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Chapter 512: Food and oil price increase

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Qi Yunna soon entered the door. Li Dong greeted her and sat down, and then asked: "How is it going over there?" Qi Yunna gathered the tips of her hair and said, "It's still stable, part of the people have been replaced, everyone should have expected it in their hearts, the backlash is not too strong. In addition, the company has not been established for a long time, the leadership has not yet taken root, it is now the right time to change people, if it is a little later, I am afraid that there will be some backlash." "That's good." Li Dong nodded and continued, "Yao Hong's side is not looking for trouble, right?" "That's not true, Yao should be resigned to his fate, except for arranging a finance over to supervise, the rest now he does not ask." The two of them talked about the matter of Hakko, Qi Yunna said: "In addition, I contacted with Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang means that we can now develop the market of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. These days, Mr. Wang has almost smoothed out the network in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. In addition, we have distribution centers under construction there, Mr. Wang said the time is ripe for Yuanfang to take the first step out of Jiangbei, Jiangsu and Zhejiang is the most suitable place. Although there are more retail supermarkets, but most of them are not a system. And China Resources, Bailian and the major foreign supermarkets in Jiangsu and Zhejiang have not formed a unified front, and now there is still a fragmented situation, which is also suitable for our development in the past." This point is clear to Li Dong, although the economy of Jiangsu and Zhejiang is more developed, better than Jiangbei. But this side of the retail business is chaotic, unlike the south of Jiangsu, Su Guo alone. This side of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, although there are many supermarket brands, but most of them have not yet entered, and have not formed a dominant enterprise like Sugo. This is the right time to enter Jiangsu and Zhejiang, although the difficulty is not small, but the timing is also right. The chaotic retail industry in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, I'm afraid that at this time not many people have the heart to think about fighting the far side. The next two people briefly discussed the matter of going to Jiangsu and Zhejiang to open a store, because Wang Yue is now there, there is no need for Li Dong to worry too much. Qi Yunna will continue to stay and sit in Jiangbei, and the business in Jiangsu and Zhejiang will be mainly given to Wang Yue. Qi Yunna said, "Mr. Wang will come back to Jiangbei in the next few days, I'll have someone make a plan in the next few days, when Mr. Wang comes back, we'll discuss it in detail, what do you think, Mr. Li?" "Yes, Mr. Wang knows more about the market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang than we do, let's refer to Mr. Wang's opinion." "I will." Qi Yunna hurriedly nodded, for developing the East China market, although Qi Yunna had some ideas in her heart, but she didn't say it. At the beginning, the reason why Wang Yue left Jiangbei was to take the big credit for opening up the East China market. Qi Yunna took advantage of Wang Yue and took over the business of Jiangbei, at this time, if she is involved in the East China development plan, she will definitely be hated by Wang Yue. Qi Yunna also does not want to be involved in things that are not pleasing to the eye. After saying this, Qi Yunna said, "Mr. Li, this is the end of the business, I came here today mainly to report to you about the market situation." Li Dong looked at her with some doubts, the market situation? What market situation? Qi Yunna also did not beat around the bush and said directly: "It's the price issue. I don't know if Mr. Li noticed, from last month to now, in less than a month's time, the price of food and oil has gone up for the second time. And our far side to life supermarkets, food and oil is a necessity. In less than a month, we have spent more than 5 million on food and oil. I came here this time just to ask for Mr. Li's opinion, you see if you take advantage of now to hoard some grain and oil, I see the current market, there may be a third round of price increase soon." "Grain and oil price increase ……" Li Dong muttered, rubbed his head, there is this thing? He now also does not remember whether there was this in 06, but he knows that the next few years grain and oil indeed prices are not low. The Far Eastern Supermarket now has many stores and consumes a lot. It is not impossible to hoard some food and oil, Li Dong thought about it and said, "Yes, but we have to pay attention to the shelf life, it's all food stuffs, don't have safety accidents." Grain and oil storage period is relatively long, generally can be saved for one or two years. As long as the storage is proper, a large number of goods into the problem is not big. Qi Yunna saw this and said softly, "General Li, I want to buy more goods this time." "Buy more?" Li Dong glanced at her, he agreed that he could stockpile some grain and oil, but Qi Yunna still said so, indicating that she wanted to buy a lot of goods. Li Dong frowned slightly and said, "How much are you going to buy?" "More than fifty million." Li Dong gently knocked on the table, fifty million, this is not a small amount, a one-time purchase of so many goods, indicating that Qi Yunna feels that the next grain and oil will certainly increase in price. But if the rate of increase is low, into so many can not be cost-effective, just storage is a big problem. When Li Dong was pondering, Qi Yunna whispered: "Mr. Li, I have discussed with the people of Jiangbei Grain and Oil Reserve, if we buy large quantities of goods, we can store them in their warehouse first. When we need it, we can withdraw it. At that time, as long as the amount of drawdown does not exceed the amount of goods we buy, it is possible to take the goods from any warehouse."