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Chapter 505 Internship

  One second★小△说§网. Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! October Li Dong has been fighting on two fronts. The front to solve the matter of the completion of the land, the back Li Dong began to plan the acquisition of the Hakone. With the help of Hu Wanlin, at the end of October, Li Dong got 15% of the shares in the hands of other small shareholders at a price of 120 million dollars. At this time, Li Dong's shareholding of Hak Loong had reached 30%. If you take another 25% of the shares in the hands of the Dahe Group, the Hakko can change its name. And Yao Hong is not a fool, the acquisition of shares in the hands of others, although Li Dong did not appear, but Yao Hong as a major shareholder, for the change of shares or clear. When Hu Wanlin's shareholding exceeded 30%, Yao Hong realized that there was a mole! Hu Wanlin is likely to be Li Dong's people, even if not, Hu Wanlin frequently acquires shares in the hands of other people, that is also a plot to mischief. At this time, the focus of things are on the body of the big river. Today, in addition to the scattered 5% of shares, the most important thing is the 25% of shares in the hands of Dahe. These shares, whether Hu Wanlin get their hands on, or Yao Hong get their hands on, are in control of the initiative of the Hakko supermarket. For a time, the shares in the hands of the big river group became the focus of the two sides to fight. …… November 1st. Li Dong, accompanied by Hu Wanlin, met the boss of Dahe Group for the first time. As soon as the two sides met, Li Dong opened the door and said: "I think Mr. Wang also knows my intention, Mr. Hu and I are friends, and what Mr. Hu and Mr. Wang talked about before was also my authorization. I think Mr. Wang should have an idea of the outcome of the dispute between Far Eastern and Hakkaslong. Now the problem is not above the supermarket, the main battlefield between Yao Hong and me is still the real estate company. He now wants to drag my feet on the supermarket, which I can not tolerate. Yao Hong is also taking your interests to pave the way for himself, Wang always understands, you are a veteran of the mall, Yao Hong's ideas think you can also see. Now I hold 30% of the shares of Keelung, if I can get the shares of Keelung in the hands of Dahe, this supermarket battle, I think it can come to an end." After Li Dong finished speaking, Dahe's boss nodded without speaking. After a while, the other party said: "Mr. Li, I don't want to participate in the dispute between you and Mr. Yao, and I'm not interested in participating. But in business, the mall is still talking about interests. Mr. Yao talked to me two days ago and was willing to buy my shares for 180 million dollars, but I didn't agree. And your side, Mr. Li, the price has not been high. Because Mr. Hu is my friend, before I gave Mr. Hu face, I have not rushed to make a decision. Today, since Mr. Li has personally appeared, then I will give you a bottom, two hundred and thirty million, you take the shares in my hands. If it does not reach this price, not only me, but also the board of directors of Dahe will not agree." "Two hundred and thirty million dollars?" Li Dong frowned slightly, this price was indeed a bit high. As for Yao Hong's bid of 180 million, this price is actually acceptable, but in the blink of an eye, Dahe dares to ask for 50 million more, this is calculated that he is determined to win. Li Dong exhaled and said: "Wang, two hundred and thirty million is a bit high. There is so much money, I invested in the supermarket on the far side, the possibility of directly defeating the customer Long. Moreover, I am now the major shareholder of Hakkasan, the movement of Hakkasan is not a secret to me at this time. I am in full control of every move of Hakko, while Hakko knows nothing about Yuanfang. Big deal, I spell my 30% share price plunge, directly collapse the Hak Loong, turn back to take over, the effect is actually the same." Big River boss laughed: "Mr. Li, you can't say that. Although the far side is good, not invincible, whether it can defeat the customer is unknown. And want to squeeze down the customer, it also takes time and effort, and the longer the delay, the more unfavorable to Mr. Li. Supermarkets have not been profitable for a long time, Mr. Li is now in the real estate above and Yao, they compete, in this case, Mr. Li also have to prevent the invasion of foreign companies. I heard that China Resources, the dominant retailer, is quite interested in Jiangbei. Mr. Li said, if we continue to fight, those people will still be so dry to watch? When Yao fights, the big deal is to lose Keelong, but what about you, Mr. Li, can you lose Yuanfang Supermarket?" Li Dong said: "Yuanfang is now cooperating with China Resources, at this time they will not participate in the fight between us. And even if they are involved, Jiangbei is Yuanfang's home turf, so whoever comes can't." The two exchanged a few words, and Hu Wanlin next to him laughed and said, "We are all friends, business is not benevolent, let's talk slowly, we are not in a hurry. And Mr. Wang, $230 million is indeed too high, the market value of Hakkaslong is only 600 million at a high estimate, those shares in your hands, usually $150 million are not even interested. Now Mr. Li and Mr. Yao are fighting, Mr. Yao's offer of 180 million is already inflated, you are asking for 230 million, this premium is more than 150%, too high." Mr. Dahe smiled lightly and said, "Then how much does Mr. Li think is appropriate?" "One hundred and ninety million!"