentive program sent by Director Yuan last night, please take a look." Li Dong took it over and after reading a few times, he said, "Okay, that's it." Liu Qi frowned and thought: "Mr. Li, isn't this too perfunctory, Director Yuan spent a lot of effort." Li Dong laughed: "I know what you're saying, but I'm not being perfunctory, I actually know the program in general. The only thing that has changed is probably the cash shareholding plan. Since we have seen it once, there is no need to look at it in detail, Yuan Chengdao can still get an equity incentive program. If even this is not good, he also mixed so big name in vain." Liu Qi then nodded, she is now at least hanging a name of the office director, some things still have to do their duty. Seeing her standing still, Li Dong laughed: "What's wrong, there is still something?" "No, I just calculate how much money I can get this year to see if I can buy a house in Pingchuan this year." Li Dong couldn't help but be happy: "You really can, a big girl thinking about buying a house why, let your boyfriend buy is." Liu Qi proudly said: "Mr. Li, you don't understand, women actually need to be more self-reliant! I bought my own house, even if I get married later, I also have a status in the family, in-laws do not dare to bully me, and I now have a much higher salary than my boyfriend, so I do not need him to buy." "That's true." Li Dong first nodded, then helped to calculate: "Your annual salary is now 100,000, when the implementation of the equity incentive program, you get the dividend this year, I'm afraid not less than 200,000, which is 300,000. Three hundred thousand words, buy a house should be about the same." Said Li Dong and said: "But you are now in a hurry to buy a house why, and then wait, I may be ready to open a staff community, then if the implementation, you share a set of houses is not a big problem." Liu Qi's eyes lit up at the word: "Li, you want to build a staff community?" "There is this plan, if there is no accident, probably next year will start construction. If you are really anxious to buy a house, also wait, turn around the company should have a lot of houses, I will share a set to you." Liu Qi did not think much about it, and thought Li Dong was talking about the Binhe New Area and the two districts in the government affairs area. Hearing Li Dong said to help her stay a set of houses, Liu Qi immediately smiled with joy. The company's internal house, and then expensive not expensive to where, and according to Li Dong's character, nine out of ten will be sent for free. Liu Qi nodded happily, and accompanied Li Dong to chat for a while. Because there is a reporter to receive, Liu Qi did not stay longer, chatted for a while and then went out to prepare to go. …… 9:50, Li Dong headed to the conference room. Because it is not a formal press conference, Li Dong is not so solemn, when entering the door towards the dozen reporters greeted, Li Dong then said: "Everyone sit, a few simple chat, today trouble everyone." The reporters hastened to be polite, then someone reporter laughed and said, "Mr. Li, is there any happy event to announce today?" Li Dong glanced at him and thought: "I seem to know you, have we met before?" "We have met, Mr. Li, the last time in the Zhongtian International Building ……" he said Li Dong remembered, and laughed: "Since they are old acquaintances, then I will not be pretentious, polite words will not be said, finish before it's too late, finish before it's too late. Everyone go back to write the manuscript, write the end while the holiday break a few days."