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Chapter 518 - You are waiting for me here!

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The conditions offered by Li Dong, the crowd is difficult to accept. The price is not to mention, the key Li Dong to retain half of the house, which is the most intolerable crowd. The reason why they are willing to take over Li Dong's property, making money is one aspect, the other is stuck in the market circulation of housing. But Li Dong wants to keep half, that is more than four thousand properties. This current, if there are so many low-priced properties on the market, the impact on their closure is still the same. Spent the money, took the risk, the results can not achieve the desired goal, Yao Hong these people are naturally not happy. Negotiations again stalled, Li Dong refused to back down, Yao Hong these people also refused to back down. Seeing that the two sides are about to disagree, Xu Shengzhe said: "Old Li, how about taking a step back, even if you do not do real estate, but the real estate industry involves more than just houses. Your supermarket stores, not all are bought, there are many are rented." "Now people are not willing to kettle the bottom, or you ask yourself, the stores under your banner, how many sets of properties are owned by the people here?" Li Dong glared at him, this bastard on purpose! Before saying those words, Li Dong took it as he cooperated with himself, now mention this, is obviously revealing his short ah. The stores under the Yuanfang Supermarket, there is no Yao Hong these people's property, Li Dong heart can not count? Yao Hong, they do not have a number in mind? But why everyone does not mention, or that sentence, the mall is about interest. Faraway supermarket business is booming, bringing foot traffic to their mall front, these can be the future value-added capital. Who does not have a scale in their hearts, we will all do the math, these two things are not a match. Before we all deliberately ignored this, Xu Shengzhe now mentioned, it is not clearly let Li Dong some embarrassment. Seeing Li Dong staring at himself, Xu Shengzhe corner of the eye moved slightly, revealing a little peace and quiet look. Li Dong saw the situation hummed, did not say anything else. The other people can't pretend to be deaf and dumb at this time, Xu Shengzhe's voice fell, someone in the crowd said: "That's right, Mr. Li, Yuanfang Supermarket has rented three sets of storefronts under my banner alone, and it's not long before the contract expires. If you do this now, when the contract expires, will we still dare to rent to you?" Li Dong did not think: "You do not scare me yet, when the contract expires, maybe you are willing to rent I am not willing to rent it! Money to where can not rent the front, really can not I buy, is the Jiangbei houses are in your hands? I don't even bother to argue with you guys, don't say these useless, I said, real estate is real estate, the other a code to a code, threaten me with these things that are not on the table useful?" "Mr. Li, you can't say that. You are now the conditions open too high, we simply can not accept. Keep half of the property not to mention that you want us to pay in full in cash, you are also in business yourself, so much cash flow, do not say you do not know what it means. With so much cash, we have no problem building up three or four neighborhoods as big as yours ourselves." "Then build it yourself, I'm not stopping you." "……" both sides argued a few sentences, see Li Dong not give an inch, Yao Hong gasped, rested for a while before saying, "Li Dong, do not say those useful useless, you said the conditions we can not agree. Change the plan, the price we will not say, cash full payment is not possible, the down payment of up to 30%. In addition, if you really want to keep half of the property is fine, but the price must come up, otherwise there is no need to negotiate. You can't scare us with your harsh words, Li Dong, we are all out to make a living, it's not easy for anyone. You insist on smashing our rice bowls, then lift the table, I tell you, people are forced to be anxious, can do anything, you do not force us! Li Dong sneered: "What, threatening me? Are you ready to euthanize me? I remember this, Yao Hong, if something happens to me next, you'll be the first to get away! You can't beat me in the right way, so you're going to use dirty tricks, right? There are a lot of people here, you heard me! I'm not a nobody, if you want to come with me, you'd better be prepared to get yourself involved!" Yao Hong glanced at him and hummed: "You are imagining things yourself, but don't throw dirty water on my head! You Li Dong arrogant and domineering, offended a lot of people, who knows if one day will not capsize in the gutter, do I have to be responsible for keeping you safe? Besides, I'm Yao Hong, I'm old, I haven't enjoyed any glory and wealth. You do not say this to scare me, even if I planted now is not a loss, and you? When I was your age, I also fought bravely and ruthlessly, but after a few times of suffering, I know that just fighting bravely and ruthlessly is not the solution. You've only been up for a few years? Now the line of seniors offended all the old, you can guarantee that you will be smooth for life?