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Chapter 501 Anti-acquisition

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Xu Shengzhe did not reply, Li Dong is not in a hurry. See Hu Ming hiding on the side watching the show, Li Dong lightly smiled and said: "General Hu, Nanrui family is big, Yao Hong and they join hands to suppress me, I am now also difficult. Look, does Nanrui give a little support to Yuanfang in terms of supermarkets?" Hu Ming laughed and said, "Mr. Li, Nanrui has little business in the retail industry, you are not making it difficult for me. And Nanrui is also difficult now, this …… "Li Dong said:" business, Yuanfang still have the confidence to beat the customer Long, but do not need the support of Mr. Hu. But the main thing is the funding ……" Hu Ming smiled bitterly, he knew this guy would definitely mention money. After pondering a little, Hu Ming looked at Xu Shengzhe, then smiled and said: "Well, this is not a big problem. Too much money I can not help, but one or two hundred million, I can still put together." Li Dong also smiled and said, "Mr. Hu, how about this, I take my 300,000 shares of Baidu stock and you borrow 500 million? The interest is calculated! This five hundred million, I will not use too long, at most six months, when boil until the property began to pre-sale, I will pay you back." "Mr. Li, this ……" "Mr. Hu, five hundred million only, can't you trust me, Li Dong? And now Baidu stock has gone up a lot, if you can't trust me, when it expires, these 300,000 shares of Baidu stock will be yours! Five hundred million may be a bit difficult, but three or four hundred million is still worth it. Even if Yuanfang is bankrupt, I still have Li Dong, one or two hundred million, can I not afford to pay back Li Dong?" Seeing that Li Dong has said this, Hu Ming had to grit his teeth and said, "I can lend 500 million to Mr. Li, but half a year is really too long, I can't afford to delay. Did not Mr. Li say? The house pre-sale will have money, how about three months? As for the interest rate, Mr. Li said this is to hit me in the face, a few months temporary borrowing, Mr. Li can not mention the matter of interest again." Li Dong let out a laugh and nodded: "Okay, then thank you, Mr. Hu, three months, three months!" He knew this guy's meaning, five hundred million is not a small amount, this guy is also ready to take over Yao Hong's property by then. If the five hundred million less, but a lot less money. If only borrowed for three months, it is not a big problem, three months later is exactly when Li Dong they launched, the five hundred million into the takeover, may also be able to earn a couple of hundred million. Understand, Li Dong did not break it down. Hu Ming can promise to lend him five hundred million, Li Dong has been very satisfied. If Xu Shengzhe can help solve the trouble on the site, then he has an additional 500 million in his hands to use the funds. With these five hundred million, Li Dong could completely swallow the Keelung Group. He now has a 15% stake in Hakkasan, and Munshen Real Estate's shareholding in Hakkasan is only 40%. In addition, a major shareholder of Hakkasan, Dahe Group, holding 25%, as long as Li Dong take the shares in the hands of Dahe, and then take the shares in the hands of several small shareholders, can completely squeeze out Munshen, directly into the Hakkasan. But this matter still depends on Xu Shengzhe, if Xu Shengzhe does not promise to help, then the five hundred million Li Dong will have to invest in real estate projects. The stock market money Li Dong will not be used until the last moment, this time is the stock market outbreak, once withdrawn, that is the loss of several hundred million. Li Dong then rich, but also not generous to a few hundred million do not care. Seeing Li Dong staring at himself, Hu Ming also looked like watching the show, Xu Shengzhe teeth are almost clenched, for a long time before grunting: "Old Li, Mr. Hu has borrowed five hundred million, are you still not enough?" Li Dong snorted: "Five hundred million is ready to use to defend against the attack of Hakone, old Xu, I really have no choice. You know, Yuanfang is very poor now, if I had a little solution, I would not come to you for help. I know that your father hates me, and your shareholders in Longhua do not necessarily like me. But when I think about it, I have a good relationship with your old Xu, so if you don't help me in this crisis, who else can?" Xu Shengzhe was about to vomit and hurriedly interrupted, "Come on, don't give me that. Old Li, I know what you're thinking, you just don't want to suffer, you just want to take advantage of it. I'm not a fool, when the Swiss side, and the Shen Group side of the news …… nearly a billion dollars, you told me that there is no money ……" see Li Dong glare at himself, Xu Shengzhe no good said: "Do not stare at me, you and the Shen Group side of the news …… nearly a billion dollars. "Do not stare at me, you pretend with me, if I do not break you, you will certainly come back to this set! I'm afraid of you this time, I tell you, this is the last time, or we part ways! Business is business, personal friendship is personal, you do this, we just lose, who will partner with you!" Li Dong coughed dryly and said, "Then it's the last time, and you're not losing anything, just a few greetings, and do not let you pay a dime. Look at Mr. Hu, how atmospheric, five hundred million said to borrow on the loan, but not you so calculating." Xu Shengzhe speechless, Hu Ming also full of bitter smile said: "Li, if I knew you still have more than a billion of liquidity on hand, I would not have said that earlier." Saying so, Hu Ming but also did not regret the meaning. And the heart is even more relieved, now it seems that Li Dong this guy still has the strength. More than one billion liquidity, Xu Shengzhe if not, outsiders are afraid that really do not know. This guy cries poor every day, Hu Ming took it seriously before, and now it seems that among these three people, he is probably the most pure. And that said, on assets alone, he may be the least. Of course, this is to specify the surface, Hu Ming business done for so many years, if really on the surface of the money, where to 500 million to borrow Li Dong.