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Chapter 510: Refusal to invest

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Retail list first, Li Dong can only think about it for the time being. Huang Guangyu has been dominating the list for several years, and now the total assets are more than 18 billion, a fraction more than Li Dong. Li Dong these two years although the development of good, but want to exceed the old Huang, no two or three years or do not expect. As he was thinking about the matter, Chen Ke knocked on the door and said softly, "Mr. Li, Miss Yang and her agent are here." "Yang Si?" "Yes." Hearing that Yang Si was here, Li Dong couldn't help but laugh, "Miss Yang is quite busy, she called and communicated before, it's been almost a month now, right?" Chen Ke also did not know whether Li Dong was angry or something else, sniffed and quickly said, "Then Mr. Li still see them?" "Yes, of course I want to see them." Li Dong waved his hand and said, "Let them in, big stars, it's normal to be busy." Li Dong was not angry, but just casually said so. Before Yang Si called a lot to apologize, she happened to go to Hong Kong during this period of time, something stuck in there, has not been able to return. Li Dong can also understand, plus now the mall is not so urgent need spokesman, Li Dong is actually not too anxious. Mainly or no money to promote, even if you find a spokesman, not in the TV and media advertising, even if it is the Tianwang Tian later endorsement is the same, the effect is not great. Not long after Chen Ke went out, he led Yang Si and a young man of about thirty years old came in. Li Dong slightly froze, did not expect Yang Si's agent is actually a man. But he didn't think much of it, he got up and reached out his hand and smiled, "Miss Yang, I've been waiting for you." Yang Si hastily shook his hand, then apologized: "Mr. Li, I'm really sorry, I couldn't leave in Xiangjiang, I rushed back once the matter there was over ……" Yang Si explained a few words, and Li Dong didn't say anything more. See Yang Si did not take the initiative to introduce the young man, Li Dong frowned slightly, but soon frowned comfortably: "Two sit down, let's talk." The three of them sat down in the meeting area, just a few words, Li Dong saw Yang Si frequently look at the young man, could not help but laugh: "Miss Yang, this is your agent?" Yang Si's face was a little embarrassed, the young man also stopped looking around, got up and bowed slightly and said, "Sorry, Mr. Li, I'm not Miss Yang's agent, introduce myself, my name is Zhang Meng. You may not have heard of me, but I previously worked at Benshan Media as a vice president. I wrote and planned last year's Spring Festival Gala skit "Say Something" and the previous year's "Kung Fu", I wonder if Mr. Li has seen it?" Li Dong was a bit stunned at first, then he laughed: "Of course I have seen it, I didn't expect it to be Mr. Zhang, nice to meet you, nice to meet you!" Li Dong and the other party shook hands again, and then sat down and looked at Yang Si. Yang Si blushed slightly and said softly: "Mr. Li, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to hide your ……" Next to Zhang Meng took over and said: "Mr. Li, I prayed to Miss Yang to bring me along, I hope Mr. Li is not to blame. This matter is completely my idea alone." Li Dong waved his hand and said, "It's okay, I'm just a little confused, Mr. Zhang should be in the northeast, how come he has time to come to Jiangbei?" Benshan Media's fame at this time is not big, but also not small, in the local area is still a bit of influence. Zhang Meng as the company's vice president, seems to have no business entanglement with Li Dong, so Li Dong is a little confused how this guy followed Yang Si to come to him. Zhang Meng saw the situation and did not beat around the bush, sat down and said his intention. When he finished, Li Dong was somewhat relieved. I think it is to pull investment, this guy called Zhang Meng recently some impatient to continue to do screenwriting for the old Zhao, want to switch to directing. But Zhao did not do ah, the imperial screenwriter to become a director, then who will give him to create the script? Zhang Meng this guy script is still very good, two years in a row on the Spring Festival Gala, not to mention, and also won awards, the ability is really not weak. Of course, old Zhao did not say not to give him as a director. But you have to have money to make movies when you are a director, Zhang Meng is a young man who just graduated a few years ago, where to get the money to invest. Old Zhao did not mention the matter of investment, Zhang Meng also understood his meaning. This guy is stubborn kind of nature, you do not invest in it, that line, I go to find someone else! This is not some time ago, Zhang Meng this guy went out to find investors. Originally have been looking for investors, after all, Zhang Meng is still a little famous, plus his old man is also a famous comedy director, optimistic about his people still have. But the sky is unpredictable, the investor some time ago business problems, the funds can not be in place. Yang Si went to Hong Kong some time ago, is also for this matter. She and Zhang Meng knew each other before, this time Zhang Meng wanted to make a movie, the first person to think of is Yang Si. The two of them hit it off immediately after reading the script, and Yang Si didn't even talk about the pay, and directly agreed to give Zhang Meng as the female lead. When the lead actress is not even counted, Yang Si in the investor's funds after the problem, but also bothered to help Zhang Meng pull investment.