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Chapter 496 - Private Petty Cash

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong broke the news of Ma Yun, reporters are feeling quite satisfied. Just when everyone thought the reception should almost be over, but listened to Li Dong suddenly said: "Recently about the house price debate in Pingchuan, we are all concerned about it, right?" The crowd froze for a moment, and then all eyes started to shine. Li Dong naturally will not say this for no reason, plus Dongyu real estate recently developed two large communities also have a lot of people concerned. As soon as Li Dong finished, a reporter immediately hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, we are naturally concerned about the price of housing, you said so, is it that Yuanfang will have any action in the near future?" "Mr. Li, I heard that Dongyu Real Estate, a subsidiary of Yuanfang, has been working overtime recently to build two large communities, is what you are going to say related to this?" "Mr. Li, can you reveal your personal attitude and that of the Yuanfang Group towards the rise in housing prices?" "……" The reporters asked a series of questions. Although Ma Yun's purchase of Yuanfang's property was explosive enough, it was only a lace-up news.  Regardless of whether Li Dong is in favor of rising house prices or not, the reporters simply trimmed, tomorrow the news on the front page headlines are not a big problem. Li Dong false pressed his hands, smilingly said: "Everyone first take it easy, we have time today, take your time, I will naturally tell you what to say." The crowd finally quieted down. After a while, Li Dong slowly said: "About the rising prices, my own attitude is actually irrelevant. But Far Eastern Group, as a well-known enterprise in Jiangbei, should be brave enough to take social responsibility ……" Li Dong said a few opening words, and the reporters did not interrupt in a hurry. When Li Dong finished the previous words and spoke again, everyone pricked up their ears. "In order to enable everyone to afford housing and live in new houses, Dongyu Real Estate, a subsidiary of Yuanfang, is now rapidly developing two large communities in the Government Affairs District and the future Binhe New District. The building area exceeds one million square meters and the number of houses exceeds 10,000 sets! And these new houses will be pre-sold within the next three months. The price of the pre-sale ……" see everyone prick up their ears to listen, Li Dong lightly smiled: "The price will be sold in accordance with the price of August in Pingchuan, the next three months, even if the price of Pingchuan rose more than double, the far side or this price! This is what I said, everyone can feel free to report, as long as it is not adulterated, who came to ask me is this word!" "Boom!" The meeting room clattered and chaos, the ear-splitting sound of chairs rubbing the ground kept coming. But at this moment, no one can care about this, the reporters are talking one after another. Immediately afterwards, someone asked loudly, "Mr. Li, are you telling the truth?" "Mr. Li, you said pre-sale in three months, can you determine the time?" "Mr. Li, the upward trend of house prices is the general trend, do you think Yuanfang can quell the rising house prices with its own power?" "……" The reporters were in a bit of a mess, and Liu Qi hurriedly went down to maintain order. After a few minutes, the crowd slowly calmed down, but the mood is still difficult to calm down. Li Dong waited for them to quiet down before slowly saying: "I don't expect to counterbalance the entire real estate industry with Yuanfang's own strength, which is unrealistic. I'm just doing what I can, the house price in Pingchuan is not low, now continue to pull up the house price, in fact, is to destroy the healthy development of the whole real estate industry. In order to correct this misconception, even if I earn less it doesn't matter, at least let everyone see our determination from afar!" "I know many people will say that I'm not self-conscious, and Yuanfang is not a big international consortium, so what makes it possible to curb property prices?" "Don't misunderstand this point, I am a businessman, and businessmen are naturally all about making money. But I earn all the money I should earn, through artificial means to pull up housing prices, this I do not agree. If the market says that the price of housing in Pingchuan should rise, it will rise, after all, prices have been rising in the past few years, the cost of building materials and labor prices have risen. In order to maintain profits, the appropriate increase in housing prices, although I do not want to see, but can only say that the general trend. But by sealing these means to pull up the price of housing, I Li Dong do not care for it." "Pop pop pop!" A round of applause rang out from the stage, regardless of whether the applause was from the heart, regardless of whether Li Dong said a set of words, but we have to say, Li Dong said this beautiful words. Yes, the price of housing rose, although we do not want to see, but the market is changing, price increases are acceptable to everyone. But the real estate developers through monopoly, closed, restrictive sale of property, to these means to force up the price of housing, we are very dissatisfied. Journalists are also people, they also want to buy a house. But the reporter's salary is not necessarily high, many journalists present have not yet bought a house, and now the price has risen so much, are these journalists not a little dissatisfied? Although many people here also helped to advocate the argument of rising housing prices, but that is to take the money to do the job, for others to eliminate the disaster only. Now Li Dong's far side to restore the original house prices, in line with the market prices, most people are extremely supportive. Regardless of whether to look at Li Dong, even if Li Dong finally lost, but everyone can see the sincerity of the far side. After a long applause, when the applause stopped, someone asked, "Mr. Li, the number of houses in Yuanfang is limited after all, is there any qualification restriction for pre-sale on your side? Or can everyone buy a house?" As soon as he asked, someone hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, can you tell us briefly? I'm going to get married next year, and my parents are helping to choose a wedding house. If you can buy a house from your side, I won't let my parents raise money everywhere."