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Chapter 507: Shares in hand

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Downstairs, the students and faculty of Jiangda University also roughly looked at the operation of the far side. As soon as he saw Li Dong arrive, Huang Zhigao laughed and said: "I don't know until I see it, but I'm shocked when I see it. After coming to Yuanfang, we realized that your company has become so big. I heard Director Liu say that Yuanfang now has nearly 10,000 employees under its umbrella. When Li Dong heard this, he quickly said, "Dean, don't compliment me ……" Not waiting for him to finish, Huang Zhigao said, "Don't be too busy being modest, I mean what I say. Jiangda University over the years out of a lot of talent, and even my own students, there are several of them are worth more than 100 million. But I have not praised them so much, because I am afraid they will be proud and will be lost. You are different, at this age you have achieved what you have achieved, you are qualified to be proud and to be admired." Li Dong arched his hand and laughed: "Fine, since you have said so, then I will accept your old man's elevation, and I will be proud of it later." Huang Zhigao laughed out loud, and the others also followed. After laughing for a while, Li Dong asked, "Dean, don't all talk about the strengths, Yuanfang was established not long ago, there are many weaknesses, you give some pointers?" Huang Zhigao pondered for a moment before saying, "This is not urgent, in fact, I do see some problems, but walking through, many things I actually do not know very well. Li Dong, if you trust me, I'll bring a few of my old buddies along to your research later. We will collectively study and come back to you with a plan, what do you think?" Li Dong was surprised when he heard that, "I would love to!" Li Dong is absolutely grateful from the inside, the Jiangnan University School of Economics and Management is a lot of business management experts. These people may be weaker in actual operation, but theoretical knowledge, as well as the ability to organize the enterprise structure, is definitely not weaker than any of the group's bosses. Normally, when companies want to invite them to research, these people are not happy. Now Huang Zhigao took the initiative, obviously selling Li Dong a few points of face. Next, the people chatted for a while, and then Li Dong led everyone to eat together. If other school students to internship, even if it is also a national key university, Li Dong will not personally accompany a group of interns to dinner. But Jiangda is, after all, Li Dong's alma mater, or Li Dong's classmates, this show work Li Dong still want to do enough. …… full of wine and food. Huang Zhigao because of the afternoon, plus a few professors to come to the far side of the research, after dinner and left early. Once he left, the leader of the team became Fang Qingfei. Today, Fang Qingfei said very little, when Huang Zhigao was there, Fang Qingfei barely spoke. When Huang Zhigao left, Fang Qingfei didn't say much either. Seeing that Liu Qi was arranging the students, Li Dong came forward and greeted: "Old Fang, you've been getting angry lately? When you see me, you don't even say a word, am I that unappealing to you?" Fang Qingfei glanced at him and said lightly, "I don't dare, Mr. Li is now a billionaire, my legs tremble when I see you. As for treating you or not, you are such a big boss, you still need me, a poor teacher, to treat you?" Li Dong laughed and said, "I don't like the way you sound, you are sarcastic, right?" "No, why would I be sarcastic? I'm just telling the truth." Li Dong glanced at her and laughed: "The more you say, the more sarcastic it sounds to me, the more resentment there is, how did I provoke you?" "No, the difference between us is too big, I can't afford to mess with you." "Come on, I can't talk to you anymore, talking in a weird way, it's not comfortable to listen to." Fang Qingfei grunted: "If you can't talk, don't talk, I don't want to talk with you either." Li Dong smiled bitterly and shook his head, "Then I'll leave first, Liu Qi will help you arrange the internship, if there is anything you need, you can ask Liu Qi for help, or me." "I know." Fang Qingfei grunted, answered a sentence and stopped answering. Li Dong cried and laughed, and did not bother to bother with her, and said hello to other students and left early. …… the next day. Li Dong just arrived at the company, is ready to say a few words to Chen Ke, and so clearly look at the person sitting next to Chen Ke is a little frozen. He froze, but the person sitting next to Chen Ke did not froze, but hurriedly got up and said, "Mr. Li, good morning." "Good morning." Li Dong returned a sentence, then was a little surprised, "Bai Su, why are you here?" Before Bai Su made a sound, Chen Ke next to her said nervously, "Mr. Li, Bai Su said he wanted to learn something about administration, so Director Liu arranged for Bai Su to follow me and help me." Li Dong nodded at his words, and did not say anything more, continued: "Chen Ke, inform Lao Tan to prepare the car, we will go to Dahe Group later, in addition to inform Director Liu and General Manager Qi, and Dahe signed the contract, we will go together to Ke Long." Chen Ke hurriedly said, "Yes, I will arrange it right away." Li Dong did not say anything more, glanced at Bai Su, turned around and went into his office. As soon as he entered the door, Bai Su gasped and said, "Sister Chen, just scared me to death, when I met with Li Dong …… Li in the past, I was not nervous at all. This time when I saw him, I was nervous and my legs were a little weak, what do you think happened?" Chen Ke laughed: "This is normal, usually you see Li is your classmate, you naturally have little sense of awe. But now you sit here with me, then you are the subordinate of Mr. Li, Mr. Li is our top boss. To the boss, we employees must maintain a sufficient sense of reverence to do. In fact, you are doing very well, if you just sit here with a big grin, waiting for Mr. Li to ask questions towards you, that means you have not yet changed your mind.