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Chapter 503: You can't be defensive of others

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Faraway Building. In the office, Li Dong rubbed his temples, these days he felt really tired. When he was working in his previous life, he was not happy to work overtime on vacation, but he did not expect to be rich in this life, but busy than in his previous life, more tired. When employees still have a break, but when the boss, especially the boss of a new business, rest time is really not much. Especially now, the far side is inseparable, or Li Dong really want to be a hands-off boss and forget about it. Was rubbing his temples, the office door was knocked again. Li Dong's voice was slightly hoarse and said, "Come in." Liu Qi came in with a pile of documents, and seeing Li Dong's tired face, he said softly: "Mr. Li, if you are not feeling well, you should take a rest. These days you are too tired, the body is the capital of the revolution, Director Yuan has now begun to contact the group business, some things can be completely left to Director Yuan to handle." Li Dong picked up a cup of tea and drank a mouthful of strong tea to refresh himself, exhaled before saying, "I know, but this is an extraordinary time, Yuan Chengdao just took over these do not quite understand. After this period, I will give myself a long vacation, then you want me to manage I do not care." After a joke, Li Dong continued, "Forget it, we'll talk about this later. The supermarket side Qi Yunna also just took over not long ago, these days she has not come to me, it seems to be able to hold up, no big deal, right?" Liu Qi hurriedly shook his head and said, "No big deal, Mr. Li, you can rest assured. Although Qi just took over the supermarket not long ago, but Qi is also an old man in the retail industry, this small matter she can still hold up." "You guys ……" Li Dong shook his head and said, "Don't comfort me, I understand Qi Yunna's stubborn nature and she is a firm believer. Some things she unless to the brink of collapse, otherwise can not pull the face to beg me, she since I do not look for me, I do not look for her. You give her a message, really can't do it, don't hold on. Is it just money? I have plenty of money, let her give me to the customer Long to the death, even at a loss! Do not pursue profits while still thinking of counterattacking Hakkasan, then she is under great pressure, I am also under great pressure. Although the scale of the customer is not as good as us, but also not a soft persimmon. Plus now there are more than a dozen real estate developers behind the Hakone support, the strength has increased greatly, want to simply beat them is not so easy." Liu Qi nodded at his words, Li Dong bypassed this matter, and said: "Qin General side? Recently, the logistics company is also busy, while to manage the distribution center north of the Yangtze River, while also having to lay the courier channels for the mall, Mr. Qin has not come to me for a few days, the logistics company no problem, right?" Liu Qi shook his head and said softly: "Mr. Li, relax, Mr. Qin they are not children, if something is wrong will certainly inform you. It's useless for you to worry now, you might as well rest and relax for a while, it's better than this." Li Dong lightly sighed: "I am this kind of nature, there is no way to change it in a short time. All right, let's not talk about that, what else do we have to do today? Finish the matter before it is too late, I also have peace of mind." Liu Qi saw the situation and did not persuade, began to deal with today's business and Li Dong briefly said. Li Dong was busy with the documents, and after about half an hour, Chen Ke knocked on the door and said, "Mr. Li, there is someone outside to see you." Li Dong looked up and said, "Who?" "He said his name is Duan Yong." "Duan Yong?" Li Dong laughed as soon as he heard it, "It's actually this guy, I thought there would be someone there personally, but I didn't expect it to be a second generation, it seems that Old Du still has a good reputation in the province." Li Dong naturally knew Duan Yong, when Jia Wenhao asked them to climb the mountain together, Duan Yong was among them. His old son is a hand of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Yao Hong's son Yao Li and Duan Yong's relationship is very good, when climbing the mountain, Yao Li provoked Li Dong, and was finally driven away by Hu Xiaorui. After that, Duan Yong also had a match with Li Dong in order to give Yao Li a head start. Of course, the result is still good, Duan Yong this person is very shrewd, after losing to help Li Dong solve the leading enterprise declaration problem, also considered and Li Dong made a friendship. From then on, Li Dong and Duan Yong also contacted several times by phone, and also went out for a few meals together in the middle. But the two have been a gentleman's friendship light as water kind of relationship, said deep relationship is not deep, mainly blowing cattle chat, talk about business less time. Now Duan Yong took the initiative to come to the door, obviously not to find Li Dong chatting and farting. And then linked to the government pressure that Yao Hong and the others said, so Li Dong knew at a guess that Duan Yong was probably instructed by some people to come and bring the message. This can also be seen, Du Anmin the old fox should not be as difficult as he showed. Otherwise, the provincial government will not need to find an outsider to come over, the one who came must be a person in the officialdom. …… office. Duan Yong came in and wandered around, then tsk tsk mouth: "Li, your taste is really not complimentary, vulgar! Gold to create the brave, this style, but really …… tsk …… "Li Dong smiled at the words:" vulgar or not, do not look at the appearance. This is Xu Shengzhe sent over, even if vulgar, vulgar is also him." Duan Yong's eyes narrowed and said, "The relationship between Mr. Li and Mr. Xu seems to be really incompatible, outsiders say that Mr. Li and Longhua are like water and fire, but I don't think so." "Public is public, private is private, I have a personal relationship with Xu Shengzhe, that is our own friendship, and has little to do with other people. As for what outsiders say, the mouth on their bodies, they can say whatever they want, and I do not have a piece of meat." "Mr. Li is really open-minded." Duan Yong laughed for a while and sat down with Li Dong in the meeting area. Chen Ke poured two cups of tea and quietly left the office. As soon as she left, Duan Yong said, "Mr. Li, I'm here to be a peacemaker today. According to reason, you and Mr. Yao and their fight, this matter and I do not have much to do with. But the fluctuation of the price of housing, not only affect the price of housing. You guys are fighting, recently our old man can be a big head. The other day others met our old man also praised him with 50 years old, but now when they see, they ask our old man why he has not retired? Our grandfather Li is acquainted with the total, only fifty points, from retirement but there are still many years ……"