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Chapter 506 People on People

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The interns from Jiangda University came quickly. The third day after Fang Qingfei called, a school bus of Jiangda University pulled the students of the first class of international trade and stopped at the entrance of the Yuanfang Park. The students just got off the bus and were somewhat shocked. These skyscrapers in front of them are the headquarters of Far Far Away? This neat and clean park in front of them is where their classmate, Li Dong, has built his business? We are not unfamiliar with Yuanfang, after all, it is the company opened by our classmate. Usually they can hear news about Yuanfang on TV and in newspapers from time to time. But it was the first time for most of them to really come to Yuanfang Building. The news they got from others, even if they talk more, they just listened to it, and their feelings were not much, at most they lamented that Li Dong got rich. But when they stood at the door of the Yuanfang Building at that moment, many people were touched deep in their hearts. When they were still struggling for a house, their classmate - Li Dong, a young man about the same age as them, actually had his own business park. When they saw from afar Li Dong leading a group of people to this side with great dignity, at this moment, the crowd only deeply experienced what is called the gap. In the middle of the crowd's daze, Huang Zhigao, who was leading the group, already greeted them with a smile on his face and reached out his hand and smiled, "Mr. Li, I've given you a lot of trouble this time!" Li Dong hastily reached out and shook his hand, then complained, "Dean, that's what you're saying, aren't you burying me? Call me Li Dong, I am still a student of Jiangnan University, you are my dean teacher, you call me Li Dong, where can I put this face?" Huang Zhigao immediately smiled and shook Li Dong's hand vigorously. Li Dong and him briefly exchanged a few pleasantries, and then looked behind him. In addition to Huang Zhigao, the dean of the team, there was also Fang Qingfei and another lecturer standing in the crowd. This time, the Jiangnan University of international trade class to Li Dong this internship is still quite important, by Huang Zhigao personally led the team, but also deliberately brought two teachers, obviously do not want the students to give Li Dong trouble. Li Dong did not think much about it, and talked with Fang Qingfei and another teacher for a few minutes, then smiled at the students lined up in two rows and said: "It's an honor for me, Li Dong, to have everyone come to Yuanfang for internship today. Don't be formal, you are all classmates, relax. I will arrange someone to lead you to the company in the morning to familiarize you with the situation, so you can take a look around. Let's have a meal together at noon, and then I will assign internship positions to everyone according to their wishes in the afternoon. Huang Zhigao smiled at that and said, "Suitable, let's arrange it like that. But don't let us delay your business, this time the school let you come to Yuanfang internship, is to give you a better understanding, as the first private enterprises in Jiangbei, can give you the opportunity to contact a bit, is really rare …… "When Huang Zhigao finished, Li Dong bitterly smiled and said. "Dean, you should not lift me up. What the first private enterprise, if this word out, people will not laugh at me to death. When the time comes, I will not have the face to see others if a hat of arrogance is slapped down." Huang Zhigao smilingly said, "Not to lift up, this is absolutely our sincere words. In the eyes of the students and faculty of Jiangnan University, Yuanfang is the number one private enterprise in Jiangnan. Compared with the development potential, in our opinion, Yuanfang is broader than Longhua. I heard that you are doing well in the mall now, which is good. With the popularity of the Internet, traditional industries will definitely be affected to a certain extent, and Yuanfang is now diversifying, this point is definitely prescient, so I say that Yuanfang is the number one private enterprise, not to lift up, but sooner or later." Li Dong smiled at his words, then looked at the time and said, "Dean, then I will lead you to see the working environment of our Yuanfang? If there are any shortcomings, I hope that Dean can give us some pointers then, you are an expert in this area. I've always wanted you to come and take a look, but I was too embarrassed to open this mouth. With your guidance, I think it is just a matter of time before Yuanfang develops into the number one private enterprise in Jiangbei." Huang Zhigao smiled broadly and nodded, "I wouldn't dare to give you guidance, but I'd really like to see how Far Eastern works. Maybe in a short time, the Department of Economics and Management of Jiangda University will have one more discipline of the Far Side model." The two of them held each other up for a while, before Li Dong led the crowd towards the building. On the way, Liu Qi began to introduce the general situation of Far Far Away to the students. In fact, even without her introduction, Li Dong's class knew a lot about Far Far Away. The company owned by the same classmate was also right next to them, so usually, even if people didn't pay attention to it, they knew far more about Yuanfang Group than other companies. But even so, the crowd still listened with great interest. They understood themselves, but it was the first time they heard the overall situation of Yuanfang in such detail. When they heard that there were already four subsidiaries under Yuanfang, more than one hundred Yuanfang supermarket stores, more than two hundred logistics and distribution points, and the real estate company was building two large communities, many people still showed shocked eyes. When Liu Qi finished introducing the general situation of the company and led the crowd to just enter the building, someone in the crowd suddenly spoke out, "Li Dong, I heard that your company's market value is over ten billion, is it true?" When these words came out, many people's brows were furrowed. Liu Qi these people do not need to say, Huang Zhigao also frowned, not only think the student asked some inappropriate questions, address also some inappropriate. Before coming he forgot about this, although these people are Li Dong's classmates, but in the distant call Li Dong's name can not be good. After all, now Li Dong is the boss of the company, if the private occasion called a Li Dong is fine, now in front of Li Dong's subordinates called his name, which is a bit too big. Li Dong himself is not too concerned, are from the student era, in fact, he understands these students. Let them call Li, the total, ninety percent of the people here are afraid that they can not pull the face. Only when they have experienced a few years in society, then they will understand some of the truth of the world, then called Li General, even if called, these people are afraid that the heart will not be happy. Of course, Li Dong does not care what they call themselves. Let these students of Jiangnan University to their own company internship, on the one hand, but but the face of the school, on the other hand, Li Dong actually want to attract some talent to stay. As a well-known specialty of Jiangda University, the elite out of the international trade specialty can be quite a few. Although these people are still unpolished, but if pulled out to exercise a few years, the probability of good hands is also high. Hearing someone ask, Li Dong also did not hide, smiling: "market value of more than ten billion is a bit overestimated me, of course, it is not impossible to say so, if according to the industry of the far side, more than ten billion is almost.