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Chapter 504: The vertical son is not enough to pla

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! In the blink of an eye, it's the middle of October. Things on the site are still dragging half-dead, Li Dong is not anxious, but this time someone anxious. In the morning, Li Dong was handling business in his office when Wu Shengnan hurriedly entered and said, "Mr. Li, I can't take it anymore! If you don't solve it, I'll solve it myself?" Li Dong laughed and said, "Don't be impatient, what's wrong with you?" Wu Shengnan looked depressed and said, "What else is wrong? You gave me a military order to complete the pre-sale standard within two months. Now it's been ten days, the progress on the site is getting slower day by day, you wait for others to seize, others do not seize, but so delayed, it is us who suffer. I think well, if you do not come out today, I will come out myself and get rid of all those pricks! Do it or not! These days it's hard to find a two-legged toad, but there are plenty of two-legged people. Especially on this side of the construction site, and do not need any technical content, I went to the labor market around, can also casually recruit a few hundred people over. You do not spoil them, what pay a month, which has this reason! If you don't do it, there are plenty of people to do it. As for the material problem, that's not a problem, a profitable business, businessmen in Pingchuan do not want to do, I will go to the outside of the province. These days, who does not want to earn money, even if we do not find Xu Shengzhe, we can set up the frame ourselves. The more we indulge them, the more they think we can't leave them, spoil them, why should I give them this money to earn, do you think?" Li Dong thought about it and said, "I have no opinion, as long as you can meet my requirements, you can change whoever you want. But are you sure that changing people won't slow down our project?" "It will definitely slow down a bit, but it's better than now. How many days have passed this month, the progress of the project is still not half of last month, in that case, I would rather change the person, a few days to break in, the progress can still catch up." Hearing her say so, Li Dong did not hesitate much and nodded, "As long as you think it is feasible, then follow your idea. I do not care about other things, the project is not slow, the other is the money, save as much as you can, you can not spend recklessly, and then spend money, I can not hold up." "You see!" Wu Shengnan said with a confident face: "If I can't solve this little thing, then I'll be the general manager for nothing. I won't spend a single penny more, and I guarantee that the progress and quality of the project will be no worse than before." "Then you are at liberty." …… Li Dong said at will, Wu Shengnan is really at will. This woman is also not a soft persimmon, in Yao Hong they have not yet reacted, Wu Shengnan will be the site of the prick kicked away a large part of. In particular, several leading troublemaker contractor, Wu Shengnan did not even discuss. The same day with a million cash to the two sites, pay wages, receive wages, troublemaking foreman with people to roll away. Do not go can not! Many of the workers working simply do not know what is going on, they are confused to be driven away. They just left the first foot, the second foot there are a large number of people came to the site to fill their vacancies. Wu Shengnan's thunderbolt, scared a lot of people. These days, who has trouble with money. Yao Hong and they said that Yuanfang is going bankrupt, there is no money to pay wages at this time, but people with millions of cash, without even blinking, this is called no money? The workers suddenly quieted down, those foremen also shrank back one by one. No one messed up, the project progress is naturally faster. Just set things right at the site, Wu Shengnan again, several suppliers to pay in advance directly by Wu Shengnan scolded, love to do it or not! The business of making money, you do not do there are people to do. You are not willing to advance funds, there are always people willing to advance funds. Even if Dongyu real estate is not famous, the head office of Dongyu, Yuanfang, is still a bit famous. The business of Yuanfang supermarket is booming, they will not have money? Wu Shengnan drove away a few suppliers in the first foot, and then someone came to the door to talk about cooperation. The conditions are very favorable, in addition to giving a deposit, not even an advance payment, they all advance funds! As long as by the end of the year to settle an account, what requirements are not, so, Wu Shengnan also pick and choose the last to choose a few good reputation of the company cooperation. This kind of result is really some out of Li Dong's expectation. When Wu Shengnan came to Li Dong's office again to report the results, Li Dong couldn't help but stick out his thumb and said: "Bull! In my eyes quite a difficult thing, you did a beautiful job! Had I known you were so good, I wouldn't have asked that guy Xu Shengzhe, and saved myself from being taunted by him for a while." Wu Shengnan smiled modestly and said, "Mr. Li is too complimentary, it's just some small things. I wouldn't have dared to do this if it wasn't for Mr. Li giving me the strength." Li Dong laughed: "No need to give me a high hat, I know my own business, you did a good job. The site is no big deal for now, in a short time Yao Hong and they can't do anything about it, but we have to prevent them from jumping to the wall, let the security department patrol the site these days to save trouble."