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Chapter 508 Capital Increase

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Guanhai District. The headquarters of Hakkasan Supermarket is located here, Hakkasan's headquarters is not as magnificent as the far side. This is a six-story commercial building built in the nineties, although the commercial building was built not a short time ago, but after Hak Loong moved in, the exterior of the commercial building are repainted, does not look old. Usually people come and go to the headquarters of Hakkasan, today the atmosphere seems a little weird. Since the morning, Yao Hong, who usually does not appear much in the supermarket, arrived at the supermarket. And Yao Hong did not sit and wait in the office, but kept standing at the entrance of the building smoking. For more than an hour, Yao Hong did not say a word to anyone except for answering a few phone calls, and there were more than a dozen cigarette butts on the ground. Until now, Yao Hong actually still some can not understand. How did the Hakone become Li Dong's? Originally everything was going smoothly, originally everything was developing to the benefit, but suddenly the sky changed! Li Dong bought more than 50% of the shares of Hak Loong! This news is like a bolt from the blue, shocked Yao Hong did not sleep well for several nights. Today Li Dong and the big river group signed the news, Yao Hong is actually aware of. Even Dahe Group had informed him that if Yao Hong could take out 200 million in cash now, Dahe Group could reject Li Dong and transfer the shares to Yao Hong under the condition of right of first refusal. But Yao Hong can take out 200 million cash? What a joke! Now the door Shen real estate where to so much money, even if there is, he can not spend all the money on the supermarket. The real estate company is Yao Hong's main business, and now that Keelong Supermarket has been mixed with Li Dong, how dare Yao Hong let go and shift his focus to the supermarket. Gave up the right of first refusal, which means that the customer supermarket really changed hands. Yao Hong's heart is like dripping blood, Li Dong, it's all Li Dong, this guy is his own nemesis! Again and again, this guy has a problem with himself. Smashed the door of his own home even if it is, beat his son also forget, this guy has to be in the real estate and his own fault. Originally, he thought he could use the customer to slow down Li Dong's pace, and even bite Li Dong, but who knows, the final result is that the customer becomes Li Dong's. At the beginning, he spent a lot of energy and resources in order to integrate the Hakkasan supermarket. And in the Hakkasan supermarket, he did not invest less, but the result is that Yao Hong almost vomited blood. Just when Yao Hong was smoking frequently, his secretary at Hakkasan hurriedly came over and said, "Mr. Yao, Mr. Li called and said that the shareholders' meeting would be held later, what do you think?" Yao Hong swept a glance at her and said coldly, "Mr. Li? Which Mr. Li? Everyone is well-informed, now they are eager to kiss ass, right? Do you think that I, Yao Hong, am so finished! Let me tell you, even if Mr. Li is the owner of Hak Loong, I am still a shareholder of Hak Loong, he wants to kick me out, no way! Don't think I can't take care of you now, you all look down on me, right? His secretary was on the verge of tears, standing aside with trepidation, not daring to say anything. Not far away, several senior executives of Hakkasan were also silent, no one dared to speak. Yao Hong snorted coldly, stomped out his cigarette with his foot, and only after a while said, "Go inform Mr. Liu, I'd like to see what kind of tricks Li Dong wants to play! What about the major shareholders! The major shareholder is not omnipotent, I do not want to do what he wants!" …… ten minutes later. The door of the meeting room was pushed open, and Li Dong led the people from afar in. Yao Hong's gloomy face did not say anything, and another small shareholder next to him hastily got up and said, "Good day, Mr. Li." Li Dong nodded with a smile and said, "Liu also, have you received the news, do you want me to take out the equity transfer book for the two of you to check?" Yao Hong still didn't say anything, and the shareholder surnamed Liu hurriedly said, "No, no, we have already been informed by Dahe." "That's good." Li Dong smiled and pressed his hand and said, "Mr. Liu sit, let's get to know each other today, I will simply say a few things, don't be polite." The shareholder surnamed Liu sat down cautiously, and Yao Hong on the side said coldly: "Li Dong, don't play false, just say what you want!" Li Dong was surprised: "What did Mr. Yao eat this morning? Look at your quick temper, don't be in a hurry, take your time, I'm not busy lately anyway, take your time to talk, what's the panic." Yao Hong hummed, glanced at Li Dong did not say another word. Li Dong laughed: "That's right, treat the absolute majority shareholder, Mr. Yao should be polite. The purpose of my coming here today is also simple, now that I hold more than 50% of the company's equity, by definition, should I not automatically become the company's chairman?" Yao Hong and Liu shareholders did not say anything, there is really no way to refute this. Li Dong has absolute control of the company, he wants to be the chairman of the company, there is no way to stop others. The bylaws of the company, Yao Hong in order to control the company's right to speak, the bylaws are set down in favor of the majority shareholders. At that time, Yao Hong did not think that the future of Hakko will actually be Li Dong into ownership.