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Chapter 515 - Climbing

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! When Shen Xi woke up with a start, it was already dark. Turning her head to look, Shen Xi found herself still leaning on Li Dong, who was sitting staring out the window, his eyes somewhat vacant, not knowing what he was thinking. Shen Xi saw the situation and said softly: "Why didn't you wake me up?" Li Dong smiled back and said: "Seeing that you are tired enough, let you sleep a little longer. It's late, let's go out for dinner, you don't have to come tomorrow." "I said it's okay, before it was just a joke with you ……" "Listen to me, rest for a while and then say it." Li Dong waved his hand to interrupt her words, then said, "The work is busy, adjust the state, the state is good and then come back, the efficiency is faster than now. Let's take a shift off, you rest for a while, and then help me cover the shift, I am also ready to rest for a while." Hearing Li Dong also ready to rest, Shen Xi could not help but nod and said: "You should give yourself a vacation, more than two years, you have almost never stopped. In addition to the New Year back to stay a few days, I have not seen you stop, it is time to take a break." "Yes, more than two years, a flash of work has passed." Li Dong sighed with emotion, his tone was somewhat meaningful. Today is November 06, he came back from the rebirth in April 04, everything seems to be yesterday. But two and a half years have passed, and Yuanfang has grown to nearly ten billion assets today, everything is like a dream. Sighing, Li Dong laughed: "Let's not talk about this, let's go out to eat." Said Li Dong ready to get up, but his feet are a stumble, almost fell. Shen Xi hurriedly held him, some complained: "silly, dry sitting all afternoon, even if you do not shout to wake me up, carry me to the lounge to rest is not, have to show off." Li Dong rubbed his thighs that were a little numb and said with a smile, "Not silly, it's just that when you were sleeping you were so cute that I couldn't help but look at you a little longer, and then it got dark." Shen Xi pouted, "What are you talking about? When did you learn to be slick? Who sleeps cute, thirty years old, still use the word cute." Li Dong's face was full of black lines, just now he said twenty-nine is not thirty, he said thirty and was admonished by her. The result is now open-mouthed thirty, women are really hard to serve! Lazy to take her seriously, Li Dong stomped his feet, tidied up his clothes and said, "Let's go, go out to eat, I'm a little hungry." Shen Xi answered and helped him out of the office. When out of the office, Shen Xi withdrew her hand, Li Dong glanced at her, smiled and did not make a sound. The two of them were walking out the door when a figure suddenly appeared in front of them. Li Dong frowned, lightly drink: "What are you doing, did not let you go to the logistics, how to come over again?" Meng Qiping said with an innocent face: "Mr. Li, it's after work. Nan Nan is over here, I came to pick her up." "Cheng Nan is also here?" "Yes, you don't know." "I don't don't know, I was thinking how Cheng Nan hasn't cut you down, your girlfriend is here, and you're still out flirting with girls?" "Who's flirting with girls!" Meng Qiping mumbled: "I just went out to go around, a little girl staying at the door is also bored, I kindly accompany her to chat a few words to pass the time. As a result, you find fault with me, and do not investigate clearly, you are dictatorial, too domineering." "Cut the crap, go pick up someone, I'll go first." "Where are you going now?" Li Dong glanced at him and said in no good mood, "Where to, dinner, do you want to go too?" "Ahem …… that, if you guys don't mind, take me along ah." Li Dong suddenly a black line, so thick-skinned people, how in the end they know him? Next to Shen Xi covered her mouth and laughed lightly, after a while before saying, "Mr. Li, bring them together, anyway, after work, more people also lively." Li Dong glared at Meng Qiping and said speechlessly, "Then hurry up, I'll wait for you downstairs." Meng Qiping happily answered and ran away in a flash. As soon as he left, Shen Xi laughed and said, "Your friend is quite interesting." Li Dong shook his head and said, "What's the point, this guy just has a thick skin. Looking for me must be something, he does not usually hang around in front of me, tonight in this encounter, you think he really is a coincidence to meet me? I bet this guy waited here for more than ten minutes at least." Shen Xi could not help but laugh, after a while before frowning slightly: "Then you stayed with me all afternoon, he is not ……" "Nothing, do not care about him." Li Dong is not too concerned about this, Meng Qiping is not very reliable, but generally do not talk nonsense. Besides, even if this guy is shouting everywhere, Li Dong is not too concerned, some things he does not want to cover up too much now. Don't say he and Shen Xi is nothing, even if there is really something, there is no need to hide and dodge like a thief. …… hotel. Li Dong a few people sat down, Meng Qiping on the order, the guy was busy reading the menu, while next to the smiling boss read: "Boss, the dishes can be clean, I also do this business, our business what look, I know too well …… Also, the fish and shrimp are to me to live I can taste the live dead, my mouth can be dense ……" he recited half a day, the boss next to him has been smiling and nodding. When Meng Qiping finished ordering the dishes, the boss said with a smile: "Little brother, you can rest assured. Even if you don't say, I don't dare to pit Mr. Li ah, Mr. Li is the body of ten thousand gold, if you eat bad stomach here, I can't afford to pay even if I sell my life, do you think this is the reason?" Li Dong smiled and said, "Old Chen, don't flatter me, go and cook, I'm hungry."