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Chapter 513 Happy Farm

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Just out of the elevator, Li Dong's face was a little dark. Bai Su next to him glanced at him, and then looked at Meng Qiping who was teasing the receptionist not far away, forcing a smile and said, "Mr. Li, Meng Qiping should be out to rest for a while, nothing else." Li Dong coldly snorted, "I know him better than you!" Dropping these words, Li Dong walked straight toward the reception desk. …… Mall administrative reception. Meng Qiping is frothing to brag: "Miao Miao sister, I tell you, not I blow, I Meng Qiping in Jiangnan University is a genius, almost no classes, but year after year to get a scholarship ……" the mall's receptionist covered her mouth and laughed lightly, looked up and was about to speak, suddenly saw The back of Li Dong, hurriedly got up and said: "Good day, Mr. Li!" Meng Qiping some did not react, froze for a moment also said: "Mr. Li is quite good, what is it?" After finishing this sentence, Meng Qiping reacted and hurriedly turned around. See behind Li Dong black face glaring at him, Meng Qiping smiled and said: "That …… that I am not busy finished it, out of breath." Li Dong hummed: "Less calf! The school is for you to intern, not for you to brag about it! Now, immediately, you go to me to the logistics side of the report, since you do not like this side of the mall, then go to the logistics side of the internship, those are big men, doing is also the work of strength, the most suitable for you." "Don't, Dong ……" "In the company call me Mr. Li! Don't pull strings with me, do you want to go? Not to go you this internship is finished, I absolutely give you a bad review, and then talk to Dean Huang, you wait to get a certificate of completion!" Meng Qiping instantly cried with a broken face, a certificate of completion, that does not mean that he can not graduate. This guy Li Dong can really do this kind of thing, Meng Qiping has no doubt that Huang Zhigao will give him this face. Some helpless, some depressed, Meng Qiping sighed and said: "Do not, I go to report, immediately. Dong …… not right, Mr. Li, you are also too cruel, I'll come out to chat, you send me to the logistics ……" "No time to bullshit with you, then do not go, I let you go to the express point to stay. That time you are more cool." Meng Qiping looked at him sadly, shaking his head and sighing as he walked downstairs. The logistics department is the logistics department, at least it is still in the Yuanfang Building, if he was really assigned to the courier point, then he can really lose adults. When this guy left, Li Dong looked at the trembling receptionist and said, "In addition to this guy, there are other people often run outside?" The receptionist was a little nervous and cautiously said, "There are a few more." "I mean the interns, no one from the company, right?" "No company side, all strictly in accordance with the work code, mainly or interns." "There is no interference with the normal operation of the company, right?" "That's not true." "That's good. Also, write down the names of those who can't sit still and often hang out, and give them to Secretary Chen later." "Okay." When Li Dong took Bai Su away, the receptionist only took a long breath, his back was already sticky and covered with sweat. …… Bai Su accompanied Li Dong towards the office area, and after walking for a while, Bai Su said with some hesitation, "Are you taking down names to say something on the internship review?" Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "I'm that bored? I don't have that kind of spare time, you have to get out after a month of internship, I don't bother with this." "So?" Li Dong also did not beat around the bush, said directly: "I just do a record, these internship is not serious guys, after the official work will not necessarily be serious. I don't dare to say that it is the top group of enterprises in China, but in Jiangbei, there are not many enterprises that can reach the standard of Yuanfang. To say that you may not be happy, although Jiangda University is good, but you can come to Yuanfang internship, that is I look at the face of classmates. Especially this side of the mall, which involves a lot of things, usually I simply will not open to the public. Now I am open to everyone, except for some confidential documents, you can see everything, everything can learn, this opportunity is really rare. But such a rare opportunity, there are people who do not cherish, since they do not cherish, then I do not care. But in the future these people I will not deal with, of course, I mean work, classmates to classmates, personal friends to personal friends, at least in the future if these people want to come to the far side of employment, I certainly will not agree." Bai Su sniffed silent for a moment, after a while before saying, "Maybe people are not yet aware of ……" "Forget it, you do not need to say more. In fact, you do not have to care, there are many large domestic enterprises and large groups, you are all senior students of Jiangnan University, it is easy to find a group larger than the far side, some people do not see the far side. I say this, but also only on behalf of my own opinion, does not mean that everyone is not excellent, maybe they have a broader future is not necessarily." Bai Su smiled and said nothing more, but in his heart, he vaguely felt sorry for those who made it to Li Dong's list.