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Chapter 498: Mantra

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Guanghe Group. Hu Wanlin heard the secretary say that Li Dong was waiting outside and was a little surprised, "How does he have time to come to me at this time?" After reading the newspaper in the morning, Hu Wanlin knew that Li Dong should be in trouble these days. Now this guy should be burnt out, how come he still has time to come to her to hang out? The new secretary didn't know if Hu Wanlin was asking her, but she still said softly, "Mr. Hu, do you still see Mr. Li?" Hu Wanlin gave her a white look, this silly girl asked a silly question. Li Dong has come to the door, can not see? Other than that, when Long Hua's Xu Jianghua did not see Li Dong was this guy's grudge for a while, her arm is not as thick as Xu Jianghua. I don't want to answer this boring question, Hu Wanlin got up and went straight out of the office. …… Li Dong smilingly followed Hu Wanlin into the office. When the secretary finished pouring tea out, Li Dong said slowly: "Hu Yue is not in?" Hu Wanlin laughed lightly: "Hu Yue is not my secretary now, the girl has grown up, always have to go out to experience to do." Li Dong laughed: "Still a girl, Hu Yue seems to be not much younger than you, right?" "Mr. Li, don't flatter me, that girl Hu Yue is still my niece by generation, I call her girl, I'm taking advantage of it, I'm old, I can't obey old age." "Mr. Hu is not old, this is the time when the flowers are at their most colorful." Hearing Li Dong flattering himself, Hu Wanlin said with a helpless face, "All right, Mr. Li, don't talk polite, you're not busy with Yao Hong and the others in the morning, come to see me for something?" Li Dong laughed, drank a mouthful of tea, and only after a while slowly said: "It's not a big deal, you help me to mortgage the shares of Hak Loong, I need money urgently now, interest or whatever, it does not matter, it is best to help me raise 100 million, Mr. Hu see how?" "One hundred million?" Hu Wanlin frowned, did not rush to reply. Li Dong saw the situation and said, "Is it difficult to raise one hundred million? But the market is good recently, the market value is also rising, one hundred million should not be far off, right?" Hu Wanlin shook his head and said, "It's not a matter of a hundred million, I've been in this business for so long, I still have this channel. But now you actually have to borrow money, is the pressure so great? Far side rumor is that the market value is more than ten billion, even a hundred million have to borrow? How not to find a bank?" "The bank time is too late, besides I don't want others to know about this, Mr. Hu should understand what I mean." Hu Wanlin thought about it, and then nodded. Li Dong mortgaged the shares of Keelong, indicating that he should have no cash flow on hand now. It is indeed not advisable to spread this matter outside, otherwise it will be troublesome if something happens. The company's shares have no trouble in this regard, at least now the shares are still hanging in Hu Wanlin's name, and outsiders will not associate it with Li Dong. Even if others know, others will think it is Hu Wanlin's own lack of money to borrow. The group is not as big as Yuanfang's stall, cash is not abundant, but there are no external debts. Even if it is exposed, Hu Wanlin is not afraid of anything. See Hu Wanlin nodded, Li Dong then smiled: "Then I'll trouble Mr. Hu, I need this money urgently, try to help me get it done quickly, and then I'll invite Mr. Hu to dinner to express my gratitude when I'm free." Hu Wanlin rolled her eyes and said, "Mr. Li, you've said this more than once, I've been waiting for you to have this meal for a long time." Li Dong gave a laugh and said, "Don't worry, I won't fool you this time, I'll definitely treat you to dinner when I'm done. That's all for now, I still have some things to do at the company, so I'll leave first." Hu Wanlin got up to see him off, all the way to the elevator door, waiting for the elevator, Hu Wanlin whispered: "Mr. Li, this time you can play a big game, Mr. Yao they are afraid that their lungs are angry today, you have no problem there?" "What can be the problem, only allow them to increase the price but not allow me to reduce the price? How much the house sells, this is my own freedom, Yao Hong they can not control me." "You know I don't mean that, Mr. Li, I advise you to think about it again, don't hurt the root for the sake of the moment." "Thank you for your concern, I've been thinking about this for a long time, it won't go wrong." Hu Wanlin saw him insist, did not say more, and finally hesitated before saying, "I am not rich in funds, of course, if Mr. Li really needs it, I can still put together a few tens of millions." "Thank you, but for the time being, I don't need it. It's easy to add flowers to the brocade, but hard to send charcoal in the snow, so I'm touched by Mr. Hu's words, whether they're true or not. Hu Wanlin said with a speechless face: "What is true or not, do not know the hearts of the people, forget it, you do not see my tens of millions is normal, anyway, you take it easy." Li Dong laughed for a while and waited for the elevator door to open before Li Dong arched his hand and said, "They say ******** Hu, this is really true!" Waiting for the elevator door to close, Hu Wanlin reacted, then lost his smile and cursed: "This bastard complimented people are so out of tune, how do I butcher the dog generation?" But after thinking about his previous business, Hu Wanlin shook his head and had to admit it. Loan sharks, even if they have been whitewashed, in the eyes of outsiders is not a good person. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. …… hoofed it back to the Faraway Building from the Light Group. Li Dong has not yet entered the door, halfway Chen Ke stopped him and said: "Mr. Li, Mr. Wang Ming Wang is here again, is now in the waiting room, still see?" Li Dong looked at the time, and then said: "Go to meet, he came quite quickly. This guy is now almost a royal errand boy, he and Wang Pengfei and their cooperation project and no residential housing, I do not know what they are involved in." Chen Ke can not reply, smiled and did not make a sound. Li Dong also did not want to hear anything from her, did not say more, turned around and walked towards the waiting room. As soon as Li Dong entered the door, Wang Ming said enthusiastically, "Mr. Li, busy, not disturbing you, right?" Li Dong waved his hand and laughed: "Sit down, why did Mr. Wang have time to come to my place if he didn't go out on the National Day holiday?" Wang Ming, with a bitter smile on his face, said dryly, "Mr. Li, why do you still come to this with me? You know why I'm here, it's not that I have to take the lead, I was forced to do so, everyone knows I'm familiar with you, so I had to come and ask a question. And that's not what you said last time." "Last time? What did I say last time?" Li Dong deliberately played dumb and said. Wang Ming was speechless, and only after a pause said, "Didn't you say you wanted to earn some pocket money last time? But you are now ……" "I am now making money ah. Do you think I can't make money from this project?" "No no ……"