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Chapter 511 Award-winning script

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong actually did not say too much to Yang Si. Simply said a few words about endorsement of the distant mall, Yang Si even did not even ask the endorsement fee directly nodded. This time it was Li Dong's turn to be a little surprised, could not help but laugh: "Miss Yang, specific fees and specific work content you did not even ask and then directly agreed?" Yang Si laughed lightly: "Mr. Li did not say I also know the general content, and I am actually using the Far Eastern Mall, not only the Far Eastern Mall, but also the Far Eastern PP chat software, I have also been using. When you say this, I am very interested, ask or not ask is actually the same." Li Dong gave a thumbs up and smiled: "Very quick! Ms. Yang is really a pain in the ass, I could tell when you gave a commercial performance to Far Far Away back then." Hearing Li Dong talk about the events of that year, Yang Si also said with emotion: "The first time I saw Mr. Li, I felt that Mr. Li would definitely have a big future in the future, but to my surprise, this future is not as long as I thought." At that time, Li Dong was very young in Yang Si's eyes, and at that time, Li Dong had created a family capital of ten million dollars, and Yang Si had great admiration for Li Dong. She thought at that time that Li Dong, a young man, would have a great future in the future. So at that time, Yang Si has been very polite to Li Dong, and even in Li Dong attack Li Xi, Yang Si also went over to stand. But Yang Si how did not expect, only a few years, Li Dong has come to this step. The second largest private enterprise in Jiangbei at the helm, the Hurun list of the top 100 domestic rich, all this is like a dream, Yang Si until now still some unbelievable. Li Dong laughed at his words: "Not only is it unexpected for Miss Yang, in fact, I myself did not expect to be here today." After reminiscing with Yang Si about the commercial performance back then, Li Dong turned back to the topic and said, "Miss Yang agreed to do it herself, your agent and signing company?" Yang Si stroked her loose hair and said softly, "Mr. Li may not know that I am an independent artist, and I make my own arrangements for specific work. The agent only helps me to take care of my finances and receive notices, but I can do the rest on my own." Li Dong listened with awe and said, "Amazing!" Although Yang Si's fame has not yet reached the level of diva, but in the first line is also considered good. And she is not famous by TV and film, just singing, in the field of singing can reach this point, no company to make a strong packaging, just by herself to this step, Li Dong had to say that Yang Si is very powerful. Yang Si understood Li Dong's meaning, covered her mouth and laughed: "Mr. Li, don't praise me, and you don't overestimate me. In fact, some years ago I was signed to an acting company, but later, because of some personal factors, I terminated my contract with the company. In the past two years, I've actually received a lot less notices, so it's an honor for me to receive Mr. Li's attention this time." Yang Si said is not a lie, Li Dong can find her to endorse the Far East Mall, indeed some of her expectations. Although Yuanfang Mall is not considered a giant e-commerce platform, but in the current domestic market, Yuanfang Mall still has a good reputation. And Li Dong's far side is not short of money, can find a bigger star than her to do endorsement. But Li Dong approached her, and even Li Dong himself and her to talk about endorsement. Not to say that Li Dong will not be stingy, even if Li Dong is really stingy and the money given does not reach the standard, Yang Si is also willing to take the endorsement. Sometimes, to measure the benefits, you can't just look at the immediate. The cooperation with Yuanfang has many benefits for Yang Si, plus befriending Li Dong is also a good time to expand the network, Yang Si is a smart person, naturally will not be calculating on the issue of money. See Yang Si agreed to the pain, Li Dong laughed for a while and did not say anything more. As for the matter of money, Li Dong did not specifically mention it, and Yang Si briefly said to take the endorsement of the distant mall, what Yang Si should do next, Li Dong then ended the topic. After they chatted a few more words, see Li Dong raised his hand to look at the watch, Yang Si got up and said: "Mr. Li, then I'll leave first. Call me when it's convenient for you to sign the contract, and I'll come over to sign the contract at that time. As for the specific endorsement needs, we can talk about it in detail then." Li Dong nodded and said, "Okay, then I wish us a happy cooperation in advance." Yang Si reached out and shook Li Dong's hand, nodded and smiled, "Happy cooperation!" When he saw that Yang Si was about to leave, Zhang Mang suddenly took out another document from his bag and handed it to Li Dong: "Mr. Li, you may not like the script of "The Piano of Steel", I have another script here, you can take a look at it when you are free. The script of "Ears of Great Bliss" won the award for Outstanding Screenplay at the Busan International Film Festival not long ago. It is also a comedy script, not as deep as 'The Piano of Steel', slightly more light-hearted, Mr. Lee can take a look." Li Dong glanced at him and was a little surprised. Since you have a better script, why didn't you bring it out the first time, and now that you have rejected the first script and bring it out again, what does this mean? Yang Si saw Li Dong's face seemed to be a bit unhappy, torn for a moment, before explaining softly: "Mr. Li, don't misunderstand, it's not that Zhang Meng doesn't want to take this script to you. You don't know, although this "Big Ears, Big Fortune" won an award at the Busan International Film Festival, there are not many people who are optimistic about it.