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Chapter 520: Reaching an agreement

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Yao Hong and the others are taking over half of Li Dong's properties this time. Li Dong has a total of two properties, one is over the new riverfront area, the construction area of up to 640,000 square meters of community. Of course, the actual use of the area naturally not so much. But selling houses to Yao Hong and them, Li Dong naturally will not count this account with them, anyway, the common area should have been counted as property area. The riverfront district, because the place is large, Li Dong has almost 5500 sets of houses built there. Yao Hong, these people discussed, willing to take over 3000 sets of properties, the total area of almost 300,000 square meters. In accordance with the price previously given by Li Dong, Binhe side of the price to Yao Hong them, the price at 4500 yuan / square meter, the total price of up to 1.35 billion! In addition, Li Dong's district in the government affairs area over there, the construction area is smaller than Binhe, only about 300,000 square meters. This side has a total of about 3300 sets of properties, although the price of the government district is more expensive than the Binhe side, but the house here is also better to sell some. Yao Hong, after discussion, they are willing to take over 2,000 sets of properties, with an area of about 200,000 square meters. Li Dong previously gave 5,000 yuan per square meter, the total price is also 1 billion. Both sides together, the total price is up to 2.35 billion dollars! This price is not high, but not low, at least Li Dong sold more than half of the house, the previous investment in the land payment is back. As for the other construction money and taxes, the total cost is probably around 700 million. And Li Dong's remaining house, sell a 2 billion or can be sold. In other words, this time the house sold out, almost can earn a 1.3 billion or so. Of course, the account can not be so calculated, in fact, Li Dong this time to build a house is really not much money, the 1.3 billion, of which the appreciation of the land to account for the bulk, at least accounted for nearly one billion. In other words, the real money earned on the house, probably only about 300 million. Although it looks good, in fact, Li Dong's profit percentage is still low. Total investment of billions of dollars in the two blocks, only to earn 300 million, in the real estate industry, is low, the profit margin can only reach 10%, the average person to Li Dong so long to carry. This can not be blamed on Wu Shengnan them, or mainly Li Dong requirements are high, many irregularities he is not allowed to use in the Dong Yu property. Otherwise, according to others, Li Dong completed the house is much more than 8800 sets, more than 1000 sets of houses like a game, then the 1000 sets of houses are mostly profit, Li Dong at least two or three hundred million more. Li Dong took stock of the accounts, saw Yao Hong and the others staring at him, thought about it and said, "So you guys are going to take a total of 5,000 sets of properties?" Yao Hong several people nodded, if not for the situation, they actually wanted to take all of them. In fact, if they really took all of Li Dong's properties, they wouldn't lose money, they would only make money. The current house prices in the political district are sold to 6000, the riverfront is also in the 5000, even if they have to spend some costs to sell the house, the actual cost is not too big. If according to the current market, when they close the end, in Li Dong's house on a square meter to earn a 500 yuan or can be. And this time, they took a total of 500,000 square meters of property. In the end, it should not be difficult to earn 200-300 million, except that Li Dong did not agree to pay in installments, which was a bit too much pressure on their funds. They discussed for a long time before finally deciding to take the house according to this ratio. Li Dong rubbed his chin and said with some hesitation: "Is it too much? You have taken away 5,000 sets, and what I have left in my hands is not even 4,000 sets, but I have said to the public that I have more than 10,000 sets of properties in my hands, and half of them are missing all of a sudden, what if others grab the sale?" Yao Hong is a bit speechless, is ready to stimulate him a few words, next to Lu Zhanpeng afraid of the collapse of the negotiations, hurriedly said: "Mr. Li, almost. Not to mention that you still have 3800 sets of houses, even if it is 380 sets, as long as you have a house to sell, who will take this seriously with you. If you don't tell us, if we don't tell you, who knows who has bought the houses?" Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said, "You will not say?" Yao Hong said, "The contract is fixed, before the end of the closing, we said we will not disclose, so naturally we will not disclose." "And what if it is revealed?" "Then what do you want to do?" "Do not want to do anything, so it is, anyway, if revealed, then I will take land, and then build buildings, continue to sell houses at low prices to pay off debts is." The corners of the mouth of the others twitched, Yao Hong hummed, and then added: "Mr. Li did not say I forgot, this also has to be stipulated in the contract, before we open, Mr. Li's side shall not pre-sell other properties." Li Dong's eyes flickered for a moment and said with a smile, "It is not necessary, as long as you do not breach the contract, I will not breach the contract." "It's better to make this kind of thing clear in advance, what does Mr. Li think?" "That's not impossible, but I now have the house in hand, you can't prevent me from selling it, right?" "Naturally not, even if we are willing, will Mr. Li agree?" "Hey, hey, count on you guys to know what's good." Li Dong let out a laugh, looked at the time and said, "Then, for the time being, it is settled, but the contract can not be signed today, wait until tomorrow, find a good lawyer. Also, I have to give you time to raise money, 2.35 billion, this is not a small amount, I doubt whether you have the strength in the end. When you have raised the money, we will talk again. If you raise it tomorrow, then we'll talk tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, I'm not afraid to drag out the time anyway." Yao Hong looked at each other, then nodded: "Yes, you do not underestimate the people of the world! It's only two billion, it won't take too long, it'll be ready soon, since it's negotiated, we naturally won't shorten your money!"