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Chapter 502 - School District Housing

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong was on his way back to Yuanfang Mansion when he received a call from Qin Yuhan. National Day holiday, Qin Yuhan did not come back. Since Hu Xiaorui went to the capital, the two women began to discuss the matter of opening a branch. Because of the sweet taste in Pingchuan pedestrian street, the two women finally found a business opportunity, it turns out that students are not the consumer group of the dessert house, the real consumer group but those who come out together to shop for a small couple. This great discovery made Qin Yuhan know that she had gone into a misunderstanding. This is not the case, now Qin Yuhan called Li Dong to consult how effective it is to open a dessert house in Wudaokou. As soon as he heard the name Wudaokou, Li Dong subconsciously thought of the sky-high school district house. Then he asked, "How much is the price of the house in Wudaokou?" Qin Yuhan froze for a moment before saying, "Xiao Rui and I discussed renting a room, not ready to buy a house, the capital's facade house is too expensive ……" Li Dong coughed dryly and interrupted, "I'm not talking about the facade house, I mean the residential house. " "Residential house?" "Yes, isn't there more famous schools near Wudaokou? I heard that the opening price of the property there is only five or six thousand, is it true?" Qin Yuhan said funny: "You are talking about when the old calendar, now the vicinity of the five road mouth, the opening price of the property must be at least eight thousand. This is still the location is not very good, the location is better, the opening price are between 12,000 to 15,000." "Up so much ……" Li Dong murmured, but think about it, even the better property opening price of this side of Pingchuan has reached five or six thousand, the capital is the imperial capital, up to more than 10,000 seems to be quite normal. Qin Yuhan on the other side of the phone seems to have thought of something, some surprise: "You are not going to come to the capital to develop it, if you come to the capital to develop real estate, but a lot of trouble, I heard my classmates say ……" not waiting for Qin Yuhan finished, Li Dong lost his smile and said. "What are you thinking about, I do not have that energy. The capital is a tiger's den, and I don't like the capital, so I might as well go to Shanghai." Qin Yuhan steeply silent. Li Dong scratched his head, did he say something not very good? After all, Qin Yuhan went to college in the capital, and must have considered staying in the capital before, that also means Qin Yuhan's impression of the capital is still good. But what Li Dong said is not a lie, he does not like the capital. As a southerner, the northern kind of climate he really can not get used to. Plus the sand and haze in the capital, between Shanghai and the capital, Li Dong obviously prefers Shanghai. After a few moments of silence, Li Dong broke the silence and said: "Let's not talk about that, aren't you going to open a branch recently? Wudaokou is quite good, you then help me see if there is a suitable school district house for sale nearby, if so, you buy a set first." The concept of school district housing has actually come out for a long time, but in '06, school district housing was not too much attention. At this time there was a lot of co-op cooperation, plus it was easy to get connections, and those prestigious schools were not that hard to get into. The actual price of the school district house at this time is a bit higher, but the price is not too scary compared to the same time. Hearing that Li Dong wants to buy a school district house, Qin Yuhan is a bit dazed. This guy's thinking shifted too quickly, before saying he didn't like the capital, and now he said he wanted to buy a house, Qin Yuhan was a little confused by him. After a pause, Qin Yuhan said, "Why are you buying a house?" "Don't you want to open a branch in Wudaokou? Although Wudaokou is closer to Beijing University, it is not convenient to come and go, and you are already a junior, you do not have to go back to the dormitory all day. If you don't want to go back to the dormitory, you can have a place to rest." Qin Yuhan hurriedly said, "No, don't waste this money. It's a waste to buy a house, just a little more walking. Besides, when I graduate from college, I'll definitely have to go back to Pingchuan, so it's not good to leave the house empty." "Buy it first, the house is cheap at this time. Even if you do not live, as an investment can be. Now the price of housing is only 10,000, wait a few more years, a few times is not difficult." Qin Yuhan stammered when she heard it: "You really dare to think, this is more than 10,000, doubling a few times is not fifty to sixty thousand. Fifty to sixty thousand a flat house, who will buy?" Li Dong laughed: "Fifty to sixty thousand and no one will buy it? Is there no 50,000 to 60,000 square feet house in the capital now? Some commercial areas, the front house unit price of one hundred thousand a flat have it." "That is the front house ……" "All the same, do not believe you see it, in a few years, the school district housing is not cheaper than the front house. The five or six million is nothing, higher are there." "Say it like it's true, I don't really believe it anyway." The two pulled for a while before Qin Yuhan said, "Okay, then I'll help you look at it, but I don't think it's necessary to buy a house, it's too wasteful." "You look at it first, buy it or not, wait until I go to the capital next time." Li Dong has not been to the capital for a while, Qin Yuhan National Day back, and then back again is afraid of winter holidays. Girlfriend is in the capital, Li Dong can not not go to see. Now this period of time is relatively busy also forget, and so leisure, Li Dong definitely still want to go over.