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Chapter 519 - Talking about money hurts your feeli

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Xu Shengzhe glared at Li Dong, grunted: "You dare to think, we are almost finished with that community, this time you come to pick the peach? Later, you are not going to say, what is our relationship, the price to you lower, and do not rush to pay the money?" Li Dong played dumb and said, "What are you talking about, I'm not doing this for the smooth implementation of our plan. As for the money, I can reduce your money? Talking about money hurts our feelings, let's not talk about that first." "Fuck you!" Xu Shengzhe cursed, rested for a while before saying, "Do not think of this beautiful thing, you take advantage of a lot of, do not just all day to their arms into it?" "Anyway, my 4,000 sets of property is certainly not enough, you say so but to kill my way out." Xu Shengzhe said: "I said before, if you really do not have enough, I can support you, but now is not yet to that point." "By then it will be too late, who knows what your old man thinks. Do not take it in advance, when the time comes I need it, your family's old man card me how to do, and Long Hua is not yours." Xu Shengzhe was furious and said in shame, "Then what do you want?" "I said ah, your family that neighborhood to me, it's not over." "Give it to you! At this time to give you, Yao Hong, what do they think? Do you really think they are fools?" "Then just sign the agreement secretly, I do not say, you do not say, who knows. When the sale of the house, we plan to start, then it does not matter to know." "Damn you!" Xu Shengzhe cursed for a while, for a while before panting, "I swear, after this cooperation, I will never work with you bastard again! I've lost a lot of money before I've even earned it, and it's hard to say if I'll get it back in the end! Why is it so hard to work with you? In the end, the benefits are all yours! The last time, the absolute last time, the cell I give you, Li Dong, if you come again, we will break up! Damn, you just think about money, you need so much money in the end why? You don't even have a wife, just two old people to support, want so much money, you don't have a weak heart?" Li Dong said: "I am false what, I earned the money with my own capital, you care how much money I earn." As for what Xu Shengzhe said about not cooperating, Li Dong did not take it seriously. The businessman, the mouth is just talking. The real opportunity to make money, this guy is guaranteed to come upside down, but what do you care about the commitment. …… Ten minutes later, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe returned to the waiting room again. Xu Shengzhe had a stern face, did not say a word, and sat down directly. The other people saw the situation are frowned, apparently all feel that should be a breakdown, otherwise Xu Shengzhe will not this expression. Li Dong did not care about Xu Shengzhe, smiling and said, "After some enlightenment from Mr. Xu, I finally repented, so I decided to agree to Mr. Yao's previous conditions." The crowd froze for a moment, obviously not reacting. Only after a while, Yao Hong frowned slightly and said, "What do you mean?" Li Dong said with an innocent face: "What do you mean, you forced me, and now you're asking me what I mean? The terms of your promise are simple, you take half of the house, the other half I sold at an increase of not less than 5% of the base price in August. But there is one thing I do not agree with, the down payment of 30% is not possible, must be paid in full. As for whether you are taking out a loan or something else, you can't pay less than my money anyway, that's my minimum requirement. And once the contract is signed, your money will be paid, don't play with me what deferred payment, I don't eat this. By the time our contract is dead, the money to the contract is established, I am just ready to develop the East China market, and do not have too much time to compete with you. You give me money, I will go to open up supermarkets, or I will fight with you to the death, anyway, when the pre-sale I have to pay in full, a matter of two months late, you do not do, I will do it myself." The others all frowned, not so much about the money or the reason for leaving half of the house. They just think that this guy Li Dong has changed too fast. Before, he refused to raise the price, but now he is willing to raise the price after going out for a while, so he is not playing a game with them, right? Yao Hong is also full of suspicion, tempted: "Price increase this article, the contract can be specified in black and white, if the total Li regrets ……" "You think I'm similar to you? I Li Dong a mouthful of spittle a nail, is not to sign the contract, I will not renege." "That ……" Yao Hong some no way to answer the words, looked at the other people around a few. Lu Zhanpeng saw the situation and quickly said: "Mr. Li, then how about this, part of the house payment we first withheld as a breach of contract. If you breach the contract, this part of the house payment we have the right not to pay ……" "Do not talk about money we are still good friends, talk about money hurt feelings. Let me tell you this, in fact, my Li Dong's face and reputation is worth more than money, but I am now short of money, you want to withhold the house payment I definitely do not agree, if you are still not sure, then sign a few more contracts, I default, you sue me is."