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Chapter 521 - The Forgotten Meal

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The strength of these people Yao Hong is not blown out. More than two billion huge capital, these people did not take much time to get together enough. The two sides of the company are in the conference room of Yuanfang Group. In the morning, the two sides formally signed the contract in the conference room of Yuanfang Group. Once the contract was signed, Yao Hong, who signed on behalf of the people, got up and wanted to leave. Li Dong laughed at the situation and said, "Mr. Yao, no more sitting down?" After the contract was signed, Yao Hong's scorn for Li Dong was much less, and as soon as Li Dong opened his mouth, Yao Hong hummed, "No need to sit down! But Mr. Li, after the contract is signed, we have to act according to the rules! When the house is built, we will go over to take over, Mr. Li don't play any tricks at this time, and spoil the mutual affection!" Li Dong smiled and said, "Why? Mr. Yao is too underestimating me, besides, what kind of relationship do we have, how can I cheat you?" Yao Hong was laughing at him, the corners of his mouth twitched, did not say anything, led the people straight out of the conference room. Li Dong also did not go to send, he and Yao Hong have almost torn face, at this time to do these superficial work is not very useful. But when he saw Wang Pengfei walking at the end, Li Dong greeted him with a smile: "Wang, we have time to chatter tomorrow?" Wang Pengfei was confused, but still smiled and said, "Okay, when Li has time, let's have a good chat, then I treat." "Mr. Wang is too polite, then it is agreed." "Yes, Mr. Li can give me a call when he is free." After a few words of courtesy, Li Dong sent Wang Pengfei out of the conference room. Yao Hong, who was walking in front, looked back and saw that Wang Pengfei and Li Dong were chatting, frowned and didn't say anything. He and Wang Pengfei is only a cooperative relationship, Wang Pengfei is not his subordinates, he can not care so much. What's more, Wang Pengfei is not a small person, in Jiangbei side, Wang Pengfei is new, low-key, but in fact, Wang Pengfei's industry in Shudu is not weaker than Yao Hong. The two really than the wealth, Yao Hong is not necessarily Wang Pengfei's opponent. …… Once Yao Hong left, Wu Shengnan, who hadn't spoken much, suddenly said, "Mr. Li, this money is not a small amount, have you thought about the direction of investment?" Li Dong glanced at her, narrowed his eyes and smiled: "Why, you have ideas?" Wu Shengnan also did not shy away from saying, directly said: "This time the property profit you have seen, Mr. Li, I think the real estate industry still has a great future. Even if we do not follow the wind chaotic price increases, real estate is also a profitable industry." "Before we have three pieces of land on hand to develop, now these three pieces of land are almost sold, Dongyu is now only left with some late development. I mean, are we taking advantage of the fact that Yao Hong and the others are now sealing the deal, Longhua is developing a new city, and there is a lack of liquidity on hand, let's take a few more pieces of land?" Li Dong rubbed his chin and thought: "Now the land price is not cheap, we have this money ……" Wu Shengnan hurriedly said: "Mr. Li, it will not cost much. Before we took the two pieces of land, did not spend a lot of money upfront?" Li Dong did not rush to speak, slowly calculating in his heart. Now almost the end of 2006, the stock market has not yet reached its peak, and when the stock market reaches its peak next year, land prices will also reach the peak. At this time if you take a few pieces of land to hoard, is certainly not a loss. As for the 08 financial crisis, in fact, the impact on these less economically developed regions of Jiangbei is not so big, and at most a few months time will pass, and there is little impact on the house prices and land prices in Pingchuan. "Take the land ……" Li Dong muttered a sentence, some hesitation in his heart. The real estate industry, since he got involved, he was not prepared to do this one-shot deal even. But now that he has some money on his hands, does he have to spend it all again? Li Dong is now fed up with the pain of no money, take the land even if the first payment of money and then less, that also has to be calculated on the billion, more than two billion seems to be much, but to spend words can not spend long. Craning his neck, Li Dong thought about it and said, "Let's do it this way, I'll arrange the budget later to see how much money is left, if there is still some left, let's take the land or not." "Some left over?" Wu Shengnan gave him a strange look, this guy is too horrible to spend money. More than two billion, not yet in hand, and now start to say some left over. So what he means is that the money is not necessarily left over? Li Dong does not care what she thinks, turned to Chen Ke behind him and said: "later on a notice, the morning of the 10th meeting, director-level leaders are temporarily put the matter at hand, then all have to come to the meeting. In addition, Mr. Wang will be back tomorrow, you arrange someone to pick it up. Also, Mr. Sun make a phone call to inform him to come back, otherwise I will have no money to share the spoils." Chen Ke couldn't help but smile and nodded: "Yes, Mr. Li, what about Mr. Shen's side?" "Forget about Shen, let her rest for a while, just let Liu Hong come over to the mall." "Okay." After arranging things, Li Dong was about to go back to the office when Liu Qi hurriedly came over and said, "Mr. Li, Mr. Xu is here." Li Dong immediately gritted his teeth and said, "Again! This guy recently when I here what, nothing to come hanging around!" Saying so, Li Dong actually knows in his heart what this guy is here for. …… Sure enough, as soon as Li Dong returned to the office, Xu Shengzhe said: "The money has arrived?" Li Dong said with a black face: "No!" "Then when will it arrive?"