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Chapter 509 - Fifth in the retail list

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Liu surnamed shareholder anxious to retreat, the contract or whatever as long as the money is okay to talk. In just half an hour, 5% of the shares in the hands of Liu's shareholders changed their surname. So far, Li Dong hands have mastered the Hak Loong 60% of the shares, the other 40% is to Yao Hong. And this 60% of the shares, Li Dong actually spent not too much money. At the beginning of the 15% of the shares, Li Dong only spent 20 million, when Hu Wanlin took over the Light Group, Li Dong borrowed her 20 million, and then Li Dong did not want anything, want the 15% of the shares. The latter 45% of the shares, although it took a lot of money, but together only three hundred and fifty million. Before and after, Li Dong spent three hundred and seventy million dollars, it will be in the hands of the Hakko, which is a very good deal. Although the market value of Hakkasan is around 600 million, it seems that Li Dong spent more than 300 million, as if he did not take advantage of anything. But in the middle of Yao Hong how much they paid for human and material resources, how much time was spent, from the integration of the Hakone to the large-scale renovation of the shutdown, which took more than six months. And the losses during the shutdown period were also borne by Yao Hong and them. Li Dong directly took over a ready-made supermarket, which is not measured by this amount of money on paper. So this more than three hundred million, Li Dong spent not a bit of heartache. When the shareholder surnamed Liu left in gloom, Li Dong sat in the conference room, some will to complete said: "Finally, it has subsided, I do not know how, took over the Hakone, I am now in a more excited mood than when the acquisition of the times." As soon as he said that, Qi Yunna next to him laughed and said, "That's because you have a sense of accomplishment. At the beginning of the acquisition of Times, it was always Sun and the others who were negotiating in the middle, you just went over to sign a contract, so you naturally did not feel deeply. But this side of the Hakkasan was planned by you, and you have been involved in the whole process, now take the Hakkasan, you naturally feel different." Li Dong raised his eyebrows and laughed: "It seems to make sense, it seems to be Qi who understands me." Qi Yunna immediately laughed: "Mr. Li, your words make me feel a sense of accomplishment in my heart, it seems that such things as a sense of accomplishment can still be transferred." After the two of them finished talking, the others couldn't help but laugh as well. After laughing for a while, Qi Yunna continued, "Mr. Li, is the plan to increase the capital by 200 million still implemented?" "Of course!" Li Dong smiled and said, "You don't think I'm joking, do you? The capital increase of 200 million to develop the East China market is something I was prepared to do before. After the capital increase of 200 million, if Yao Hong does not subscribe to the new shares, then his shares will be diluted to 30%. This is a relatively safe shareholding ratio, and Yao Hong should not be able to turn any waves in the future. It is also a good choice to let Hak Loong play the pioneer and prepare for Yuanfang's large-scale entry into the East China market in the future." Qi Yunna nodded and added, "Then play the signboard of Hak Loong?" Li Dong's eyebrows knitted up and he thought about it, "Don't rush to play the signboard first, you always need to prepare for a period of time. In a few months' time, maybe I'll kick that Yao Hong guy out, and then just play the signboard of Yuanfang. If he has not kicked out, then play the signboard of the customer. In fact, I am not in a hurry to kick him out, he does not leave, at least to help me share the risk. Now entering the East China market, grabbing the market is certainly to bleed, Yao Hong adhere to a period of time, to help me bear some losses or. When we get a firm foothold, I'll kick this guy out, what do you think?" The crowd couldn't help but laugh, Li Dong this idea is really good, Yao Hong if he is really so tossed down, sooner or later will cry. After talking about the capital increase, Li Dong discussed with Qi Yunna about the management change. Now that Li Dong is in charge of Hakkaslong, the original management naturally needs a major blood change. Although Far Eastern cannot directly take over Hak Loong with great fanfare, Li Dong, who actually holds 60% of Hak Loong's shares, will not have a big problem even if Hak Loong is changed to Far Eastern Hak Loong. The customer is now a subsidiary of Far Eastern, even Yao Hong can not refute this point. After discussing these, Li Dong left Qi Yunna a few people behind and took Chen Ke and the girls to Far Far Away. On the way back, Chen Ke Bai Su and Li Dong were in the same car. Car on the way, Li Dong asked Bai Su said: "with me running all morning, what do you think?" Bai Su some nervous said: "contact time is a little short, feelings some, but are a little of my own ideas ……" "Just say your own ideas." Bai Su some embarrassment said: "Then I'll say it straight, the morning run these two trips, other I do not know, it feels like money is not money. You are a handful of tens of millions of dollars, I listened to some of the fear. This is the first point, the second feeling is that the mall is like a battlefield. I have heard of him, the door Shen's Yao, the door Shen real estate in Pingchuan fame, I used to think that people like Yao must be invincible successful people. But today I found out that Mr. Yao also had times of defeat. The supermarket that he built with his own hands became a distant one in the blink of an eye, and at that time, Mr. Yao's eyes were about to kill. If I were him, I'm afraid I would want to die." Li Dong laughed after hearing that, "Although some one-sided, but so a little time, it is enough to see this." After saying this, Li Dong did not speak again. In fact, the supermarket is not the main battlefield between him and Yao Hong, the supermarket is good, Yao Hong control of the shares of the customer is only worth two or three hundred million. The center of the real battle between the two sides is still the real estate, Yao Hong's two residential communities, although smaller than Li Dong's residential community, but the house at least more than five thousand sets. Five thousand sets of houses, even if it is underestimated, it is worth more than two billion. And Li Dong's two neighborhoods, according to the current market, the total price of the two neighborhoods is more than four billion. This is the focus of the encounter between the two sides, billions of dollars of property placed there, compared to the side of the Hakkasan supermarket, Yao Hong after the defeat, although want to kill, but also not to the point of despair. If Li Dong is now taking over Yao Hong's residential community, then I'm afraid Yao Hong really has the heart to die. …… November 5th. This day Saddam was sentenced to death by hanging, the world stirred for a while. Li Dong finished reading the news, closed the computer to Wu Shengnan in front of him and laughed: "Old Saddam is finished, guess when Aben is finished?" Wu Shengnan's face was full of black lines, too lazy to answer this boring question and said with a straight face, "Mr. Li, it's been a week since the pre-sale of the famous garden area, the effect is very good, the 500 sets of properties we threw out in advance have been sold out." "Quite fast, how many houses are left in the famous garden now?" "There are still more than 300 sets left." "Continue to sell them, it's useless to hold them in your hands, don't think about appreciation, I don't care about this small amount, pour cold water on the property market first."