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Chapter 497: Spending money like water

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong and Yuan Fang were once again on the front page of the news. This time, Yuanfang released several news, have caused many people hot discussion. Taobao's Ma Yun killed a house in the Yuanfang Mall, which set off an uproar inside and outside the industry. Many people didn't expect that Ma Yun, as the leading boss of the e-commerce business, would buy something in a rival mall. Although the current Yuanfang Mall is not large, perhaps not even put in Ma Yun's eyes. The company's main goal is to provide a better solution to the problem. Of course, most people in the industry can actually understand. After all, the second activity that Far Eastern Mall did this time was indeed quite good, very meaningful, and Ma Yun saw this activity and experienced it personally. The only surprise is probably that he grabbed the most prominent house in the Faraway Mall, a house that too many people are concerned about and can't be hidden. This also caused, once the report came out, the Yuanfang Mall registered users increased greatly. The original many Taobao users, once heard that even Ma Yun are in the Yuanfang Mall to participate in the seconds, was immediately hooked nature. Before many people still think that the Yuan Yuan second is just a gimmick, like those houses and other valuable items will certainly be internal. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its competitors. Since the house is real, how many people can resist the desire for a house in a provincial capital city these days? So it makes sense that a large number of new users would flock to the mall. While people from the provinces are concerned about the Yuanfang Mall, people from Pingchuan, and even people from Jiangbei, are concerned about the second message from the Yuanfang. Curb the rise of housing price! Many people were taken aback by the fact that Far Far Away was about to publicly pre-sell over 10,000 sets of properties, and that the price was still set at the August price, and that there would be no price increase within three months. The day the news came out, the phone numbers of Dongyu Real Estate and Yuanfang Group were almost bursting. Many people called to ask if the news was true, when the houses of Dongyu Real Estate could be reserved, and whether they could pay now? There were also a lot of people who went on a direct site visit, and the two sites in the government affairs district and the new riverfront area had at least a hundred more waves of people going to see the houses in one day. When these people finished looking, the phone calls from the far side became even hotter. Because these two sites are indeed very good, the government affairs district and the new riverfront area, although not considered the city center, but this place is more suitable for living. The environment is good, the traffic is good, plus the development potential is great, and it is not too far from the city center. And in the future, the subway line through, into the city time is also short, this immediately let a lot of people who were only prepared to buy a house in the city center moved their minds. And they can also see that the house in the distance is progressing quickly. This is not long after the start of construction, the foundation is almost complete, and when the pouring of the foundation is over, the house will probably be built within a year. As long as there are no problems with funding, that is, they can get the house in a year's time at the earliest. Now buy a new house, in addition to existing houses, pre-sale houses, a few years apart to take the house is normal, while the construction progress of the far side is faster than others by more than half, which makes many people moved. Of course, the most important point is the price of housing. In August, although the house price in Pingchuan is not low, but many people can still afford it, plus a comparison with the current price, almost 10% down. A set of house to buy down, that is to save tens of thousands of dollars, this strong sense of contrast, but also caused the far house has not been launched, the reason for the great fire. …… others are talking, tangled, busy, Li Dong naturally can not be idle. At this moment he is busier than anyone else. In the office, Wu Shengnan, Shen Xi, Liu Hong, Yuan Chengdao …… a large number of people have poured in, Li Dong hands and feet constantly approved the documents, but also had to respond to their questions. When Liu Hong again reported that the registered users reached two million two hundred thousand, Li Dong interrupted: "Manager Liu, you can go busy with your next less than three million four million these integers, you do not need to report. Report the good news once is joy, report more than my head." Liu Hong smiled sarcastically and whispered, "Mr. Li, then I'll leave after reporting the last thing." "What is it?" "Our server needs to be upgraded, there are too many people now, and I'm afraid it will cause a crowded user experience by then. We have to update the system ahead of time before people get to that level." "Then go ahead and do it, there's no need to report to me for such things, isn't Chief Shen here?" Next to Shen Xi depressed: "What is the use of talking to me, the key to upgrade the server is money, and I can not change the money, can only let him come to you." Li Dong said with a helpless face, "Okay, I know. Then upgrade, and upgrade me to the top at once, at least to meet the ten million people online shopping at the same time, you tell me directly, how much money to do?" "Thirty million!" Li Dong almost spit on him and rolled his eyes, "Why do you need so much money? What server is so expensive?" Liu Hong screamed: "Mr. Li, not only the server, but also the system needs to be renovated, the mall needs to be revamped, and some places need to be massively improved to meet the users to get the best experience. Thirty million is really not much, these things are supposed to burn money." Li Dong took a deep breath and said, "Thirty million is thirty million, you guys spend it sparingly. Back I will inject 100 million funds to the mall, this 100 million but I begged my grandparents to get, before the layout of the after-sales network, as well as the transport system to improve, are in this 100 million. The front promotion first put, wait for my hands to be more generous, now the promotion of money to save." Liu Hong nodded hastily, Li Dong waved his hand and sent him away. As soon as he left, Li Dong said to Yuan Chengdao: "Your side is talking about the equity incentive program, I agree, you hurry to implement. If there is a lack of people, let Liu Qi and Chen Ke cooperate with you, the members of the director's office you can call now. In addition ……" Li Dong said and glanced at Liu Qi: "Go and open the office next to General Manager Sun, from today onwards, Director Yuan will work in the headquarters, what is missing you all help Director Yuan prepare." Yuan Chengdao's eyes flickered for a moment without making a sound, Liu Qi hurriedly nodded and said, "Yes, Mr. Li." "Go on, in addition to some more important documents of the group for Director Yuan to see, at least to achieve a general understanding of the group's operational processes." "Okay!" When Li Dong finished, Shen Xi and Wu Shengnan several people showed a glance of congratulations to Yuan Chengdao. Li Dong opened the office next to Sun Tao, and also allowed him to call the members of the director's office, as well as let Yuan Chengdao understand the group's operation process, the meaning of this is very obvious.