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Chapter 517 - Don't play even if you lift the tabl

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Said to continue to talk, but how to talk is a big problem. This current, Yao Hong they want is Li Dong price increase, but Li Dong previously boasted in the media, let him increase the price he is certainly not willing. This is the crux of the problem, do not solve this problem, continue to talk is also a waste of time. Silence for a while, Yao Hong muffled voice: "this matter is simple, you send a notice, just say that the price of raw materials, labor has also increased, the price of housing must naturally rise. Do not need you to increase how much, the base price in August and then rise 5%, and the current market on the line, when we open pricing is certainly above you. In this way, people also see the gap, no one will talk about you, and Yuanfang's reputation is naturally preserved." Li Dong said faintly, "That can't be, I said the August price, that is the August price, the price increase is not possible." Yao Hong gritted his teeth and said, "That means you won't give in at all? Then what to talk about! Why don't we stop talking, let's do it our way, I'd like to see who loses in the end!" "Gentlemen, as you can see, from the beginning to the end, it was this guy Yao Hong who picked on me. I annexed Hakkaslong, that is the supermarket, we are one size fits all, I am now talking to everyone about the real estate, this guy again trouble, do not blame me for not giving face to everyone." Li Dong said so, others have persuaded Yao Hong. Yao Hong held his breath and grunted and stopped talking. Lu Zhanpeng in the crowd thought about it and said with some hesitation, "Then how about this, how about we take over two of Mr. Li's properties?" "We take over?" "Old Lu, what do you mean?" "Old Lu, you can't talk nonsense about this." "……" Others have questioned, Lu Zhanpeng hurriedly said, "That's what I said, everyone listen to me for a moment. Li is not willing to lower the price now? Then we will not let Mr. Li reduce the price, Mr. Li still sell the property at the price in August, but by us to take over. By that time, the market is still not circulated out of the house of Mr. Li, that is to say, the housing stock is still controlled by us. When the time comes, the price of the house, how much, but also according to our say to calculate, in this way, Mr. Li does not lose, we also can not lose, you say is not it?" Others have frowned, Lu Zhanpeng said so, the reason is also this reason. But the account is not so calculated, take over someone else's property, the profit is not the same. The same house, their own development, the profits are all in their hands. But take over Li Dong's house, Li Dong must occupy part of the profits, that is, they also have to bear Li Dong's part of the profits to do. If housing prices continue to rise, this is not unfeasible. But what if something goes wrong, what if there is any eventuality, or if the prices fall? Their own community, even if the price of housing fell, there will be no loss, even if sold at cost, it will not lose money. But Li Dong's side, if sold at cost, then they will have to lose money, the loss is Li Dong's profit that part. Others are silent, after a while, the green land boss said: "It is not impossible to do so, but Mr. Li can not follow the market price, a one-time takeover of Mr. Li's property, we bear the risk can not be small, Mr. Li, the pricing of 80%, so you make money, we also do not lose money." Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said, "What do you mean? Eighty percent of the price, you mean to take the house at 80% of the price I said, Lao Zhang, you are not awake? Do you know how much the 20% difference is? Almost one billion! I'm out of my mind, you said you'd take my house, did I say yes? Why should I sell my house to you? I'll pre-sell it myself, there are plenty of people to buy it! The house of the famous garden, eight hundred sets, I limit the sale of a week also sold out, I now eight thousand sets of houses, at most two months to sell out. Two months loss of one billion, when I am an idiot ah!" Greenland boss said: "Mr. Li, this is not how to calculate the accounts. A one-time sale, and two months that can be the same? In the middle, you do not pay for publicity? Labor does not cost? These are not to say, you always have to give some concessions to do it, or else all our efforts, you build the house to collect money?" Li Dong narrowed his eyes and said, "I'm not forcing you to take over my property, this is your own words. Forget it, you are willing to I do not want it, are given to you to take over, how can I explain to others. Besides, if this gets out, my reputation will be even more notorious. Let's not mention this, discuss it, I think there is actually nothing to discuss. It's all about you guys making a big deal out of it. I'm only 8,000 houses, and it doesn't have much of an impact on you guys if you put it out there. If you can't, you can close the market again for a period of time, six months and a year, just a few more months, then it is still the same to sell high prices, you have to chase after me why." Others are staring at him not to say anything, closed for six months and a year can be the same? Not to mention the amount of liquidity in the backlog, just say the market, within six months, the market they can still anticipate. But a year, that's too long, who knows what market after a year. If then the national housing prices have fallen, they even open, the price can come up? Don't come to the end, the price of housing fell, then they really can't even cry out. Next, the crowd talked again, Li Dong is not anxious, slowly waiting for the crowd to give a unified opinion. For a while, Yao Hong, who had not said much, hummed: "Li Dong, you want to drag on, that is certainly impossible. Today we are not talking about price increases, your two properties we can take over, but the price can not be so high.