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Chapter 514 Apology

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! After saying a few words about work, Li Dong said to Fang Qingfei: "Come with me, let's chat for a few minutes." The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. After finding a quiet place, Li Dong stopped and waited for Fang Qingfei to come over, Li Dong asked, "Are you still in touch with Wang Jia recently?" Fang Qingfei froze for a moment, then nodded and said, "Of course there is contact." After saying this, Fang Qingfei squirmed and said, "You're not looking for Jia Jia to collect a debt, are you?" Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "Do I need to ask you to collect debts? I'm just asking, I haven't seen her for a while, is her mother's side okay?" Once she heard that Li Dong was not chasing debts, Fang Qingfei breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Not bad, but she has to take medicine every month. You know, Jia Jia is not easy, her aunt needs money for medication, rent, and food, and she depends on Jia Jia alone. She works very hard now, and she earns about 6,000 yuan a month, but after expenses, she can only save about 1,000 yuan a month. Don't worry, when Jia Jia has money, I will save some more, and we will pay you back." Li Dong said impatiently, "I said, are you guys annoyed, when did I talk to you about money? For the sake of money, Wang Jia now sees me like a ghost, did I say I want you to pay back the money immediately? A few hundred thousand things, I'm talking to you, the money has been earned back, I have this free time to chase the debt with you?" Fang Qingfei's face changed and changed, and finally whispered, "You are not chasing the debt, but we are not comfortable in our hearts." "Okay, don't want to talk to you about this." Li Dong exhaled a foul breath and said, "What about your side, you see me like an enemy, is it because of the last incident?" Fang Qingfei played dumb and said, "What last time? I don't remember. Besides, who saw you like an enemy? "Come on, I'm not blind. I remember you called me once and asked me to pick up your mother with you, but I didn't go, did you hold a grudge from that time?" "No!" Fang Qingfei denied it, and her face was a little unnatural. When Li Dong saw this, he knew he was right and said, "I knew it, women are really cautious, just because of this you need to hold a grudge against me? Besides, this is not your own trouble, but let me play boyfriend for you, this is not obviously trouble. I don't go is the right thing, if I go, now there is trouble." Fang Qingfei heard it and said, "What do you mean there is trouble, how can I bother you! The last time I agreed with my mother to let you pick up, you are good, a no go and then hung up the phone, and then not answer the call. I was scolded by my mom for a while, and then my mom had to go to the supermarket to find you. If I hadn't stopped my mom, you'd be waiting for my mom to scold you!" "Fuck you, you're taking credit for it, aren't you? Your mother scolded me, why? You lied to me in the first place and said you'd invite me to dinner, which almost made me lose face, so blame yourself, but blame me, you deserve to be scolded by your mother." Fang Qingfei said in annoyance, "You're at fault anyway! If you don't want to, then you should have made it clear at that time, why not pretend once and then stop." "You're unreasonable, there's no reasoning with you women." "I'm not reasonable!" The corner of Li Dong's mouth twitched: "You are thick-skinned enough to say this, I'm convinced of you." Fang Qingfei grunted: "Thick as thick, you care about me. Anyway, you are not my person, and you can't control me." Li Dong was happy for a moment and waved his hand, "Forget it, I won't talk to you about these useless things. Just say it clearly, anyway, I was right about this, you admit your mistake, the rest has nothing to do with me, from now on don't always look like a deep housewife staring at me, I now see you that look on the headache. Okay, that's it, look at you this look also does not look like hurt look, do not talk to you, I still have some things to deal with, go." "Hey, do you have some sincerity, just do not apologize to me?" "Think too much of you!" Li Dong dropped a sentence, patted his butt and disappeared in front of Fang Qingfei in a short time. Fang Qingfei was furious and said through gritted teeth, "Bastard!" She thought that Li Dong called her out to apologize to her, but who knew that this bastard was saying one thing and another, and finally put all the blame on her head and then ran away. The more she thought about it, the angrier Fang Qingfei was, she was not finished with this guy! …… Li Dong does not care if Fang Qingfei and himself are finished, anyway, stimulated Fang Qingfei a few sentences, Li Dong mood is a lot more comfortable. The woman's face is not a face, nose is not a nose, who let the first few times with their own. Turning a corner, Li Dong entered Shen Xi's office. These days the mall side of things, Shen Xi also did not continue in the office next to Li Dong upstairs office, but to the mall side. Li Dong did not knock on the door, sent away Shen Xi's secretary, Li Dong directly pushed the door and walked in. Shen Xi is working on the computer, feeling as if a shadow flashed in front of him, looked up and saw that it was Li Dong, Shen Xi could not help but rant: "sneaky why, enter the door can not say, scared me!"