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Chapter 522 - 3 billion doesn't seem too much

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! November 10, the Far Eastern Group meeting opened. Wang Yue and Sun Tao, the elderly who usually do not appear much, also appeared in the conference room. When Li Dong entered the door, Wang Yue was communicating with Sun Tao and Qin Hai a few people about something. When they saw Li Dong, they hurriedly got up to greet him. Li Dong pressed his hand and smiled: "Sit down, Mr. Sun just rushed back, you are tired." Sun Tao hurriedly said, "Not tired, do not move every day, run back and forth as exercise." Li Dong laughed, and when everyone quieted down, Li Dong gestured toward Liu Hongmei. Liu Hongmei rose and said, "Before this meeting begins, I would like to report a good news to everyone, yesterday afternoon, Dongyu real estate side of the 2.35 billion cash, the money has now entered the company's account!" When the others heard this, they were overjoyed, and applause rang out. Wu Shengnan, the people of the real estate company, still know about this. But like Sun Tao, many of them were unaware of it. Now suddenly heard that there are more than two billion funds into the account, how can these people not happy. A while ago not only Li Dong was driven crazy by money, they were also driven crazy by money. Because of the lack of development funds, many projects they simply can not open, Li Dong outside a large sum of money borrowed, Sun Tao these people are looking at the eyes in the heart of the rush. Now the company finally has a return, how can we not be excited. After this matter, Liu Hongmei did not sit down, continued: "In addition to the 2.35 billion, before the pre-sale of the Eastwood property of the Garden District is also very smooth, a total of 250 million in the money. In addition to the acquisition of Hakkaslong not long ago, Mr. Li took back 500 million, there are still 150 million left. In addition to Dongyu Real Estate, Yuanfang Supermarket made a cumulative profit of more than 50 million in October, plus the 100 million in reserves left before. Overall calculation, the group now has a liquidity of up to 2.9 billion!" Applause rang out again, and many people couldn't stop smiling. Almost 3 billion in liquidity, this is simply an astronomical figure, it's too shocking. Coupled with what was circulated before, saying that Li Dong himself said that this time is to open the spoils conference, many people's faces showed a look of expectation. Now that the group has money, Mr. Li should also loosen his grip. When Liu Hongmei finished announcing the news, Li Dong applauded, then he laughed: "This time the real estate company can take such a big result, Wu is a great credit, everyone to applaud." "Pop pop pop!" Applause continued, Wu Shengnan quickly rose and said, "Mr. Li praised you, this time the real estate company can have such achievements, all because of Mr. Li, I do not dare to claim credit." Li Dong laughed and pressed his hand: "Sit down, don't be modest, although I contributed to the real estate company, but if not for your specific implementation, things would not have gone so smoothly. Especially when the two neighborhoods started in a hurry, and lack of funds. Together with Yao Hong and the others messing up, Dongyu Real Estate is stable but not chaotic, and this is all because of Wu, so don't be modest." Li Dong praised Wu Shengnan for a while, and next praised several general managers of the supermarket system. As for the mall and logistics side, although it is only out but not in, it is not Qin Hai's problem, Li Dong briefly gave them the credit and brought the topic. Qin Hai and Liu Hong also did not say anything, although Li Dong attitude is somewhat different treatment, but they also have to admit. Among the four subsidiaries of the far side, they are two subsidiaries have been swallowing money, did not bring benefits to the group, this time whether it is a non-war crime, they have to take up. After the merit, Li Dong went straight to the point and said: "This meeting today, there is nothing to say. I'm sure you've heard that today is a spoils conference, the money, you have to spend it. Before the shrinkage, many things are muddled through. Now we have money, then we have to make up for it. The group wants to develop, how can not spend money, so much money, I will not put in the bank to eat interest." Said Li Dong turned to Sun Tao and said, "Sun, how is the situation on the other side of the times now?" Sun Tao returned: "Everything is still going well, we cooperate with Su Guo, those foreign supermarkets are not our rivals. But I'm afraid the situation will continue for some time, these foreign supermarkets are well-capitalized, and there is not much hope to drive them away in a while." "Just go well, I don't expect them to be defeated so quickly. But the times also can not huddle in southern Jiangsu do not move, before you said to close the stores in foreign ports, I did not agree. At that time we have no money, want to develop also can not. But now we have a bit of money on hand, foreign stores or to expand, the Sunan side to slow down, Sun, the next task on your side is to develop the market in Lu Province. Lu Province and Sunan border, before the times also have a lot of business there, this side will be left to you, no problem, right?" Sun Tao listened and said, "No problem." "I didn't say hello to you before coming back, have you done any planning in this area before? If the development of the Lu Province market, how much we invest have you made a budget?" Sun Tao heard, eyes suddenly narrowed a little, looked not far away from Yuan Chengdao: "Yuan director has done this aspect of planning before, I have done some understanding, but not Yuan director clear, want to let Yuan director say a few words?" Li Dong glanced at Yuan Chengdao, who was muffled, smiled and said, "Director Yuan, then you can say a few words." Yuan Chengdao cleared his throat, and did not have stage fright, and spoke eloquently: "I have done some understanding of this side of Lu Province before. Lu Province has a total of two sub-provincial cities, 15 prefecture-level cities, 137 county-level administrative regions …… county level first, if we want to develop the market in Lu Province, a county-level administrative regions at least one store. County-level stores, according to our three-tier store standards, investment in a store if you rent a storefront, the first year of investment is about 8 million. For prefecture-level cities, we have to invest in 15 second-level stores, each store investment in about 15 million. The two sub-provincial municipalities are unnecessary to expand, before the times there are already big box stores, the money can be saved. Overall calculation, we want to occupy the market in Lu Province in one step, the investment is about 1.3 billion to 1.4 billion between ……" Li Dong waited until he finished, and so the conference room quieted down, Li Dong coughed incessantly: "Director Yuan, consider the actual situation, a one-time The investment is too big, you do not really take the money not money. County-level geography we can currently put aside, city districts and county-level cities can have our stores is enough."