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Chapter 499 - Pluck this tumor!

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Pingchuan. The housing price storm is still going on. Although the current house prices have not fallen down, but also did not rise again up. Before the two subdivisions of Dongyu Real Estate began to pre-sell, people who are ready to buy homes are waiting, even if Yao Hong and their efforts to advocate everywhere, the volume of property transactions are less and less every day. Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe they are not anxious, but Yao Hong these people are anxious. This time is actually the most simmering time, even if Li Dong now began to sell houses, but also better than so dragged. There are tens of thousands of houses of Dongyu real estate in hanging everyone's appetite, everyone wants to buy low-priced houses, who will buy high-priced houses? Even those who must buy a house in the city center are beginning to waver and want to continue to wait and see. Did not Li Dong say that Yuanfang will continue to develop real estate. Now, although the far side in the city center no neighborhood development, but wait, maybe Li Dong will develop it. A National Day holiday down, Yao Hong, these people have lost a large circle. Originally also prepared to take advantage of the holiday to go out and travel a few real estate developers, these days even drink water with fire, who are still in the mood to go out and travel. …… Skyy International Clubhouse. Several real estate developers have gloomy faces, one sullenly smoking a cigarette, no one at the table to speak. The club's female escorts, one by one, did not dare to speak, and behaved well on the side for several real estate tycoons to light cigarettes to catch the ashes. The silence lasted for a long time, just when the crowd was about to explode, Lu Zhanpeng suddenly gasped and said: "Mr. Yao, we can't drag on like this! If we continue, we will really give up all our efforts! Isn't Li Dong not paying attention to us? Then continue to have people put pressure on him! The government should do something, right? We're not just doing it for ourselves, we're doing it for the common good! Now that Li Dong is doing this, we're not the only ones losing out. Let them send someone to talk to Li Dong, I do not believe he is so bold, dare to recklessly work against us!" As soon as Lu Zhanpeng spoke, someone else took over: "Mr. Lu is right, Mr. Yao, even if Li is rampant, he is only a businessman! The rising housing prices are a national policy, he is going against the trend and is doomed to a bad end! The guy is not afraid of boiling water, and does not care if we suppress him. I know what this guy means, his Dongyu real estate is an empty shell! In addition to the two neighborhoods developed now, there is also a low-grade neighborhood under construction. Maybe he's not going to continue to get involved in the real estate industry after this vote, so naturally he doesn't care about us. But if the provincial government side, Li Dong still dare to continue to work against? His supermarkets get a lot of policy support from the provincial government every year, so if he angers the provincial government, he won't be afraid of being stuck?" "Yes!" "Mr. Yao, let the provincial government step in!" "……" listening to the noise coming from his ears, Yao Hong frowned tightly for a while before interrupting with a light cough: "Everyone stay calm." "How a little peace and quiet!" A smaller real estate developer in the crowd eagerly said, "Mr. Yao, when the market was closed, it was agreed that the profits would rise by at least 10 to 20 percent for six months! At that time, you promised with all your heart, otherwise I would not have participated in the closure! Now my community is closed, the capital flow is dragging there! If I could see hope, it would be fine, but now the price of housing is still unknown, and my contractors are starting to call for payment. If this goes on, I'm afraid that I'll go bankrupt before the closing is over!" Yao Hong said unhappily, "Mr. Zhang, it's not my decision to participate in the closure! When we all cooperated at the beginning, we were all in favor of it. What do you mean by that now, if you go bankrupt, you still have to blame me?" "Mr. Yao, what do you mean?" "I don't mean anything." "……" The two topped a few sentences, and the people next to them hurriedly persuaded up. Lu Zhanpeng waved his hand and said, "Everyone take it easy, Mr. Zhang, you are not the only one who is in trouble. Now at this juncture, we are not easy. But you do not rush, this is just the beginning of our internal chaos, then how to fight with Li Dong continue? He didn't do anything, just a few words in the newspaper, and we're in chaos, isn't this a joke to others?" Another person also nodded and said, "Mr. Lu's words are right. It is still early to talk about the price of housing, before the sale of Li Dong's house, the market is still very short of housing. People who buy houses are not buying now and are waiting for the two neighborhoods of Li Dong to start pre-sales. But can Li Dong's house really meet the market demand? And don't worry too much, you say now if Li Dong's house can't be pre-sold within three months, then what will be the result? By then, without our help, Li Dong will be torn to pieces by the angry buyers! Not only Yuanfang Real Estate, this guy is afraid to suffer a big loss, then even Yuanfang Supermarket may not be able to keep!" When these words came out, Mr. Yao raised his eyebrows and said, "Mr. Wu, what do you mean by that?" The middle-aged man called Mr. Wu coldly snorted, "Li Dong won't let us have an easy time, so we naturally can't let him have an easy time either! Let's do a two-pronged approach, on the one hand, let the provincial government put pressure on Yuanfang. On the other hand, we all use our own contacts! We've been in the real estate business for so many years, can't we even clean up a new kid? Li Dong does not have so much money to spend on real estate development, I have inquired, this guy is now short of funds, simply can not get the funds to develop the property. And his two sites on the engineering and engineering team, most of our old acquaintances. You think if we go to persuade a few words, let them cut off the supply of materials Li Dong how?