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Chapter 500 No one should treat anyone as a fool

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Faraway Mansion. When Li Dong hung up the phone, his face began to look serious. Yuan Chengdao, who had previously reported the equity incentive program, saw this and whispered, "Mr. Li, is it about the company?" Li Dong rubbed his cheeks and took a deep breath before saying, "It's Yao Hong and those guys, these guys are not idle and are discussing how to deal with me." Yuan Chengdao's face became serious and looked at Li Dong, with a suspicious look in his eyes. Li Dong did not hide him, said: "Yao Hong and his people are ready to give us a kettle of fish! The supermarket will probably launch an offensive against us in the near future, and on the other hand, there will probably be problems at the construction site." Yuan Chengdao's face became more and more serious, his brow furrowed and said, "Mr. Li, can you tell me about your plan now? If Hak Loong launches an offensive against us now, the supermarket system is bound to have problems! If there is another problem with the site, we will be in big trouble!" Li Dong exhaled a foul breath, closed his eyes and began to ponder. After a long time, Li Dong said: "Plans can't catch up with changes, and even a good plan may not always work out the way we planned. Before I and Xu Shengzhe and they discussed, ready at the critical moment in the bank and material suppliers card Yao Hong them a little, so that their capital chain into a break! I didn't expect these guys to turn the tables on me and hit my capital chain instead." Li Dong did not say some key points, in fact, he and Xu Shengzhe, the most important part of their discussions is the fall of the provincial government. Taking advantage of the chaos caused by the fall of that one, Xu Shengzhe and Hu Ming used their own network of contacts to get banks and suppliers to collect debts at the same time. And before that, they will use the house in the hands of Li Dong empty Yao Hong their working capital. By then, Yao Hong, who lacked liquidity, would be in big trouble. In addition, Li Dong has been advocating the decline in housing prices, Yao Hong, they simply can not sell houses to fill this deficit in the short term. At that time, Longhua and Yuanfang join hands, internal and Lu Zhanpeng to help blow the wind, Yuanfang and Longhua and Nanrui three groups can take advantage of the opportunity to take over the property in their hands. The plan is good, if everything goes well, Li Dong and their success is still very likely. After all, the province is too late to rescue, Yao Hong they can only choose to save themselves. And in the Jiangbei region, the three groups in the Far East joined forces, other companies will have to weigh the support Yao Hong and these people. But I did not expect Li Dong their plan has just begun, Yao Hong they have actually played the attention of the far side. The Dong Yu property alone is not enough, these guys actually want to annex the supermarket, the appetite is really not small. Although Li Dong said unclear, but Yuan Chengdao still roughly understand what he meant. Staring at his eyebrows and thinking for a moment, Yuan Chengdao said softly, "Mr. Li, can I ask how much liquidity the group has in the end?" Although as the prepared helmsman of Far Eastern, Yuan Chengdao already had access to many of Far Eastern's businesses. However, as long as Li Dong had not been officially appointed, he was only a branch director, so he could not be involved in many things. For example, the secret of how much liquidity Yuanfang has is not clear to most people, except for a few senior executives. Li Dong gently knocked on the table, and only after a while said, "The supermarket still has a reserve of 100 million, in addition, I still have 100 million in my private hands, but this 100 million, 50 million of which will be invested in the next phase of construction of Dongyu Real Estate, so the group can now use only 50 million." "Fifty million!" Yuan Chengdao is a bit dumbfounded, or simply can not believe! Such a large group with so many employees, but the liquidity is only 50 million? To know that the staff of Yuanfang now has nearly 10,000 people, the monthly expenses are nearly 30 million! And Li Dong surprisingly only left 50 million liquidity, as for the supermarket of the 100 million, at present certainly can not be used. Such a large supermarket system, whether it is the supplier's payment or shopping coupons reserve, if this one hundred million is moved, it will be a big problem. Yuan Chengdao felt his guts were trembling, he used to think he was always a bold person. But now compared to Li Dong, he knows that he can only be considered a small fuss at best. Bold? Who has Li Dong bold! The company now has no money, but this guy is still so crazy. Another mall expansion, another supermarket expansion, and logistics and real estate companies, are also expanding. These are all money burning business, Li Dong not much money on hand, but still dare to crazy expansion, this kind of person is really too cow! Yuan Chengdao took a few deep breaths, calmed the trembling in his heart, and said softly only after a long time: "Mr. Li, 50 million can only be described as a drop in the bucket. And this 50 million can not be used, the company has to spend next month, the supermarket's recent profit is not as good as before. With the supermarket's profitability limited, we must keep the $50 million just in case. But I heard your meaning, now Yao Hong and they are ready to double the line of attack on us, this is a big trouble. The site is now a million stop, the supermarket must also be ready to fight with the blood of the customer, next month, I'm afraid that the profit will decline significantly.